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  2. Can confirm you can fish from boats, I've done it a bunch recently. The fishing pole can be used with a hotkey now also.
  3. I agree, think it would be a good step in the right direction. More for tow trucks and mechanics to do and less cheesy usage
  4. +1 If this were to become a thing I don't think there needs to be an emergency vehicle exemption tbh. I personally dont carry repair kits at all and think it makes for a better play experience since I have to a) drive safer and b) rely on mechanics and tow drivers more.
  5. I support a repair kit nerf as well. Although, motorcycles seem to act funny sometimes. I can slam into a car going full speed, and my bike will be functional, but every time I tap a traffic cone, my bike will break down. When I repair it and get it to a mechanic, they say it is so damaged that it is near blowing up. So as long as some of these edge cases can be ironed out, I could see this leading to more realistic situations!
  6. Could be a potential for an insurance agent roleplay to happen?
  7. Yesterday
  8. I agree. This would add a new layer and force people to care for their vehicles instead of driving into walls and other cars like they playing Mario Kart.
  9. Being able to fish in a boat, I know you can get a fishing pole and fish on land but being able to do it in a boat would be awesome!
  10. Personally was never a fan of the vehicle recovery when we had it implemented, theres a negative meta that comes along with it that i think outweighs any benefits. -1
  11. soemtimes things break and you cant gain control in time? I mean, it opens opportunities for tow/ recovery guys who invested a bit more, i.e. submarines, to shine.
  12. How did you get your car in the water in the first place? Drive safe.
  13. +1 Although I'm for this on all faction and civilian vehicles, with no privileges.
  14. I actually have bought a sub as a tow truck driver for this exact thing. of course its limited now to when im in city, but if/ when business applications open up, i have an application im putting in to try to implemetn a lot of the tow/ recovery ideas ive had, and to officially hire people and hopefully get more than just me the ability to pull my tow fleet out.
  15. MODEL: Gang Burrito CATEGORY: Van PRICE: $65,000 FEEDBACK: This is the only vehicle in this category that does not have a 100kg storage space. It's currently at 60kg.
  16. MODEL: Dominator GTX CATEGORY: Sports PRICE: $95,000 (not sure) FEEDBACK: This vehicle is a tank, needs a serious nerf. After multiple crashes, it simply does not disable itself. You can drive it underwater and the engine still works after getting out of a patch of water (while it was fully submersed).
  17. Perhaps an emergency services specific mechanic that allows clocked in EMS/PD to still use theirs to more extreme degrees. Not to mention you can only imagine how making this change would increase the population of tow truckers too with the growing need for them. Calling one shouldn't be as much a problem if implemented in my opinion.
  18. I like the suggestion and it can further provide RP Interaction; my issue with this would be a PD/EMS Issue as, if there is no tows available and you're vehicle is messed up via a chase or going to a person down call, then you can be stuck in some weird places. Then you sit there for a bit and calls come and you won't people to help those individuals whom need it, I've had my vehicle at times go proof whilst on EMS and or PD duty with no taxi's or tows available and have had to walk 15-20 minutes to get a new vehicle. If there is a way to counter-act that and give us the ability to use a repai
  19. Now hear me out, we can use repair kits just about every time we wreck and disable our vehicles with little consequence other than its annoying to have to buy and store repair kits. What if we set a max amount of damage your car is allowed to take until your car is no longer repairable by a repair kit? Say if your car reaches a health state of about 45% you cannot use a kit and pretty much HAVE to call a tow truck to help you. This way, players are forced to actually care about their driving a little bit more or at the very least get used to utilizing our amazing tow truckers out here pu
  20. Last week
  21. MODEL: Elegy RH8 CATEGORY: Sports Car PRICE TAG:$112,500 FEEDBACK: I work as a Car Dealer at Lux and I do a lot of testing of the vehicles to help when a customer is trying to determine what car to buy. When it comes to this car however I would say that it is currently in a broken state. For a car at this price and even when fully upgraded it has no breaks making the car unsuable. I tried to make a short clip showing the breaks in their current state. Please note the car is fully updated here. https://streamable.com/7t1o3i
  22. MODEL: Zentorno CATEGORY: Super PRICE TAG: $1,800,000 FEEDBACK: Top speed should be increased by a little (currently around 160) for this price there should be a bigger difference in speed compared to a 1million dollar less sports car
  23. MODEL: Cadillac Escalade CATEGORY: SUV PRICE TAG: $245,000 FEEDBACK: The trunk space is too low, there is a cheap offroad car (Rebel) that has 60kgs but is way smaller compared in size
  24. I think it would benefit the night owls such as my self were I'm up form 9pm - 1pm were late at night there isn't people on to recover our cars and then we cant get them back till hours later. +1
  25. While I can see the hassle and point of this, I do not agree with making such a change. A vehicle is a valuable asset that should be treated as one. To make a change like this would take away from the importance of protecting your car from being destroyed like so. It is one thing to impound a vehicle, but its a completely other thing to total a car. My suggestion would be to perhaps ask around on twitter or something to see if anyone is willing to rent out a vehicle. -1
  26. +1 I think this would be a really good idea.
  27. I've just had a situation where my vehicle entered water far too deep to recover, and the tow truck we called was unfortunately lost aswell.. In my old city we were able to recover our lost/unrecoverable vehicles at the impound for a fee, and maybe that could be a solution here? Having to wait til the next restart kind of sucks when you only have one vehicle etc. etc.
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