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  2. Supply and demand. There are plenty of other jobs.
  3. This is a thing, should be made less strict and more fair. VDM should only be VDM in case someone dies, and should only be seen in the case of harassment. Don't believe it's something IRL? Fight me: External Link
  4. Today
  5. so how about something simlar to the hacking stuff from gta itself like from the heists? if you fail you have a percentage chance the cops will be alerted this adds a litle skill factor and keeps it somewhat balanced, if you try to do this when you arent wanted the cops will be alerted too and you will still commit a crime for trying to hack the government
  6. With the server being at 64 slots, the gold mines are always empty. Could you increase the re-spawn time, or adding more nodes. They get wiped out instantly after storm.
  7. Already a topic on this and it has been adjusted some but dont expect it to go away
  8. Future as its in development and by watching
  9. Yesterday
  10. Someone's gotta be the person to let everyone down
  11. Why you always bringing everyone down...
  12. When is this update going to take place, and how do you know? also how will it work? can you use the guns or do you mean you will just go to a gun store, and buy a buncha guns and than go sell them. Somewhat like being a delivery man or woman? but guns instead of food and drink?
  13. FiveM has been a bit quicker on the updates recently, so hopefully it’ll be quicker than that. I would like to expand the casino once that happens, assuming there are no larger priorities. I fail to see how taxi is related to any of this though.
  14. Gun running is coming in a future update with class 2 weapons.
  15. Won't be for a while, FiveM are two updates away from being current so we're probably gonna be waiting for a good 1-2 months maybe even more
  16. I agree about the harsher penaltys at 2/6. Multiple times I have been shot and downed and the police don't really do anything because the guy already ran away. Maybe a system where they can get alerts about speeding cars after someone was shot so they can at least chase after people
  17. It would be awesome if the devs can implement the new Casino Update into the the server, creating more legal jobs in the casino and taxi business, creating a robust economy.
  18. Gotta give a shoutout to my boy Larry @SkidrowNL he has been a great help in getting me setup in the city, love the guy and excited what the future holds for TAXI Larry.
  19. Honestly, the way Larry @SkidrowNL is doing it is very smart. He is starting like an actual business that can create opportunities outside of just the taxi business. Maybe since the new Casino DLC is coming out for Online, the server devs can use those resources to create a flourishing casino business where it can open up more luxury and safety detail jobs. Where once we built the reputation of being safe and reliable we can work off of that and become a presence for some great RP moments for the server. I have had great interactions with citizens from the Taxi jobs I do. Yeah sometimes you might get robbed or be an accessory to crime, but that just part of the Badlands life, and makes it more exciting.
  20. I agree with scuba diving having a criminal aspect to it, I would suggest maybe start gun smuggling where criminals can get their hands on class 2 or class 3 weapons, or even supplies for robberies by scuba diving after ordering shipments through the black market. However, to balance that the police would be more equipped to deal with highly armed criminals. And maybe have where the police can investigate the illegal shipments and have a chance to intercept them. There could be also a pirating aspect to criminal life where you can either rob the yachts around or just citizens that are treasure hunting. Also, have harsher penalties and more of a parole system where if you keep committing crimes in a certain period of time you are punished harsher and harsher. Also creating No Crime Zones, cause being in the city for just the week I have been downed twice at 2/6 mechanic just because of confrontation or just a random idiot shooting me. That shouldn't be a thing, or should be highly enforced where if you do commit a crime at these spots you are severely punished. There was a system like that in the last server I played on and it did wonders where the big gangs were harmless in these spots and can just chill and talk.
  21. this actually helped me a lot, thank you.
  22. You can hold certain events in game without much planning, but if you'd like an event scheduled to go on the calendar as you feel as it will take more planning you can DM people on discord who have the event team tag. For the dirty money, I don't know. I don't really get involved with dirty money too often so
  23. Hello Arthur here, Im just here to ask the community of criminals in badlands how it feels to live a life and what things could be switched in order to create a more balanced city. That goes for police also. For the police on the server what is something that can be switched to make the city more balanced with criminals and police always happy. I play towrds more of the criminal aspect but at the same time I wouldn't say Im a bad citizen. Does the city need more drug smugglers or does the city need more scuba divers? I have read a post awhile back about how over powered scuba diving is right now. I agree with it and think there should also be a crimanl aspect to scuba diving that also has some high risk high reward to it also. I cant wait to hear back ideas
  24. Hi, I think there should be a way to suggest events that can be held. maybe like a suggestion box for specific events that people would like to see? maybe like government controlled race day? like a tournament or something? Also I would like to see dirty money either not be a thing at all or make it able to be cleaned in another way versus the way it has been for a bit. Im saying maybe make a spot that cleans it a lot quicker and also make it a bigger risk than a gunfight? like you can get a car taken for comp or its a much bigger ticket? I cant wait to get back to work in county 3. -Arthur woods, peach gang leader
  25. Landing in the lower half of the city ideally should be kept to helipads (police pads are fine). The beach is touchy but should be fine for the most part. I would say no to “open grass spots” without a better definition. The hill behind 2/6 is a definite no. The carrier is fine.
  26. Thanks guys! If you want to join the cab business or just want to give some ideas or feedback you can send me a message in-game or ask the crimsoncab drivers so we can have an RP talk about it. Larry. tel nr.: 168-4717
  27. @speed There was some confusion around landing in certain spots in the lower half of Los Santos, some examples following (please let me know which ones are and which are not allowed). The Beach, Open grass spots that do not bother other players or can be a danger to anyone, Police station helipads, The hill behind 2/6 garage, The aircraft carrier I just wanna know these spots before i move on, cant risk a ban or license getting removed..
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