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  2. UPDATED SUGGESTION - Instead of phones being universal, rework phones to work the same as Twitter. Cloud accounts that you can log onto that save your contacts/SMS history. Would open the door for burner phones.
  3. until
    Meet at Mission Row PD. Officers will be taught better tactics to keep them safe while they are on scene interacting with civilians.
  4. Welcome to BL my friend!!
  5. We get removable cat tails instead
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    Meet at Mission Row PD. Officers will be taught better tactics to keep them safe while they are on scene interacting with civilians.
  7. https://discord.gg/UgHQKF
  8. Would it be possible to have another link that one had expired?
  9. Last week
  10. @FoxyRainbowz Welcome to Badlands!
  11. Hello! I would like to start by saying I am very happy to be here, and I just found out i got whitelisted. So, seeing as i am here for the long haul, I thought I should introduce my character. I hope Everyone has an exciting day! Name: William Russell Age: 26. Height : 193 CM {6' 4") Weight: 97.5 KG ((215 LBS)) Race: Caucasian. Hair color: Bald. /black Eye color: Blue. Comments: Last seen wearing a Hawaiian floral shit, Dark blue jeans, Converse shoes, and sporting a goatee. Drives a black Sedan. Wanting to escape the slow life up in North Yankton, and start a new life in the bustling city, William reluctantly chose the City of Los Santos as his new home over the likes of the Big Apple that is Liberty City, or the chilled out, laid back beaches of Vice City, when his cousin Dave asked him to move down. Now with a new car, Some new friends, he must find a steady paycheck to try to find a home to rent or buy. Perhaps leaving everything in North Yankton wasn't such a good idea. From having to learn how the streets work in Los Santos, The the pecking order of the common socialites, Its going to be an adjustment for the slow paced Willy to make to get himself up to speed with his new surroundings and responsibilities. Currently, He is a mans man, just trying to do his best and stay straight and clean. He doesn't want any trouble. Though as his story unfolds, and he hangs out with more people. Things may change, He may become the next talk of the town cops
  12. Whilst we are on the topic of going blind. What about blindfolds?
  13. I actually meant to do this after I knew it was stable, will be added soon. (Blindness)
  14. Alright so being able to get into trunks is the best thing ever. However when you get into a trunk your camera just kinda floats above the car and when you go into first person, your camera does even weirder stuff, so. I thought about this: What if as soon as you enter a trunk your screen turns black because there is no light in the trunk so you turn blind. This would value the RP more as the person in the trunk doesn't just act like they can't see shit, but they legit can't see shit, so the way they bring it over is super legit! Side note: It would be helpful if we could put other people in trunk, where you have to carry them first and then you can put them in the trunk, this get's rid of the awkward. "Pssst, I just kidnapped you, but please go lay in the trunk on your own like you really want to go with me.."
  15. Only if as a male I have the equivalent version
  16. I mean.....IRL you can do a lot of things....lol
  17. So, my only criticism of the new system is that if you succeed in the mini-game, you shouldn't need to use another lockpick to hotwire. and the hotwire shouldn't fail. The mini-game has failed on me multiple times despite taking my time and trying to time it. And when the HOTWIRE fails, it takes WAY too long to start it up again. The RISK is way higher than the reward of driving a free car and then to chop it for LITERAL scraps. (Small amounts of raw material that sells for next to nothing, the small amount of money you get for possible jail time since Cops really don't like to work with anyone or rarely give fun or engaging RP. ) Unfortunately a lot of crime currently available has the risk vs reward at like a 3:1 ratio. But that will be for another time. The lockpicking is a nice touch, but still needs some fine tuning as it feels if you miss even ONE mark, it fails. Hotwiring should be automatic as the animation ALREADY starts when you successfully pick, open the door, and hear the noises. It shouldn't take longer than that. You're already standing there PREPARING TOOLS, 10-15 seconds. Then the mini-game. Then 15-30 seconds for the hotwire. That is assuming everything works first try. It can't be abused and with hotwiring gone/not requiring a lock pick would make the mini-game's relevance a lot better.
  18. Thank you to whoever was the staff member who took care of my issue but the city is too confusing and I have been screwed enough while in the city so I am packing up my belongings and moving out. I can not afford to be in a city where I can not have an income

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