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  2. We do have an event team, they organize events and are able to advertise on a dedicated discord channel #server-events and on the forum calendar. If that's something you're interested in DM Serena
  3. I like the idea but I cant find the practicality. Something like this requires a lot of work from staff and the players alike. An alternative I could see is an online newspaper where ads can be placed spontaneously, but not something that would be planned days in advance.
  4. r3v0Lt55

    EMS Training

    We will be holding a training for all EMTs who have completed their day 1 trainings. The training will be a scenario based training focusing on different aspects of EMS. The training will be held on the training server and the IP will be posted in discord.
  5. I think there should be news paper stands where people can buy newspapers that have information like LSPD news or job openings. Let’s say that an AD is placed fora car show at the casino parking lot. You can publish that a few days early and say the date for when it’s happening, people can read the paper and know when it’s happening. Or LSPD can publish arrests or recent crimes that have happened or even post people who are wanted. There could be a lot more to this but this is all i can think of. Let’s try to get this in 2.0!!!
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  7. I've had this suggestion before but now it would definitely work. > To be able to change clothes when you are very close to your car or even sitting inside your car.
  8. I think it would only apply to felonies and it would have to be reoeated felonies. You forget that officers are often above the law
  9. 100% you will just never see a cop off duty, all cops will live eat sleep at station. Not healthy for RP. If speeding can get me fired i wont drive a car. As long as CIv's are held to the same standard, Your a law biding citizen, and you shoot a cop, fine your fired from being a civ and your a Prisoner for the rest of your live, or perma. fine i'm ok with that.
  10. this is really interesting point the only issue i've seen with this as the city stands right now and i don't know if this applies to every person but it happens to me is that people actively do not wanna RP with in my case (arron king) because hes a cop regardless of if his on duty or not because all they see is oh hes a cop even if arron king is being a civ thought they have every right to not enter an rp scene with me, but now for me at lest if i play as arron king all he can do is do cop work (granted i can do civ things like being a mechanic or any civ job but even then if im doing civ stuff and (not being a crim) people still dont wanna interact with someone they know is a cop off duty or on duty out of fear of they being snitched on or ratted out or ect how are we gonna change this mantallity (im mainly talking about people who ive arrested or met wile on duty that "know" me to the point i'm a cop but don't know my character if you know what i mean my question would be this how are we gonna change this mantallity? how are we gonna propose RP with people who wanna play be a civ to enhance there characters story regardless of if there PD or not? just to go into a bit of detail for my side if im a civ as arron king its not like people don't talk/rp with me but even then crims don't even wanna talk about they activities like drug dealing or i'm gonna make X amount here at this area heck they wont even kidnap me out of fear that (i'm gonna be salty or angry) or out of fear im gonna rat them out ect plus a few (not all) people still have this "cop state" "cops get more addvange then if your not PD" mentality if your PD even if there off duty that if i talk to a cop that's on duty they seem to think that we take shortcuts or "bend" the rules or game the system to make sure the people doing said act of kidnapping e.g an off duty cop for e.g to make sure they get arrested i would personally love being kidnapped for being a cop (off duty or not) if a crim has an issue with arron king because i sent them to bolingbroke that gives people who like playing the "bad person" a real motive in an rp context to carry there story on or people trying to track me down because i arrested them a day ago for X Y and Z because that builds RP and that Builds a Story for in my case arron king i just do not like being avoided in every action because all they see is the cop person yes i think we need a universal action or and in game thing "codeword" like "i need to be in my head" "i need to take a flight back in" because that's helpful for me to understand what is going on without someone just instantly logging out and coming back (more important if your a cop because if someone leaves without saying anything 9/10 people think oh "combat log" and then deal with the next thing and leave the area only for that person to come back 10 15 mins later id personally like to be informed of an issue so i can stay on scene then wonder whats going on. than that way we can notify people if there's a in game tec issue thats stops ur interacting or controlling our avatars correctly because it can happen at the best of times i dont really wanna see people get told off or ect on this point i think it would be a good thing if they expand on the ems side of things and "gameplay" if lets say i get downed and im taken to pillbox or ect they can check my body for what injuries i have lets say i have a "broken leg" that would Force my character to hobbel (force the player into a hurt animation) they could even test how bad the injury is from low to mid to high if its high it would lock your walk animation to 30 mins for e.g Depending on how bad the injury is (it dont make sense to me that someone who just got knocked out in a car crash can wake up and drive in the same car to pillbox or ect and check themselves out and boom there fixed in the span of a few mins if we are going for a "realistic" rp you shouldn't be able to get shoot get taken to the er and be "fixed" within 5-10 mins real time and have no consierquises (debatable on how long injuries last for and to what extent or limit actions like someone who got there leg broke cant jump for e.g) but i like all these points so far i hope you like my thoughts and opinions
  11. No ERPing!!! It’s illegal!! The police are always watching! Quick run! I’ll hold them off!
  12. All of that is changing in 2.0. Cop characters found doing illegal shit off duty could get fired from their job. Basically, you need to make in character choices that are relative to the character's life.
