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    https://discord.gg/aBPe7wx (would need to join that server in order to access the interior file) so there is this interior which in the discord is under the 'free interior' tab located up in the paleto area which i think would be a great new place to have for people to hang out at, unfortunately there aren't any more pictures/videos the creator has provided but it isn't a big interior and most of it can be seen from this picture. one of my main reasons of suggesting this is that there aren't many interiors where people hanging out makes too much sense (other than burgershot really) and a cafe area would be a perfect alternative to.. mechanics another reason is that, there isn't enough player traffic outside of the main hotspots (all inner city, elgin mechanic, courthouse, pillbox and MRPD), and hopefully this would encourage the population to be dispersed across the map more any thoughts?
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    -1 Looking at other cities that have gang limits have high tension gangs that lead to mass OOC drama that leads to people leaving. Infact there's a wave of people going around right now because this very thing just happened where 7 people max was the limit to a gang, And the gang beef got so extreme and out of hand because each person had to be cut-throat enough to survive and hold there spot in the gang. Also it would force me and my friends from having any fun in this city, We don't care for cash at all. We spend hours in the city just messing around having fun, singing, falling off things, base jumping or trying to and interacting with people. If you prohibited our group from forming with a small number such as 4, We wouldn't be able to do things like some motor-cross: Or running a car wash: Or hang-over relaxing together in a big body pile Also the way the economy is set up, Is to encourage you to group work or atleast talk to someone to make money. You literally can't do things like deliveries without losing money due to the prices of repairs and gas. Unless your some god tier driver that never has car's not fall on you while going down the highway as seen here: https://gfycat.com/honoredforcefulcommabutterfly ^Also has sound btw. All n all, Im against any kind of group limitations outside what is set already. And its not popularity or because we have some streamer, It's we've found people that fit our MO, Have fun. Also, If you want rivalries, You need to set them up. Not every group wants beef, Not every group wants a rival, Some people just want to do there own thing. And if we have too many groups that get out of hand(Which lately it has been), The city turns into the toxic gun shit show it was a few weeks back. I don't believe anyone wants that to return where we had 40 people sitting at MRPD because there not wanting to get gunned down or accidentally ran over. If your concerned about groups making too much money, 2 people can together make $108,000 in exactly 100 minutes. (1 hour 40 minutes), You can make 1,000,000 in 15 hours and 24 minutes of work. Now these numbers are skewed as they lack travel times, gathering of supplies and so on, But that's the numbers in a raw and theoretical form, Not in actual practice. On average most people can only manage to make $162,000 in 2 hours 30 minutes. And limiting the economy any further will cripple the city, Literally. The economy seriously needs a buff in a lot of area's such as trucking needs a bump from 105$ a mile to 150$ a mile in my opinion. Repairs and repair kits and the gas ontop of it all is way to expensive to run a truck seriously. Deliveries could all do with an added 10$ minimal to it and so on. Diving is just waaaaaaay to risky to warrant any point to going anywhere near those sharks. You can't swim if you get a leg injury, You just drop. And bleeding is so strong... Potential 10k, high chance to die, not worth the time or risk. tldr: Don't prohibit people from socializing in groups, It's already prohibitive enough as a legal civilian to do anything, This would restrict random spur of the moment events, fun times for crews who have established themselves in big numbers already and just ruin a lot of good that a lot of us have found in this already prohibitive environment. I already have to pay close attention to faint sirens and my speedometer as an off duty officer, Don't be adding "im only allowed 3 friends" to this list.
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    It seems as if the most rain we ever get on the server is a drizzle. It'd be cool to see some fog, thunderstorms, etc etc.
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    I have a couple of simple suggestions. First one is to add the ability for mechanics to wash cars. Maybe tie it to the Wash Windows animation and they could have another avenue for RP as a mechanic with people coming to them instead of going to the car washes where there is no RP. I don't think they have this ability currently so I apologize if it's already a thing. Also I thought the gas pump in front of the mechanic shop near Sandy Shores airport was operational but it doesn't seem like it is. I think making the pump there work would add to the full service station feel since there is already pumps there. As PD I drive by there all the time and typically need a car wash, repairs, or fuel so it would be a good place to stop and RP with the mechanics that have been using that area. A gas pump at Mission Row PD and Pillbox garage area would be pretty cool too similar to how we have the ATM added nearby to help those factions be easily supplied/resupplied for their shifts.
