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  2. The idea isnt for mechanics to be paid fully by this system, the idea is for mechanics to be able to make a little bit more then they do off tips, enough to encourage mechanics to spread around and keep 2/6 abit less busy. I was actually in a server today with 3 mechanic shops open and 2/6 was actually tolerable to be around. With the numbers i suggested mechanics still wouldnt make much. but if people dont tip its still something. I know people avoid mechanics longer then they need to because like Benjamin says people spend alot of money on car repairs (some repeat visits every 5-10 minutes). Additionally, mechanics only make okay money when there is only one of them active, and i dont think thats what we should be aiming for.
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  4. For those that are complaining about the fines being too much for doing illegal jobs let me put it in perspective: 1. Possession of weed - 5k 2. Possession of Controlled Substance (Meth and Coke) - 10k 3. Incidental charges for contraband (dirty money, lock picks, seeds, kits) - 2k As I said earlier getting caught with those items is not what's hurting your ability to make money. You have a choice. IRL most of the people who get caught using or dealing drugs don't get into a huge gun fight with the cops - not all of them run. That is where the fines start to increase. You have a lot of choice in the outcome of your story. Mix it up... sometimes the risk of the run can be a lot of fun... it's a choice. In addition you have the choice to provide really good RP to drive your charges down. You also have the ability to team up and avoid even getting caught by working smartly in groups. There are a multitude of options that YOU have that can influence the outcome in many different directions. To me the in balance isn't in the fines, it's in the attitude that you have to shoot everything out. Sometimes a little bi directional understanding goes along ways. This does not have to be a legal vs illegal, civ vs cops, good vs bad topic. If you want to grind to make some coin - fine, but just remember that the core experience here is to facilitate RP. I use to love the grind of money - I find it fun and relaxing... and then I had what I needed to go screw around. It's not so much about how you get to your RP journey just as long as you get there and don't constantly hide underwater or in a bush to avoid it
  5. Welcome to the city beans! I have seen on twitter and I have yet to meet you, but I am looking forward to it.
  6. I'd hardly call armed robbery with no pants on a petty crime
  7. Love the backstory, Welcome to the city btw - It's been fun interacting with you so far in city
  8. A tiny bit new to the city, but very new to the website. It's the woman who's mother was drug addicted and loved beans so much she named her only daughter after them. The city has been my family for now as I don't speak to the rest of the Struggleeni's. I couldn't tell you a damn thing about my family, because they abandoned me and I've had to make my own way. Which is amazing for how much of a struggle bus I am with even the simplest things. It must be in my gene's... Maybe my mother lied about my last name and knew I'd be this way? I will tell you, though, I don't put up with much and I get sassy at times which can be harrowing on making/having friends, but I've been through a lot and I keep my guard up at all times. I can smell bullshit from miles away and the minute I smell any drama headed toward me, I shut down entirely. I have social anxiety so often times I don't know how to respond to others. Yeah I'm a hot mess, but damn it, I am a pro at it! Anyway, I'll try to learn this technology just as I have my phone or merely struggle through it. Yeah that's what I'll do!
  9. It was a bit hard for me to understand your sentence / question / statement, but yes I agree it should, but when you are 6 hours underwater, it doesn’t create any RP scenario for anyone to enjoy...
  10. I would like to see fish and hunted meats able to be sold to taco trucks for premium meat tacos. These taco's sell for more of course cause they're artisanal and shit. Also since getting the ingredients would require more time, using another job (hinting, fishing, or bartering) vs just being able to use a static collection point. (To add to this I would love to see commercial fishing "nets" with the tug boat).
  11. Take it easy corey, always had good times with you bud
  12. Hope to cross paths one day, Corey... Also, good ol' days of badlands
  13. I barely have the issues of never being able to find a mechanic at 2/6, only on the early UK times I play @
  14. In an economy based RP game, grinding should organically create RP scenarios for people to enjoy. Wouldn't that be ideal?
  15. I agree, it used to be legion, then it became 5/6 and now 2/6. I think it just comes down to people's behavior and not contributing to those bad situations. And like Florida said people can go to another mechanic it it gets bad, there are 4 mechanic shops in the city alone.
  16. The thing is that I have never gone to a mechanic in real life and had the mechanic say "I just work on tips, so pay me whatever you like". I'm fine with people working on tips, but it should not be expected of people. The system was designed in a way that people could charge a small amount and people would still be saving money by going to the mechanic. If everyone was charging $2,500 for repairs then I would say the system isn't working, but that's not what's happening. I say if someone wants to work on tips then let them, and if someone wants to use a random number generator that caps at a few hundred like I do, then let them. I personally spend more money on repairs than on, food, gas, and medical combined just because I know being a mechanic isn't that well paying of a job. If someone is being a jerk and charging a lot then I understand the backlash, but if I charge someone $328 for a repair I don't see the problem in that. And hey if someone doesn't pay well, that is pretty realistic sometimes people refuse to pay. Situations like that make great civil matters and are the perfect situations to get the police involved for even more RP. This is just my opinion on it, I hope at least a few of you agree.
