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  2. From my experience, at least in the southern region of the US, most highways and some interstates have different speed limits for 18 wheelers. It wouldn't be out of the ordinary to impose such a thing for our city. I just witnessed a trucker hauling a fuel tank blow a red light easily doing 65+ in the city. My initial thought was "Man. Glad I wasn't at that intersection 10 seconds sooner." I can't really speak for how all the legal jobs fair out in terms of pay but I do recall that truckers made a good dollar doing the work. You have to be mindful of comparing anything to "real life", though, because I just ate 5 sandwiches and drank 5 glasses of sweet tea from the convenience store and didn't get full.
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  4. There's a difference between nerfing and balancing... multiple other legal jobs have received buffs recently
  5. I disagree. The only reason trucking is an issue is because every other legal thing to make descent money has been nerfed into the ground, so everyone is doing it. Prior to these nerfs there wasn't really a large amount of truckers. The only ones trucking were more likely RPing the job and abiding by laws to some extent. Make trucking a job for truckers and not one of the best ways to make money. The answer: Stop taking away the ability to make money and start truly balancing the server. All that's ever done now is nerf balancing. It's all about the RP, but few want to RP as a poor person. -1
  6. CDLs here in America are not hard to get (with money and a little time) but can be taken for breaking the traffic law to many times... I agree...
  7. Following on from Remington's thread in General Discussion about trucking licenses, I wanted to put in a Feedback & Suggestions post with my own feedback. I definitely think a trucker license and an alternative driving test should be done to ensure people in the city are able to handle the vehicles in a safe manner and do not endanger citizens in the city with their driving, especially when carrying something like an oil tanker on the back which could seriously injure people. I also think the legal speed limits in and out of the city should be adjusted in accordance to the size and risk of the vehicle. I think in city speed should be 40, 45 at a push, and highways being 60. I know this would make it harder for police to manage speeding vehicles but I think it is important that large trucks are driving slower in the city as most I have seen speed, drive recklessly, ignore red lights and overall rush to their stops. My final point is, the trucker license should be something that must be shown and can be easily seized / suspended, as again, the risk of driving something this big, heavy and dangerous needs to have consequences that reflect that. I believe it should be more easily taken than cars so that people understand the dangers that come with driving such a vehicle. And if the truck driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, that should be an instant seizure. This might be a tough topic when it comes to the economy and I think the trucker job should pay more considering stricter rules be put into place, to compensate safe driving and the additional time it would take to complete the jobs. This would encourage the streets be safe while paying the workers fairly.
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  10. +1 to being able to boost lower end sports cars up a determined amount of mph to be able to somewhat compete with higher end sports vehicles (and potentially low end supers). For those who choose cars for looks and like the look of a car but it's just too damn slow to use for anything, the chip will be a godsend and bring that car back into swing. Absolutely no tuning for supercars though please, they're enough LOL Also +1 to interior customisation in more cars as some of them it just makes sense for but you can't.
  11. I see what you're saying, And I agree with nearly all of your experiences. It's very easy for Cops to give bad "Info" using a class 3 to disable a vehicle, if what you say is true. I've been on both sides, I've had cops pull some very sketchy things on my crim, that goes un-noticed in terms of IA reports.. but that's a different topic. I will agree with most cop cars needing to be balanced like the F-150 considering Like you implied, Its in a good state right now. Maybe don't make it (The Fleet) Exactly Like the F-150 but Balanced around it and taking notes from it on why its balanced.. Who knows, maybe this next car update/Tuner update(Potentially) We'll see a change in Civ car Durability/Handling update.. Side Note: I personally want a bit more weight added to cars, all cars kind of feel like clouds if that makes sense, I feel like a bit more weight, which in turn means more traction will be pretty solid for Civ's considering, most LEO cars don't exactly Bounce when compared to Civ Cars.
  12. I agree to some points but after using some police vehicles its hard to say that civs have the advantage, Seeing a CVPI chase a car up the mountain is a little much when my Indian Scout cant drive down a dirt road. There are many cop cars that are legit tanks and honestly stupid fast for the type. I think the F150 is the most balanced of them all being that its slower than the average civ car but its good off road. Civs have to choose between good off road or a Road Rocket and some police vehicles seem to be both. Most times we also get Air 1 to chase us too. So yes planning is important but at a certain point No matter how well you plan matters if you get shit luck with the type of cops who respond. Not to say this is always what happens but There is a very very unbalanced situations where our crew used pistols and were lit up by like 4 or 5 AR's because some cops car was busted and shot with an AR to disable us which made all the other cops think we used a class 3. I will agree that their are some broken cars but on account it seems like all civ guns stop doing damage after 10 feet thats really the only advantage a crim can get. As for using a Chip on a super car or a CTS-V thats the risk a crim would take, If anyone used a Supercar to rob a bank with a Chip they risk that vehicle being seized. The chip would be more useful for stolen cars or in races.