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    WOW what a great discussion First off I want to say as a newbie I am limited in comparison to the knowledge and experience you both have on FiveM. I do agree with both sides of this topic though. I hope my opinion can help gain a positive outcome. I do agree with Merr Khan as limiting group size in all aspects of interactions may be necessary. Although at first it may seem difficult to adapt to it could be the foundation good RP needs in order to thrive. If an established gang (or individual) was limited on the amount resources he/she could share (keys to a business/vehicles/items or even money) it might have a positive impact on others. for instance a group of more than four would be forced to split the RP among others in the city, rather than pool together for their own enjoyment. wouldn't that mean more interaction with more people? We all need a fall guy in the gang and newbies are good at that. I do understand that dedicated RP'rs will sometimes take a hit and have to deal with uh-hum "shitters" more often rather than have a good time with the boys. But they are easy to spot and even easier to deal with, having the right mind set. Everybody has to start somewhere. Honestly I think the economy is fine. We definitely should not be able to make millions in a day or a month at that. If it requires multiple interactions from a number of resources in a preparation phase which can only be obtained through an elite society that have the know how. Then yeah sure make a million bucks in a few hours of grind. Some solo jobs could use a little buff, this might balance the need to be with a group to make good money. However I do believe any underlining rule or group limitation will affect those who have established a character in the city and make it harder to stay in that group. As Kevin Ross said other servers put up with toxic RP, ooc conversations and a "cut throat" mentality. That might have a negative reaction for anybody wanting to stay in the city. Not me personally though. My take on changes to any situations RP or IRL is don't knock it till you try it. Change isn't always good but optimism is. It wont get fixed in a day so patience is a must. Sometimes you have to take one step back to take two steps forward. I also believe that groups should have the opportunity to band together for big group non hostile RP. This would probably mean a revision of the events rules and standards. Only because the best RP usually is in the moment and not planned out or organized. This would mean you can still have those races and car washes, weddings, parties, skys the limit without being subjected to a group size rule. After all it is a game and we are here to have a good time, more people means more fun. On a side note I've had an awesome time in just the few days I have been back. Thanks btw. Hope to see ya out there.
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    I have a criminal character in a motorcycle club whos only income is selling meth and ive made plenty of money. The risk is part of the RP and thats the part you need to focus on rather then making a ton of money.
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    Making a place for where civilians and PD members can give their feedback and suggestions to make improvements in LSFD. This is not a place to personally attack any members of LSFD if you have an issue with how an EMS performed their job then you can post that here.
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    So, i've been in contact with a few gangs which have already had such things implemented into their group, and with the meetings that have been happening lately, i feel like this would be a good time to ask for something for the Crawshank family. I've tried not to go over the top with the suggestions, though the Crawshanks are more of a mafia rather than a straight up gang it's hard to just pick something "small" Below are my suggestions and their locations. https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/beautiful-modern-house-in-rockford-hills I've tried my best to find locations which are not so big that it's unrealistic, but on the websites i've been looking through these 2 are the only ones which 1. peaked an interest and 2. weren't ridiculous. Both of them have the locations on the images and also come with a video. https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/cassidy-lodge I prefer the Cassidy lodge one, and so does the team. But overall both of them are the ones which we would like to have implemented if allowed. Please give me your opinions as i'm open to anything and i think the Crawshanks have provided enough positive RP to have something with your approval posted into this awesome community. To go along with this. The Crawshanks hold many meetings with many other gangs, and a location that is bigger than a simple house would be necessary, we also want to hold parties, after event parties and many other cool RP scenarios which will provide good quality RP to many of the other members of the community.
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    I've always loved weather. So I'm always gold for this.