  17. Stuff won't change, the OG's would know that City Hall was the place to be at the start, then came legion and 2/6 took over. No matter what people will find a hangout spot and make it toxic, while i'd love for Legion to be the main spot again i'm not gonna say it wasn't toxic af. The only reason it's toxic is because people don't listen, i've saw the owners of 2/6 say for people to calm down and don't cause issues but they still have people shooting, punching locals and making a mess of the place. The bottom line is, it's the population that make it toxic so do something to change their attitudes
  18. I have no super cars, none of my characters are even close to being rich enough to justify owning one within RP. One makes a PO salary and Iives a modest, middle-class lifestyle. He doesn't "own" his helicopter, but he can "rent" it. His sailboat isn't paid for, it's financed through Maze Bank. The other is just a methed out cab driver who commits petty crimes on the side.
  19. I mean maybe some of the older players have more than 1 supercar but most people I see have either no supercar or one supercar + some various other cars.
  20. I would rather no one clock on and fix my car for $500 myself, than people clocking on and still demand payment. It's kinda douchey and forcing people to come to a mechanic if a lot of people are clocked on. It's not about RP, but about saving money on repairs.
  21. I think a lot of people have the same "issue" when it comes to this, and I do believe you were the first person to pop this mindset out here. I am almost like this myself, but I started figuring out myself after a few days of buying a business. That's where my character started evolving the direction I wanted it to go, and before that, I was just running around trying all different types of jobs and figuring out what I wanted to do in the future. Love this idea and would love to see how it actually plays out. I would hate for a bank heist to be abused or be an annoyance. It should be well planned out with the QA team and tested before fully implemented. Maybe even a cooldown for each successful attempt, and not just a single person starting one then cancelling instantly, like some do with store robberies. I actually haven't met a single person that only "grinds" and not plays the game. But that's kinda where the irony comes in, since if a person did grind all day, I probably wouldn't meet them. But I do grind for an hour or two, then continue to RP. I, myself, don't own a single super car, but it's my end goal to get one. I don't try to grind my ass off for 12 hours a day to get one, but my bank slowly goes up for each day, and within a month or two, I can probably afford one. You shouldn't brush everyone under the same comb, because I doubt everyone has the mindset of grinding for 12 hours a day to get their 11th super car. I find a lot of people willing to RP almost at any time, and the people that don't want to just leaves the area. I wouldn't say its something to worry about, but yes, the best legal job we have is scuba diving and it's discouraging RP, which is BAD. Wine is the second best legal job (?) and it's encouraging RP, since it's basically impossible to do it solo. Kinda same with trucking, it's pretty okay paid hourly, but it's no RP in it... But ALL illegal jobs include some sort of RP. Whetever it's meeting at cocaine lab, or meeting the police while selling...
  22. Imagine yourself grinding hours and hours for money underwater, avoiding player interaction. Just to get that 11th supercar you really want. Then finally buying it and go roleplay! YEY! .... But there is none to roleplay with, none to interact with. Because just like you, half of the server is "working" on their 11th supercar. What do you do? You go get that 12th supercar you always wanted. Thats my opinion on state of the city.
  23. Such an awesome patch! Appreciate all the work!
  24. Yeah I actually feel this way completely as well. It's easy to say money is useless and you should only RP else you're not doing it right whenever you have the things you want. Some people may really want a super car, and if they can choose to scuba for a week then get back to the fun stuff I don't really see that as a character flaw. The point I feel like this thread is making though is that the people who choose to not just straight grind money, but instead RP via drug dealing, being a criminal etc, are being too harshly punished financially, thus they are unable to do the RP that they want without the grinding. You cannot tell someone with under 100k that the 15k fine & licence revocation & loss of a firearm isn't that big of a deal because it's about RP not money. That fine is a huge hit to their bank account if it happens ONCE. If it happens twice within a short time frame e.g. twice per cycle or twice per day or hell even twice per week then things start getting really bad for that individual, to the point that they feel like being a criminal isn't viable.
  25. I mean as far as RP goes that way works fine sure. But you'll find people choosing other jobs over mechanic because its less hassle to get paid. i'm not saying this should be the only way mechanics make money and they cant RP. its just incentive to actually do the job kind of like a baseline pay (if they aren't abusing the system it wont pay too well leaving tips/RP still very viable), and if people are less worried about there being no mechanics (or just trying to avoid 2/6) you may find less of them running around as registered mechanics so they can fix they're own cars.
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