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  2. 100% I can understand how that irritates you, having that been done to me where I was downed and was waiting but then some random comes up and takes me to PB even though I say not to. In the couple of days that I have been doing tow, I haven’t really had a false call (minus when someone calls for a local to be towed but then doesn’t stay anywhere near the area, thus causing it to disappear) and last night we actually had a great system going for tows. We had 4 people on the radio, we gave each-other a number and whenever a call came through we were like “number 1, 2, 3, 4 this is yours” in-fact my last call of the night had 5 cars involved in a PD thing and the cops were nice enough to stay in the area so me and my towing company could make the multiple trips for it. It was amazing. So since we are getting more coordinated, it can really help us to be able to clear out orders even if its not for everyone but just on our side.
  3. Criminals hang around him, not his fault. Nesbit doesn’t know everyone’s past. Plus its not like the criminals are forcing Nesbit to be a criminal unlike his family
  4. EMS here, our dispatch is very similar (and I'm sure it's the same for PD). I have to give you +9999 on that request for a timestamp. The BadEats orders fall into the same F4 dispatch screen, where we have a way to 'x' out the old orders. From what I've experienced, closing out an order doesn't cancel it, nor does it wipe it from other workers dispatch screens. Would that be helpful for the tow dispatch? EMS is the only time I want to keep that backlog, especially when I have police questioning me about the location, I like having the history in that case. I don't mind not being able to clear them out so long as the newest dispatch shows at the top. If anything, our biggest headache is when a call is made, then the person moves or gives up (goes to the light, or lets someone carry them to Pillbox) before we can arrive on scene. I think tow has the same concerns, fake Tow calls n' such. Not sure how to counter that though...
  5. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/nagasaki-blazer-recon-atv-add-on-replace-liveries-template This would be so cool! We are definetely lacking on offroad ATV`s!
  6. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/honda-integra-type-r-dc2 Integra Type-R Honestly, I grew up playing with this car with my older cousin so to be able to have this car in city would be such a nostalgia trip that I'd love to have!!!
  7. Escaping your criminal family yet hanging with plenty criminals hmmm
  8. Yesterday
  9. Alright, so I am new to towing, learning how to just do it yesterday and I already have a few suggestions. I learned that if you hit f4 you can pull up all the dispatch calls, the first suggestion I have is to add a timestamp to the calls so that we can know how old it is, and then the second one I have is for a way for the list to be cleared after all calls have been completed, or if the time has been too long. Attached below is what the list currently looks like.
  10. Yes indeed! Been doing my best trying to perfect the craft. Recently got introduced to towing as well to make that extra side money! I got the car on my first day of doing mechanic work actually!
  11. tay

    Meet Nesbit!

    Seen you around a few times at the mechanic already! Welcome
  12. Hello everyone! My name is Nesbit, I flew into Los Santos about a week ago, and at first I was just going around doing some delivery things, you know working for Santos Delivery. I was then introduced to being a Mechanic a couple days ago so many of you may have seen me at the mechanic shop at Elgin and it's been a pleasure meeting a lot of you. I came from a city named Athone. I flew here to escape my criminal family and to avoid something that happened in my past that made me a wanted person at my home. Something that wasn't my fault. I studied law abroad and have plans to use my knowledge eventually. For now though I will continue to be your friendly neighborhood mechanic! Come on down and visit!
  13. Last week
  14. Great Murder Kitty on Coke!!! Just what the world needs
  15. LSPD Field Training Staff meeting at 3:00 PM EST
  16. until

    is this happing today?
  17. Yeah, I get what you mean, I just thought it could be easier to read while driving solo for example since it's centered and at the top. The size and all of it is customizable, so it's possible to make it smaller to reduce the clutter. It's just a thought, though.
  18. Oh shiiii- my boy Niller is back
  19. The minimap already shows north in addition to the current PLD. We're fine as is.
  20. Everyone does, it's beside the Minimap. Personally I have no issue with how it is currently, I just don't want my screen cluttered with bigger objects when I already need to focus on the ones within PD; EX: Notifications/Calls, etc. Then again, I'm acustomed to the current one as I've been doing PD for 8 months now; so once you are set with something and you can do it by heart then your golden for it to stay.
  21. I believe the PD already has a compass. I could be wrong though.
  22. Wanted to know if there's a possibility to add this on the server: https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-compass-and-street-name-hud/5525 It'll be a great help for callouts and visibility. I know it doesn't have the neighborhoods in there but I think it's possible to add the code in there manually. It does say "You are free to alter and re-publish, or copy bits of it to use in your own project. Shoutouts are always appreciated, though." I'm unsure if I'm supposed to post it here, if not, please do move the thread where it's supposed to go.
  23. +1 Absolutely, almost any time I get kidnapped from Elgin I always lose my car.
  24. All of the above things are possible but the best way to go about it is to create, run and build your group/cartel in character. Nothing is given so you must take the step into making this a reality for your character
  25. I have been working on getting into the criminal underground and one of the things I want to do is start, organize and run a "cartel" if you will to run drugs and guns to all the gangs and clubs in the city, and possibly other commodities (stolen cars, bikes, etc.) It is a real-world reality and I figure why not add it into the game. If I was able to start a cartel, would there be much interest for a certain number of people to be members?
  26. +1 I do agree with both comments, nobody should be a jack of All Trades but Defo a good idea to hold down 2/3 Jobs "On the books" as it were.
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