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    i would like to suggest add a new "/Commands and *rename 4 existing command into an acronym for example... * Mask to /m1 /m0 (1 Wear the mask/0 take off the mask) * Helmet to /h1 /h0 * Glasses to /g1 /g0 * Emote(/em) to /e [emote name] 2nd arg "c" (stop/clear emote(Optional)) +/Givekey or /givekeys +/cash /money-(Suggested By KevinRoss) IMO, i think its best to use a quick and simple "/cash" to display much you have on Screen for 5 seconds and fade out 3 seconds (Number of top right [UI Version 2017 Patch), rather then accessing/going through your wallet via circle menu to show your full ID Details on screen, witch can be a hassle when you just want to know how much Cash you currently have +/A - to answer the phone call +/H - to hang up phone call session + /rolldice(thread link) in summery *1 to 5* : this well help cut down time to type efficiency for any action, Cash Will display The amount of money you currently have for 5 seconds then fadeout for 3 Second
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    Panto Demo Derby Start Time - 7pm est (Meet at 6:30) Location - Casino Parking Lot Essentials - Radio Hosted by: @Sadie Moretti and @Merr Khan Graphical Work: @George Cahill
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    Here is just a few things i think could be great for the sever obviously some of this might not work out properly but i think it has alot of potential some other things not with links i think that would be worth having are some more POI (Points of Interest) in Grapeseed so it gives more traffic other than growing weed would also make police patrolling up there worth it more than just checking the illegal areas id like to see more use of the whole map compared to just the main city and sandy there is a whole section of highway etc unused same with paleto area it could use more traffic maybe have some jobs or something in that area just suggestions to try and get full use of the entire map as well as promote other scenarios for a different experience for everyone! Stealing from Cars etc: found a really nice link that can be a starting point if this is something that can be added to the server Stealing from Local Cars Etc - https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/watch-dogs-vehicle-looting-net Car-jacking: Something that can add more than just lock picking i think the chances of them running out of the car should be alot lower than the mod suggest so if someone tries to car jack its triggered and police have time to respond Car jacking: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/better-carjacking Washing car with animation: i seen a previous suggestions making mechanic shops a one stop shop wash fix and gas if available at the shop found a really cool mod that uses rags or sponges that can possibly be looked at for that Washing Cars: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/washathome-glubbfreund Robbing Atms: probably something that can be considered a petty crime or even as harsh as robbing a store? unsure but might be a cool feature to have and maybe it requires a certain weapon like hammer or crowbar im not sure but alot of possibility with this one ATM Robberies: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/atm-robberies or this one https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/atm-robberies-bank-heists Pick pocketing just another suggestion i found on the list of mods something more petty not as harsh as a crime https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/pickpocket-script Bait Cars: this is for the police if people have the ability to lockpick/loot cars this can help police to catch them idk how good this type of mod would be but its just a nice suggestion can let the crims have all the fun https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/bait-car Real Estate: maybe this is something to consider in the future if we can increase player limit in the server so that people can buy houses/apts and the motels can be rented for a weekly fee or something like that https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/the-savehouse-mod-houses-hotels-and-apartments-lua Breathalyzer: another thing for police but if its possible to detect if people are also high on any drug would allow police to arrest people for dui or public intoxication etc if it can be changed can have a great use for multiple things https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/breathalyzer Robbing Homes: another petty crime that i think would be a good addition to the game https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/home-invasion-extended
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    I have played on a few servers that allow lockpicking local cars that had pawn shop locations could open up a pawn job at a location idk, You’d get a variety of watches stereos other misc items that had a variety of prices. robbing houses similar to cars but had a return of money and misc items I think it would benefit crime rp to allow some people to do petty crimes and not have to deal with heavier fines or jail times can also keep officers busier and get more interactions with different scenarios
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    *In this issue of Discordian magazine there is a new series, along with a note from the editor* People of Los Santos is a new feature of Discordian Magazine. In each feature our new reporter, Victoria Whethers, goes in-depth with the lifeblood of Los Santos- its people. Criminals, cops, business owners, and everyone in-between has their own stories of the how and why they ended up where they are today. Victoria sheds the light on their journeys with the hopes that the residents of Los Santos can see that though we can all be very different, sometimes the reasons behind our decisions might not be so different after all. https://imgur.com/a/2983T5W
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    Shout out to @Bill Brady. Brady is always bringing the A-game RP and keeping it serious when the time is needed. I joined the police a little after when Brady did and I can definitely say he has changed in many great ways. I am proud to be on the force with you. Along with Brady I would also like to give a similar shout out to @Andreas Spartan for creating a wonderful cop character and maintaining and impressive in character state. Congrats on the recent promotion, I've seen you around training and you've done an A+ job.
