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  3. Hello beautiful wednesday 👄 its a very hot day for me

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  6. also, i would feel the anxiety kicking in not only while cooking cocaine and waiting for cops, but also while scrapping a car haha
  7. I think having the chop shop open to public like that would be the best bet and allow so many of our groups to have our own sorta niche.
  8. Cant wait to be the one escaping prison x)
  9. + 1 This would give PD and Crims more to do. Can't wait to get a prison escape call.
  10. I would say im still new in the city and i feel like illegal side is kinda limited at a moment so this would surerly give more varation for the people who deos illegal stuff. +1
  11. You should be able to open the garage even tho you haven't got the licence for that. You shouldn't be able to buy new ones, but you should be able to retrieve the vehicles you already have. Like why would I need to buy a 100k pilot licence just to look at the aircraft shop?
  12. My App was sent in on the 30th of April with the Fake Plate Idea/scrap
  13. As someone who robs stores in both the traditional take a hostage and get free passage and the more RP heavy ways, the PD here are great for picking up on that stuff. As long as you put effort into the RP, it will be returned! Just remember that you wont ALWAYS get away with it and thats fine The only limit is youre imagination
  14. +1 on the base idea of this since I asked for something similar on my Lost MC business app awhile ago. I feel like almost every group is fighting over that chop shop and crafting lol
  15. There are tons of ways to make money without it being built in as an actual job! Prior to being apart of the PD, I had "worked" at the Suburban on Hawick and made pretty good money "selling" clothes and helping people pick outfits. After that, I started working at the PD as a receptionist (which I did without it being an official job and unpaid initially.) After doing that receptionist job for a looong time, it finally became an official position for me. If there's something you want to make a job, RP it out and do it. People will definitely go along with good RP if you facilitate it.
  16. Yeh 100% More to do for crims and police ,
  17. Thank you so much for the feedback, Maybe setting a limit on how many SMG/Shotgun or AK's one business can make a day for example the max vaule you can make for one day could be 3. This then slows down the flow of the product hitting the street.
  18. Great ideas,100% agree with everything, new activity opportunities for crims and police, also more work for The Unknown as a gang, and for everyone else to make friends with The Unknown, Great ideas, hope they see daylight!
  19. +1 would love for these to be brought to the city.
  20. I support this idea. The SMG/Shotgun part probably will be the hard part. Even tho some officers with appropriate rank at PD have those, we are talking about just a few. In the other end, more things for crims to do and overall everyone will enhance the experience in Badlands and make it more fun.
  21. I like this alot. It would bring a lot more in to the city and give people the opportunity to do more +1 100%
  22. I have been working on this for some time and would like to see something new in the world of badlands, I have requested a number changes for my group back in april and have only been given the keys to the pad, we are still waiting on some stuff for the group. as the group has been growing the last couple of months. I would like to show the community what the unknown would like to see in the city. Please find below some concept for scrap mechanic in badlands. If you want this in the city then Upvote this Request and let the people in charge know #Picklock Locals Cars. #Take a Stolen Car to Scarp Yard. (Illegal Action) ** Scrap Car ** //Location : ScrapYard Sandy Or ScrapYard South City (Both Locations Known to Police.) //Poilce can shutdown scrap yard for one hour. //Durition for Scraping : 300 Seconds for Car 420 for Truck in ScrapYard South City. //Durition for Scraping : Seconds for Car 420 for Truck 600 Truck in ScrapYard Sandy. (This is due to the police not being everywhere at once.) //ScrapYard Smokes for Durition Of Scraping. //Once Car Is Scarped Produce : 4-8 Scrap Metal for Car, 8-15 Scrap Metal For Truck. //Scrap Metal Weight = 2KG **Crafting FakePlate** //Location : Business Location. (Diego's The Unknown) //Durition for Crafting : 150 Seconds = Time //Use a Crafting Station to Create. //Use 3 Scrap Metal To Produce 1 FakePlate. **Crafting Shiv** //Location : Business Location. //Durition for Crafting : 150 Seconds = Time //Use a Crafting Station to Create. //Use 2 Scrap Metal for 1 Shiv. ## this could later be used in escaping the prison. **Crafting Refinned Metal** //Location : Metal Refinnery //Durition for Scarping : 150 Seconds = Time //Resources Needed 2 Scrap and 3 titanium = Refinned Metal **Crafting Gun Parts** //Location : Business Location (Diego's The Unknown) //Durition for Crafting : 150 Seconds = Time //Use a Crafting Station to Create. //Use 3 Refinned Metal To Produce 1 Gun Part. **Crafting SMG/Sawed-Off/AK** //Location : Business Location //Durition for Crafting : 150 Seconds = Time //Use a Crafting Station to Create. //Use 3 Gun Parts to Produce SMG and Sawed-Off //Use 5 Gun Parts To Produce AK-47 **Crafting Ammo - Bullets ** //Location : Business Location //Durition for Crafting : 45 Seconds = One Pack //Use a Crafting Station to Create. //Use 1 Refinned Metal To Produce 40 SMG Bullets //Use 1 Refinned Metal To Produce 12 Shells //Use 1 Refinned Metal To Produce 30 AK Bullets ##Scrap Metal can also be used for other products and compressed to make Refinned Metal. (Gun Parts,Shiv and Bullets) ## Refinned Metal is the better Metal And could be resold at the metal merchant for $300. ## All Items are Illegal.
  23. Also keep in note backup the default resident file in case for the future if you want to revert changes.
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