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  3. Or maybe the impound function for mechanics could become a whitelisted function that you have to apply for?
  4. I remember when PD lost the ability to revive suspects. Giving mechanics the power to impound cars seems a lil bit out there to me. And it's really not a hassle to the cops.. removing cars would be very low low low on the totem pole.
  5. Yesterday
  6. 100% would be misused ...Its a good opportunity for ppl to let go if they could do that
  7. Thats the issue people at the Elgin mechanic cant control themselves so things like this don't get added in fear of it being abused
  8. As a few ppl pointed out there's possibility of it being misused but then maybe it can be limited to only being able to Impound inside a certain radius/ might be near 2/5.Still can't rule out the possibility of it being misused tho
  9. I think this is a good idea, the main mechanic shop has a known issue where cars get dumped or NPCs crash and it just causes a mess. Being able to impound these vehicles would help with that issue to be able to keep the shop somewhat working instead of 3 cars being there and nothing works anymore.
  10. It would stop the issue at the mechanic shops as im always unable to fix cars with the dumped cars and locals on the grounds and unfair for the police to always get bugged to move them, also it makes sense for when you go to pick up a car that was involved in an accident, we all know how the locals can pile up quick then boom!
  11. I honestly don’t like the idea of the flat bed myself.... kinda off topic. I think a truck with a hook would be a better idea. Just because of the “bugs” when loading and unloading.
  12. You could always call a tow truck and pay them to remove vehicles from the shop. If you're your working tow you can always pick up cars and move them to the side of the road to help clear things up. I think giving anyone the ability to impound cars can lead to a lot of issues though.
  13. Yeah I thought so, but it would make ours as mechanics and the police jobs 10x easier
  14. I don’t think it is, unless I’m not seeing it. But I’m 90% sure it isn’t
  15. Benjamin Carter


    Welcome to the server man ! Hope you catch you around town. -Benjamin Carter
  16. Your are making me question if I ever released this, but pretty sure this is already in.
  17. Last week
  18. Hey, myself (Ryan Blood) and my sister (Sarah Blood) are mechanics and local vehicles or owned vehicles are always at 2/5 and we have to call the cops out to impound them. It would make our jobs 10x easier and it would be helpful to the cops too so they can attend to more pressing matters. It would also be helpful when I am on a towing job and let’s say the scenario is a big crash I’d need to remove vehicles from the road. T.I.A
  19. reminds me of the gta san andreas gym, i dig it.
  20. https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-mlo-los-santos-gym/1051705 Just thought it was cool, and a little different.
  21. I felt like gold mining had the most interaction. You met new people every time you went to grind gold. Also the part where you could rob people for their gold which is fun to RP as well. Please bring this job back. Easy money as well for starting players.. you could literally buy a mule and fill the trunk up with gold. haha good ol' days....
  22. Open FiveM - press F8 to open console - type in connect fivem.blrp.net - hit enter I was having trouble connecting, this was the only way I was able to get on today, hope it helps.
  23. Aviation and Aquatic Pursuit Training. All ranks welcome.
  24. Its my understanding from this that if you rob a store then matching attire is required.
  25. +1, I had a "gang war" not too long ago with individuals not wearing anything similar whatsoever, so it was a guessing game who was in his group. I just waited to get shot at so I could shoot back, since none of them had the same clothing. It's frustrating and dumb, just a slight gray area. If you rob a store, I don't believe you need to have any similar clothing at all, but for gang related activity, you do.
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