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    Hey everyone, So i found a new-ish street racing script, Was made back in june of 2019 that i think surpasses the current /race script we have right now. No offence intended to the creator! Here's the FiveM forum thread: https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-streetraces-multiplayer-races-with-checkpoints-hud-and-more-v1-00/601404 Here's the Repo for the script: https://github.com/bepo13/FiveM-StreetRaces Boring stuff out of the way, Here's a Demo of the script in action by the author: https://streamable.com/bge4m Bullet points provided by the Author Create unique races by adding and removing checkpoints on the map Save and load recorded checkpoints by name Custom HUD that displays time and checkpoints while racing Preview race checkpoints after joining a race Start countdown that freezes vehicle positions Command to cancel race and refund money before it starts The commands that come with it: /race start amount [delay] - Start a race for money using waypoint or recorded checkpoints Optional argument for delay before race starts (default 30s) /race cancel - Cancel a created race before it starts and refund money /race leave - Withdraw from the active race (no refunds) /race record - Record checkpoints using map Set waypoints on the map to create checkpoints (snaps to nearest vehicle path node) Double click existing checkpoints to remove /race clear - Clear recorded checkpoints /race save name - Save recorded checkpoints with name /race load name - Load recorded checkpoints with name /race delete name - Delete recorded checkpoints with name /race list - List saved checkpoints by name Aswell as this is the same author who made the RadialMenu by the looks of it too. I think it'd be a good addition, It'd help coordinate (Underground) Racing RP, Competition, Coordination of racing routes and so on. It'd just be good to have over-all i feel, Could even hook it into alerting the PD of street racing somehow, Really get the cops into it also. Lots of possibilities and versatility to be had with it.
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    Honestly i don't like "Rent Vehicle" or "Test Vehicle" mechanics anymore. At first i was like without seeing it in play, I was like, Yes lets get it but after seeing it in action in other places, Literally everyone has the same opinion, same knowledge because literally everyone has tested every car and weighed there pro's n con's of it. I thoroughly enjoy hearing what peoples thoughts are of certain vehicles and going to people and asking to borrow the car and so on.
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    I am not sure if this would cause issues, but I have been in cities where you can own multiple of each vehicle, each with its own randomly generated license plate number. I personally think this would be a great addition to roleplay and immersion for a couple reasons. People could collect cars of the same type, in different colors, etc to show off. Also it adds ability for business rp, for example if someone wished to run a delivery business, and got lots of customers who use their service, the owner could buy a second delivery truck, and hire someone to work, and drive it, thus adding a boss and employee roleplay. Tow truck companies could do similar, and also taxi, and many others. This is a thought ive had while doing tow jobs.
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    I was on board with less rules in 2.0, but as has been made apparent, self regulation is not as common in video game culture as I thought, so rules are a necessity. I believe to sustain a positive RP environment, RP economy, with good and fair rivalries among groups/gang/business's, is that the rule of 4 needs to transcribe across the entire board. Not just hostile action, but in regards to wearing colors, having gang cars out and on display, sharing resources or money, traveling together, sharing keys, or hanging out and loitering in public places, should all be limited to 4 consistence members. Seeing a group larger then 4 is an intimidation tactic, even though only 4 members can be hostile by server rules. Picture seeing a 5+member gang, You got beef and want to roll them...... But you can't, because it would be fail RP for your group of 4 to try to roll a larger group, even if you got 4 in your car, and they can only have 4 be hostile by server rules, this is RP and visual numbers matter. Its also not fair that the group of 5+ only has to keep an eye on 4 people, yet those same 4 have to keep an eye on everyone.... its too OP in the favor of super groups. Having the rule set so that more then 4 players can pool resources, means it is nothing but a popularity contest. Very rarely IRL do random people, who just met last week, get together to form a super group, and share hundreds of thousands of dollars with each other. From what I have seen over the yrs, the economy is always balanced (nerf'ed) to the extreme power gaming level, Meaning if you're not power gaming, min maxing, and meta'ing, you don't make profit. Soon I fear that whit out change, with out disbanding and resetting all the super group's money, and belongings, that the economy will have to be balanced to the super group level of grinding, and regular people trying to play a role will end up making negative $.
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    The gangs in the city are already limited on many things, having four members for everything is absurd not only that but that means you can basically only have a gang of four.
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    The person behind John Baldwin.
