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  3. I’m Gonna Miss you too brother I’ll hit you up on discord when I get my pc back and tell you where I’m going next hopefully we can continue this man @Tex Wright
  4. Actually gonna miss your 2-pack havin ass
  5. Read more here. In the end of the day thanks for contributing to the fun experiences everyone had here!
  6. I’m going to start off and say this , Badlands was the first city i’ve ever tried and the only one since I was into it much. I met tons of cool ass people and got close to many, I had some good ass times on this server. I wish I ended up joining earlier I just never had a pc, it was all fun and laughs every time I was in the city. I want to say thanks to the LSPD for making everything so much more fun and making it a way better experience. Especially certain cops like Galante, Cleetus , Mullet Aka Ricky, Kevin Ross , chief , bill Brady, Sarah Morgan and last but not least my Boy Tex Wright. I’m going to miss the people in the city a lot , I wanted to make this because my pc fried out on me soon as this announcement about the server shutting down happend. I never got the chance to say goodbye to anyone, I’m getting my pc back soon so hopefully I’ll catch you guys in another city but till then just wanted to say thanks for everything I’ll never forget about this city and the people in it. goodbye y’all
  7. Ill do it. The city is actually going to be shutting down after december so i wouldnt get too attached....
  8. Welcome to the city i hope you stay for awhile
  9. Hey there! I moved to the city, from sweden, about a month back and looking forward to make new friends
  10. Earlier
  11. Please don't remove /tpa and /home , just because it's in the game doesn't mean YOU have to use it if you prefer to boat or run back and forth. I enjoy being able to tp over to my friends and help them build or mine (or etc) and then quickly get back to my own projects. I +1 on the dynamic maps idea (unless people have an issue with privacy). Another suggestion would be the "ChairsReloaded" plugin, for RP purposes, obviously. And the hats plugin, just for fun, or possibly as a donor perk. https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/chairsreloaded https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/hatbernatixer
  12. https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/dynmap Dynamic Live-map, Like a google-map but for minecraft world. Let's people share and navigate the world easier for everyone so we don't have to create enmasse cartography rooms and take down map walls just to share them etc.
  13. Remove /tpask and related /tp commands. Remove /home & /homes teleports. Just teleportation in general removal. Replace the anti grief mod with a factions plugin mod. I personally prefer that mod over this one because we can lose and gain land, alliance up, war up, neutral zones and so on. Let me place lava again. There are uses for lava and far easier ways to grief a place than using lava.
  14. i took this edgy picture today waiting to move all of my crap to the new house retty boring day also I don't take pics a lot
  15. Thank you too Mr Chow, Till we ride again brother.
  16. McMMO. Imo, the best mod for minecaft multiplayer. I have always had it on my every server that I have ever hosted. https://mcmmo.org/#home
  17. To all those underground street racers I have cruised with over the past 6 months..the wicked tracks we created, the cops we lost around them, the mods we rocked and the car parks we sat in... i salute you all, it’s been a true pleasure. Special thanks to Leroy and the boys, and massive thanks to my crew Chris, Russel and Dakota on an awesome journey. Peace out boys, ride or die. Salute mi familia. Anyone else I met along the way, take care and thank you. Chow out!.
  18. just been reading all this bc the suver is now dead and BIG hawk must say out of any thing old boy saying its not the shit we lost its the ppl that make it great is the biggest lost i have to say siting in a empty city with no one to bullshit with has to be the worst thing hawk has ever seen
  19. If you would like to keep in contact with me, feel free to add me on Discord (be prepared for me to ask who you are though, XD)

  20. Richie I have every car you can buy in GTA online. I wanted certain cars for the sake of roleplay.
  21. Juan I've seen a lot of people being gifted millions of dollars by other players. I've just not been one of the lucky ones.
  22. Reuben ~ Reckonity if it's not about the money then give me all of yours. And thanks for telling me what my gaming experience is supposed to be about.
  23. https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/chickenchunks
  24. Storage Drawrs! Makes for very nice sorted chest
  25. This is my official goodbye. I had some good time’s and bad time’s in the city. I appreciate all the friends I have made and encounters I have come across. Sad to see the badlands fivem chapter close at the end of next month. Wish the devs and admins all the best with any future endeavours. I had my issues with some but all water under the bridge. if anyone wants to stay in contact with me, please feel free to add me on discord. AmyBos#9925
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