  13. Not sure if this fits here but i would love to see off duty cops act as if their off duty cops. Not running with gangs or dealing drugs on the side because it doesnt really make sense
  14. I would like to see more human like qualities brought into characters. For example - You can have a character that can drive like a NASCAR driver, but shoots like a granny, Or a character that only walks, and does not own a car. Or if you only drink red-gull and smoke butts, you cough while running and can only go a short distance. I don't think this needs to be coded, but maybe a set of perks where you can choose one when you make a character, and it gives a bonus in that skill? You can choose to be a good shooter and it makes you more steady, re-load faster, but your driving is shit, you go in reverse when you press W some times, grind gears, and you flood the engine trying to start it. Or on the flip side you choose good driver, ok car acts better, but you load the wrong ammo and your gun jams. You can choose to be a fast & short distance sprinter or a med speed & long distance marathon runner.
  15. Last week
  16. Yup, or just front end crashes above a certain speed like 110+ will increase your loss of health, and if you are bashing in to something with 140+ you will be downed even when you have your seatbelt on. even on those speeds it isn't even realistic because if you do 75 and you are crashing in to something, you should be glad to be alive at all. Samething, if you hit a barricade on the highway at 140, most cars should be totalled or even on fire because every fluid in the car is leaking as fuck. and with the metal getting hot as it wil crush the molecules that create certain metals. But thats something maybe for the suggestions in stead of here because it is a development thingy.
  17. Crazy jumps that would realistically "kill" a player that doesn't, those are actionable. The offroading, hitting some blockades and damaging a vehicle should be on devs to fix.
  18. It's for Discord or are you asking where? It's in the top right corner
  19. Whats the discord link??
  20. New players that are riding these ridiculous granny bikes around? Players running from the cops that ditched their car in some dark alleyway? Players that don't own a car and cant afford a taxi? Players on the way to work saving to afford a car? Players that are delivering? Drug dealers that get off at bus stops to sell to the ai waiting? Players that as mentioned before want to be bus drivers? A new way to explore the train system where one person has to be on the vehicle for it to spawn? Players that want to rob ppl getting on and off the bus at the bus stops? Imo a bus has a use in a city that not everyone wants to drive a super car. BUT... possibly all the reasons above are why we don't want or need a bus and would rather wait for a train with less stops but at a faster rate of speed. Maybe the player buys a metro ticket and that spawns the train, above and below ground? I like the subway a lot better there is so much potential that is lost.
  21. Why not do a task that may benefit in a long term run? For instance imagine this ok? Close your eyes and just listen. Take the winery job essentially and it’s functionality and throw it into the prison however only 1 task can be completed per 30 minutes and 6 tasks must be completed (meaning all 6 can be done 2x before the storm) these tasks take certain skill sets to do and once all six get done a prison “break” is completed and all criminals inside get released. However the cool-down is 45 minutes per task, meaning if Jimmy just used a plastic spoon to dig a tunnel and then Johnny comes in and sees that the hole was dug and decides to go and clear the Laundry shoot instead then he’s fucked kinda thing. Make it so the prisoners can’t see how long each task has left on the cooldown but also make it so the task can be recompleted once already done to allow some prison breaks. Hopefully this makes sense, if not I’ll elaborate some more
  22. But why bring them in. What will they do that the current don’t already? Because why would I pay $500 per needle for heroin if it does exactly what weed does for $100?
  23. I can’t be bothered to quote it but the whole dressing thing you stated and differentiating ranking. You can easily differ that you just have to be a little be creative. For instance my family aka the Ozbourne Family is known for our bright red hair, so due to that we mainly rep the color when doing any crime so we are identified as a group and if the cops know us they know it was an Ozbourne. However never do we wear the exact same thing we just stick to a theme. As for differentiating for ranking that can easily be achieved as well. So pick out an outfit and change certain things about it. For ex a lower rank wears a trench coat and a higher up wears a nice button up vest that means business. Just get creative is the moral of my ramble
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