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    I would be down to see more rain if the time the rain was active was shorter. I've had it rain before for entire day/night cycles before and with rain effecting locals being out (which effects not just people selling drugs but has effects on how entire areas look and feel since most NPCs go away during rain) I just think the rain timer should be shorter.
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    I like some of these but some of these will need to be custom coded since they require scripthook and are mostly SP addons
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    Is there a way to mute radio? If so can someone tell me how. If not I'd like to suggest that this feature be added. It's next to impossible for me to have any communication with people in city when my radio is non stop going off with 9+ other officers or 5+ EMS talking. Thanks.
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    Maybe get a job center in sandy shores it's a pain in the ass to go all the way back to the city just to pick up a job and/or make designated areas for each job. I haven't had RP at the job center in ages.
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    all women are queens
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    Yo what's up fellow role-player's. Been here for a few days and got to say loving it here. Applied for my whitelist and I hope it goes through. Nothing but love in this community nice to have a change of pace and do something different.
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    sup cutie? Lets get the RP going
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    Hello, I am Bob Burgerless, At one point In a different city I was a successful businessman, who ran a delivery service, and I was also a successful investor in real estate and stock market. I got involved in drugs and alcohol, which caused me to lose everything. I am now homeless, and am trying to start off a new life in a new city. I have gone through rehab and hope not to relapse. Looking to start a new business and start investing again.
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    Moderator recruiting is currently CLOSED. Our staff are the core of making the BLRP experience possible. Staff members assist new players, handle rule breakers, contribute ideas and more, all while remaining professional in any and all situations. We're looking for the best of our community to join the team and continue to make Badlands great. If you are interested in applying for a position as a BLRP Staff Member, please create an application using the format below. Please put as much effort as possible into your application. A couple of paragraphs about your history and why you want to be a team member is much better than one or two sentences. The more information, the better. We love reading. Applications should be submitted in this forum. Once your application has been submitted, you will no longer have access to it. Please do not submit more than one application or ask about the status of your application.
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    Id like to see, if possible a slight adjustment done to the engineering job. It's legit nothing major, But its a little silly even for me to run 2-3 times around the turbine trying to find a circle to weld the air/grass. So what i suggest to fix this is to change the circles location and size. Now i don't know if that's possible, Id presume it is since old vehicle garages we're about the right size that we'd need for it. Here's what we have now: And here's what i suggest it should be: This way when you run into the turbine from any angle, You complete the task, Your generally speaking after awhile you'l be facing the turbine since you won't be running around it/facing away, fastest route is to look right at it, And while doing so it'l look so much better watching others from a distance.
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    I mean, there is nothing stopping you from doing this. RP it out. Set up the event, people get their vehicles and meet up. It is that simple
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    Risk vs reward. Go big , make big money. Go big , get caught Big. Risk vs reward
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    Old request. In the past I know this would not be a thing. Best thing is to keep working towards your goal. Roleplay with others in the meantime and maybe find someone who already owns one.
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    Merr, what you are asking to be developed is quite complex. Me adding a bank heist (which has been promised for 2 years) does not mean things can't change and things being added later. Yes we are moving having jobs be more player interactive but this will take time. I also appreciate the outline of the job you provided. I want to remind that the next phase is the development of all the logic to go along with this and this is where a lot of time needs to be committed. The community has waited a long time for heists and I don't think it is fair to make them wait any longer.
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    So I think people are misunderstanding the purpose of this thread. This isnt for EMS members to post their suggestions ( we have EMS forums for that already assigned for EMS only discussions) but its a place that we as EMS can get feed back from people that arent in the faction. Having outside perspective is a valuable tool that if used correctly can help EMS grow. Thanks.
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    Thanks Brady, just changed it.