  13. +1 I think a " Tuner Chip " Shouldn't be allowed on super cars/Off road vehicles ( considering Any LEO car can't keep up with them anyway on dirt atleast esp. If one offroader got it in particular, Karuma rally ) I'm personally not a fan of the CTSV, I can count on one hand the amount of times, I've shown up to a call/Robbery and NOT have a CTSV get-away-car. Its so sad to see everyone use the "Meta" car bc " it go fast and is a tank " I'm 100% down to give Something to other sports cars so that LEO see them more often than the current meta, But I can't help but feel that if it's given to All cars as an option to upgrade, than More than likely it will only Boost the current meta even further ahead of the rest. I am under the impression that something along the lines of a "more customization for cars" is in the works(?) Or at-least so I hear through the grapevine... Rant~ Hear me out, Most cars shouldn't outdrive most LEO cars... Most criminals nowadays either drive the CTSV and Gap any vehicle that isn't the LEO BMW (Bike) or Have an actual get-away plan, even if its jumping off of Mt. Chiliad with parachutes, its still way more interesting/Fun than being "Outdriven" by if I'm being honest an unfair vehicle. If criminals have an actual plan, they are more than likely gonna get away, The amount of times, I've(Tony) come up with a plan even if its using a Local Mule to block off a tunnel after I drive through, I've gotten away nearly every time. The most fun I've(Stewie) had is by two crims in particular that drive the goofiest cars and wear the craziest outfits ( Slim Jim & Timmy T. ) and they get away anyway bc It's fun for everyone, and not being sent straight to gapplebee's by a crim who can drive by holding W down Los santos freeway.
  14. I think tuner chips would be an interesting item and I agree with the trim suggestion. I think it would be interesting though if someone did it on an existing super car though and would make those even more untouchable (depending on the driver) but it would give chance to people with a smaller budget. either way its a double edged sword so ig its up to the devs if they wanna add it
  15. There are many customization options for vehicles which seem to be missing, many of the low riders can actually change the color of their interiors along with many supercars IE: the Coquette D10 which is stuck at Orange without the ability to change it. Would be great if we could change this. Also Tuner Chips would be fantastic. I know the argument will be "Some cars go 200+ already" and yes SOME supercars do but they also come behind a fairly heavy price tag and those who own them risk them being seized. As a Crim who has stolen multiple police vehicles we don't need to act like LEO have any difficulty keeping up with most cars. TEU breaks 180, GTF goes like 160-170, fairly sure Unmarked do as well and most patrol cars go 130-140 unless you are in the F150 and many of these vehicles take an INSANE amount of damage before slowing down. (I got T-boned by a mule going 70+ in the Durango and drove out of it like nothing happened) and lets be real by allowing the use of a tuner chip it would push people away from using cheese cars like the CTS-V for so long and push it more towards balancing out all the low to mid tier cars.
  16. 2018 Ford F-150 Raptor Crew Cab [Add-On / FiveM | Tuning | Template] - GTA5-Mods.com
  17. So recently I started making neon logos, and with this also many versions of the BLRP logo. I got a few colours so far. If anyone wants a custom colour done, either respond to this topic or send me a dm on Discord (Lion Luke.#9514). Here some of my work I have done already, feel free to download and use anywhere (related to Badlands)
  18. MODEL: ENUS CATEGORY: Paragon R PRICE TAG: 215k fully upgraded FEEDBACK: As is the handling is pretty good but the car feels gutless. I would rate this thing around a B+ but its the most expensive two door sports car. Its brand new and seems like no one wants to drive it. In my opinion it could use a tiny bit of tuning in fourth gear between 110-120 because without bumps it feels insanely slow.
  19. +1 with a fat +1 on the side, I love all of this, and think it would add so much to both sides.
  20. -1 to this. My main character Roger is a counselor, yogi, rub down specialist, podcaster, etc etc. I do all of that and still have only recently been able to afford a nice car and a place to live and I've been on this server for awhile. I only am able to dedicate a few hours during my play sessions and sometimes....people just don't pay their bills. I too am to blame because I let my feelings of friendship and love make charging people outright difficult. Roger's big ole heart gets in the way. That being said, it is still a grind even with the 125 dollar supplement. I'm not buying cars or houses with that govt assistance check. I'm buying food and paying medical bills. It's all about time, sure if you can be on for long periods of time, then you are getting compensated for your awake time. Just as those who don't have quite as long to dedicate. A part of my journey has been showing others that you don't need to join PD, EMS, or gangs to make money. You don't even need to clock into scripted jobs to make money. Sometimes apart of the fun is figuring out what your path is. The 125 paycheck is there to help you not be forced into one or the other. Namaste, y'all
  21. Oh yeah, basically it would be the equivalent of the 24/7 sandwich. If you want a filling meal, go get it from one of the great restaurants. I'm 100% down with homemade meals spoiling quickly. Gardening/ Farming could even work with restaurants for those places that love the idea of farm to table ingredients.
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