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  2. I just wanted to throw some of my personal opinions out here and get some feedback from others - Cops and EMS make way too much money i met a cop today who said he has a rumpo van, a semi truck and 50k in the bank and there servers been up for like 3-4 days ? - Civ jobs decrease Roleplay like everyone does the windmill job because it makes the most money apparently there are so many people at the windmills that people are getting run over trying to get to there next windmill. - I think some vehicles cost too much for example a tow truck is 40k and lets be honest cops dont really car for tows and the npc tow jobs do not pay well. I got payed 42$ for a tow. I totally understand that this is a beta and changes are coming but i also think some of this stuff is important at this rate we will have millionaires in Badlands by the end of the week.
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  4. hey everyone i wanted to make this thread to express how important tattoo's can be for one's character and their backstory. Everyone knows that first impressions are based on looks, and at this moment i feel i can not give a good first impression if my character who is a biker mechanic does not have all their tattoo's visible. I understand in the past before server shut down for 2.0 development, that tattoos, were visible only occasionally to some and other not, even sometimes having a graphical glitch where the tattoo's quickly disappear and reappear. Looks are a very important part of Roleplay, it determines how someone will react to your actions based on how you look if they do not know you. When 2.0 finally launched i was expecting those bugs to be gone, but they still haunt us to this day. I know the dev's and mods work very hard and i am very thankful for that. All i can do is kindly ask for the dev's to consider this bug an important one since it has great effect on ones rp. THANKS!
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  6. Is it possible to have the new radar show up to the patrol passenger so they can get plates like our last radar?
  7. Developers announced there is no current plan to wipe after beta.
  8. imma say pretty unlikely to no
  9. Hey guys im curious if the server is going to reset your money and cars again once beta is over?
  10. Hey so some people have said radio's are too quiet, Or they mix too well with people talking around you. So im posting my personal Tweak's Page, I was meaning to post it earlier but haven't been able to confirm its usefulness here since it was created and adjusted accordingly in another city. I just had a confirmation from a few others today that it works so here it is! With that said, i promise nothing but a potential help with these settings, Tweak them accordingly to what you want them to be. ill be happy to help you on discord if they don't work. Here's the page: My Understanding/Learning from reverse engineering: I have no idea what they all do, I manually adjusted all these values by hand while having people talk on the radio, These are the values i found optimal and what they did accordingly. I found the left option in range in adjusted the voice distortion, The right adjusted over-all volume. Turning on the tick marks on enabled better radio sounds too(These changes wont work without the tick, so i tried to remove the distortion as best i could). I then placed values for people to adjust them accordingly to "roughly" what i thought it'd be. Play with them as needed. I do suggest everyone try the Recommended Values FIRST before trying the 75%/50% Values. Not required, Just highly recommended.
  11. Welcome to the community! Great time to join and happy to have you. Hope to see you around.
  12. So its you that has been feeding @Bill Brady too many donuts, knock it off!
  13. Hi Guys, So happy to see that BadlandsRP is back. I am Bill Brady's donut dealer.
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  15. Outside the mechanic shop in Sandy Shores, there is two petrol pumps that currently serve no function. To add RP for mechanics using this shop, they could potentially buy petrol cans from the mechanic shop menu and then fill up the cars only when they are near those set of pumps. The other alternative idea was to only make the pumps active only if a mechanic was on duty, and at this particular mechanic shop, however I am not too sure if that is something that can be done. Also adding an ATM to this location would also be beneficial as people currently, unless they have money on them, have to travel all the way into either Sandy Shores, or Route 68 to get money out.
  16. Very well said, and we are on the same page for all of it. I think its healthier for the server as a whole to keep it how it is. Though, the change to having a crime-free cop was a great change.
  17. I think if you force people to only pick 1 faction on their "main character" that it would have have a negative affect on the numbers of both PD and EMS. Not everyone is as comfortable as some at roleplaying other characters so these people would most likely stay in the faction they like better and leave the other one. Both factions are super vital to the health and wellness of the daily play on the server and any changes that would affect their numbers in a negative way brings me doubt in moving forward with that change. As a person who is in both PD/EMS I can tell you that if this changed happened I would have to leave 1 faction, as my comfort level on my other characters (which i have a few) isn't on par with Jerome and therefore the interactions wouldn't be nearly as good.
  18. The economy is going to be a work in progress, the dev/staff team in sure will be monitoring it, making changes where necessary. Just keep in mind that the aim is to promote more player on player Interactions, saving money using player ran mechanics, using on duty medics, etc. With re launch only just happening, don't stress about money, it will be some time to get word out again, process whitelisted apps, and monitor the data to make necessary tweaks.
  19. Could this be an option with the new city if enough want this as well? I'm holding out hope!
  20. Due to the change of how harder it is to make money, maybe decreasing the cost of somethings to make it less of a pain for us: Default repair from $500 - $200 Recovery of Vehicle from $1500 - $750 Check in at hospital $500 - $350 There might be more but not found them yet...
  21. +1 nearly any emote added is a win in my books.
  22. Just wait patiantly the admins are doing all they can to get through everyones apps give them time.
  23. Go fill out an app man and get inline. Ive been waiting for my app to get approved after needing to revise it, and that was like 8 days ago.
  24. And exactly what Kevin said, it's the colors and how fast they move and stuff that can cause me to have the seizure. It's also not a withdrawal of any kind. I'm for it being used as a balance of combat heals, the same way I am with drug addictions, and I even like the new injury blackouts. My issue was solely the colors, and wanting to prevent other people, not only myself, who ARE vulnerable to the things, to not have a trigger.
  25. I really appreciate this. Even just putting in the warning. The blacking out doesn't hurt my eyes, tested already, but its bothersome, still doable. As I've said in your streams I always keep sunglasses near me in case someone I watch smokes weed or I do it, myself so it doesn't become a possible seizure trigger.
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