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    Notice for veteran members of BadlandsRP (1.0): The following represents the server rules we expect to enforce at the onset of BadlandsRP 2.0, with the goal of transitioning to a less restrictive, RP focused server. As such, many rules have been outright removed, various rules have been modified, and certain rules are staying the same, but may change soon after 2.0 is released. General Rules General Behavior Harassment and repetitive trolling that impacts other players experiences in a negative way can result in corrective action by a staff member. Hate Speech, sexual harassment and inappropriate sexual comments, personal attacks on players and spamming side chat are all examples of unacceptable behaviors. In addition, repeatedly blocking players from accessing content in the game may result in removal from the servers. Disruptive Behavior Any behavior that is deemed disruptive by the staff may result in a kick, or ban from the server. Disruptive behavior is defined as any behavior that negatively impacts the gameplay experience of other players. Examples include VOIP spam, horn spam, police baiting, and excessive out of character discussion. Directly or indirectly threatening another player with a player report or admin action with the intent to intimidate them. Players observed spamming or otherwise inappropriately using chat will receive one warning prior to a kick or temporary ban. Players observed spamming service calls (911, towing, taxi, etc) may receive a kick or temporary ban. Players observed abusing job mechanics for the sake of being disruptive will receive a temporary ban. Roleplay You are expected to RP at all times. You may use /ooc in chat only if you need to break character to ask a question or provide help. Breaking roleplay (including /ooc) without a valid reason will result in corrective action. Characters must have a proper identity consisting of a first and last name. You cannot have multiple characters as part of the same gang/business. All players must conduct themselves in a way that is consistent and appropriate for their character No ERP No Suicide RP RDM (Random Deathmatch) You must verbally state clear and reasonable demands to an intended target, and give a reasonable amount of time for the target to respond. If a player complies then you must provide a valid reason within RP to use force against them. Hostile roleplay is valid for 1 hour from the point of initiation. The use of a 'hitman' is not allowed. You are allowed to work with other players to track an individual down however if you want them dead, you are responsible to roleplay out the scenario yourself. Damage or theft of property (ie: a vehicle) is not considered hostile initiation, and must still be met with verbal demands prior to killing the player. A Law Enforcement Officer attempting to pull a vehicle over by using Lights and Sirens is not grounds for hostile initiation. The use of advanced methods to stop or disable a vehicle by anyone is considered hostile initiation and the fleeing driver and passengers may react with lethal force. Text (including the /me command) may not be used to initiate hostile roleplay. VDM (Vehicle Deathmatch) Vehicles may only be used as: a defensive weapon (ie: running over someone shooting at you), to escape a barricaded location, or to disable another player's vehicle as part of a pursuit. Combat Logging/Combat Storing Do not attempt to avoid a scenario in game by disconnecting to lobby or leaving the game completely. This also applies to storing any vehicles that may be involved in a potential RP scenario. Exploiting Abusing a bug in the game or mechanics in order to gain an advantage over other players is unacceptable. This includes glitching into the map, duping money, etc. Asset Transfers Do not transfer items or money to other players for the purpose of having them returned to one of your other characters Meta Gaming External communication (ie: Discord, Twitch Chat) should not be used while in game under any circumstances Do not use information outside of the game-play environment to your benefit, or to locate, stalk, harass or interfere with another player's experience. External communication should not be used to disrespect or otherwise harass of members of the community (directly or indirectly). Disputes between players should remain respectful and in-character at all times. Gameplay Unrealistic Gameplay Players should not perform actions which would pose a significant threat to the player's life in situations where one would not realistically perform that action. -examples include taking extreme jumps off mountains and bridges Powergaming Do not force a condition or belief on others. This includes supernatural rp, coming back from the dead etc. Value of Life A reasonable attempt should be made to preserve your life in any situation. This includes following reasonable demands from a hostile player when there is an indefensible threat to your life. However, if the opportunity presents itself, all players are allowed to defend themselves from hostiles where realistically possible Greenzones Police stations, the courthouse, and Bolingbroke Penitentiary are designated greenzones of non-violence. (Prisoners actively serving time at BP are exempt) New Life Rule (NLR) // Revenge Killing Upon incapacitation of a player during hostile roleplay, neither player may reinitiate hostile roleplay with, or attack the other player for 15 minutes. Kidnapping Kidnapping a player is generally limited to 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, the player may either request to be released, or stay to continue RP. Logging out of the game within the 15 minute timer is considered combat logging. EMS may not be held hostage or kidnapped for any reason while they are on duty. However, EMS should not sign on duty to avoid these scenarios. Continuation of Roleplay After Server Crash/Restart Server restarts should not be used to reverse the direction of a RP situation. For example, a kidnapping victim should not use the opportunity to attack their kidnappers. Gangs Any organized group of players that engage in illegal or hostile RP together are considered to be a gang. Gang Sizes There is no limit to the number of members that can belong to a given gang however gangs are limited to a max of 4 active players participating in a specific illegal or hostile scenario. This including the following: Gang members functioning as a look out or get-away driver. Gang members seeking to rescue other gang members who are being detained (detained gang members are included in the active count). Gangs should not ally with other players, gangs, or security groups to increase their effective size. Gang Violence Initiating hostile roleplay on any active member of a gang, or being initiated on constitutes initiation with all other active members. Gang violence must adhere to all server rules, including hostile initiation, NLR, and metagaming. Gang Behavior Active gang members should wear matching attire that makes them easily identifiable as a member of the gang. Gangs are expected to participate in RP and should only engage in hostile activities if it makes sense as part of their RP Story. Gangs should not harass or otherwise disrupt the game play of other players. Conflicts between gangs should remain civil and within RP at all times. Gang Disbandment The BadlandsRP Staff reserve the right to disband any gang that breaks server rules or behaves in an overtly toxic manner.
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    I might be wrong, but if i remember right, each business as an individual cool down of about an hour between orders. Also if two businesses make orders of leaves very close to each other they end up at the same place. At least thats how it was is in the old days. With that being said, with the investment someone or a group makes on buying a business whats wrong with it having a larger income? As someone who was part of a business in the previous iteration of the server it was still work getting money from having a business, whether it was doing the work to make products themselves or selling the materials it was a hustle and i wouldn't consider it "printing money". With that being said I'm unsure about prices of things in the new economy.
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    Well Welcome to GTARP, more specifically Badlands! Enjoy your time here.
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    +1 , but Knox is 100% unfortunately correct. The custom coding can be overwhelming, HOWEVER, I do hope some of these have potential to make it!!
  42. 1 point
    Why not just add "Radio Vol" Control?
  43. 1 point
    NEW RACE EVENT Any MOTORIZED vehicle, Except SUPER or SPORTS cars: REWARDS: 1st place= $8k-$10k 2nd place= $5k 3rd place= $3k Entry FEE: $500 (need some income) Location: Every Race meet is at the back hanger at the Airport. When: EVERY Wednesday! Contact: City Phone: 362-0940 Email: [email protected] Discord: d0nutG8z.tv#1186 Time: Race will START around 5-6pm (MST) SPORT and SUPER cars: REWARDS: 1st Place= 8k 2nd Place= 4k Entry FEE: $1,000 Location: Back Hanger [email protected] the airport When: EVERY Friday Contact: (SAME^) Time: Meet around 5-6pm (MST) DRAG RACE: REWARDS: 1st Place=2k 2nd Place=$100 (2 racers) Entry FEE: $50 Location: SANDY Airport Hanger (next to 2/5 mechanic) When: EVERY Monday Contact: (SAME^) Time: 3-4pm (MST) (ADS WILL BE POSTED IN CITY AND TWEETED) (MORE TO COME) Donations are Welcomed and Accepted! (In game cash) Remember If we don't have any Income, we can not presume this event! Last time I hosted this we had many many many happy people at the end. LOTS of GREAT feedback, would such to have to shut the program down! Also if you want to sell food or items there, make sure to contact me at info above. THANKS TO ALL AND HOPE THINGS WORK OUT!
  44. 1 point
    Is there any plans to have an actual jury during court cases? Or just the judge?
  45. 1 point
    Could we get that Boombox and Briefcase prop emotes? Recently we've had a surge of rapping and the need for DJ's, So iv been using my phone to emulate the experience of an actual speaker, And just being that guy standing there without a phone or something with all these beats coming out in a comedy club just feels whack. And then the reason for a briefcase is it'd look really professional but not required, It'd just look good for lawyers and people who are carrying large sum's of money to business deals or something of that sort to have when they walk around to these things.
  46. 1 point
    Welcome friend you and the rest of the LR bois got me into this loving it here
  47. 1 point
    To get an interview please join Police Waiting for Training in Discord
  48. 1 point
    Hi guys so me and some of the boys I play with came to the server and love it. We have formed a group and we was wondering if we can get the logo one of us put together and place it in game so our group can wear it on are clothing. I know it may be a long shot but I honestly think it might be a good idea as other groups where the same colour as us and think it would stand out??
  49. 1 point
    Welcome to the city, hope you enjoy your time!
  50. 1 point
    https://imgur.com/a/KnXx5tz Thats me, the chair behind whoever the fuck this guy is
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