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    So the idea. Having experience of robbing cops and that creating poor roleplay for both sides my idea is to have a few local PD cars spawned across the map and act as store robberies basically. It would be able to be broken into using an item. But standing a chance a very rare chance to loot PD armorment. Example Tazers, Armor, Combat Pistols, Small amounts of ammo, Handcuffs maybe a police radio. Very very rare being the Shotguns and SMG's and the ammo for it. This would eliminate the attempting to Rob cops of their stuff but still allow for it on a very rare case by case basis. How I would see it going? A. Find a parked Local PD vehicle. B. Use a item like a lockpick or something to break into the vehicle and trunk. Go through a mechanic to search the glovebox by sitting in the driver seat. A timer would pop up that you would have to wait on while you search. Same with the trunk small timer while you search. However watch out because as soon as you attempt to break into a PD vehicle you trigger a police alert. YOU WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO BREAK INTO PLAYER PD VEHICLES JUST LOCAL PARKED.
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    From what i understand the sell back price for vehicles was reduced because there was going to be a way to sell your car to other people. Perhaps this is still in the works but until it is ACTUALLY in the server could we have the rates returned to what they used to be or at least 75% ?
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    The radial menu has been amazing working with compared to the old phone or even just displayed on screen. But some changes on it could make it more useful for RP and I believe smoother looking. Not good at putting words down, but I generally think it would be cool to see wallet get some slight changes for little more realism. Below will be better visual with how it would be laid out. Swapping inventory to pockets, digressing on handing/viewing certain licenses. And overall instead of a block ID card, you can give a ID card that looks like a real one (Example at end of this suggestion). With introducing adding more options to give/view license. It would expand PD with obtaining firearm licenses, drivers license, etc. when needed. Not good with describing, but I hope the layout below can help more. I am glad with this compared to the old phone. I can see counter arguments to all this, but I hope some ideas could come from this. Let me know your thoughts... This my first suggestion on the forums since 2017 when I first arrived in town. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To put it in perspective: M --> Wallet --> Give Money | View Licenses | Give License | Business Card (Would show name and phone number) Under view licenses (Able to show yourself): --> Firearms | Towing | Drivers | Pilots | Bar (If none, then unable to give) Under give licenses (Able to hand to someone): --> Firearms | Towing | Drivers | Pilots | Bar (If none, then unable to give) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M --> Inventory (Replace w/ Pockets) M --> Inventory (Add visibility to see on-hand cash) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ID card visual: https://gyazo.com/08c273f29abc09829f2cc89435c97cff
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    So with recent changes, people will be spending more time in jail. I am not against that at all. I just think it was a little premature. If a scenario is happening and I simply punch a cop I'm looking at max time. Right now, there is nothing in prison. There is no way to do anything and maybe reduce time or even entertain yourself. I would love the ability to server the ENTIRETY of the time offline. I know its been talking about but with the caveat of "There is mandatory time you need to serve online." Why? I HAVE to sit there for 45 minutes and just do nothing? Why can't I switch characters and go play something else while that character is in jail. The way it feels right now is more punishment to the person than it is to a character. Let us switch characters from jail and serve the time offline or on another character. Oh, you got 45 months and you're about to go to sleep? The first 45 minutes of playtime tomorrow are sitting in jail.
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    Not to sure about what thoughts people have in reguards to lawyers having access to their records 24/7. There have been many times people have approached me about finding out if they have a warrant. As a lawyer I think this should be something we could request from the courthouse with permission. The image link below is a mock idea of what I had for requesting temporary access to the clients information whether that be their records or just the warrant(s). https://imgur.com/a/lsDwEez Let me know below your thoughts on lawyers having access to your records/warrant(s)? Should we have premission or no? I did see the forum post(linked below) about lawyer tablets, and figured instead of taking over her post just make a new one with a bit of a mock-up.
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    Hello, been playing for a little bit and thought I would share my thoughts/suggestions on some changes that I think could improve the server. Job Changes: Engineering:1) remove engineering kits from green store and put in hardware store 2) add small chance to get electronic components from each repair 3) add second tier of engineering jobs: to repair phone store, safes, and vault after they have been tampered with (could work same as tow, engineers would only receive job via police call.) Taxi: increased gov paycheck while clocked in as taxi driver? I think garage specific car storage would be great and significantly increase use of taxis Fishing: 1) make a few designated fishing spots that would funnel players together 2) add illegal fishing spot? 'Advanced Mechanic': (New Job) Could require some sort of license (100-200k). Has same abilities as mechanic (can repair cars and run mech shop). But, adds ability to craft and resell kits such as vech repair kits, vech parts and engineer kits and maybe armor kits. Could be able to buy materials from people mining, craft into useful items and resell for profit to workers who need these kits. 'Store owner': (Lower tier business) Give ability to rent out stores. Give ability to purchase all kits and items used in job and resell to workers (at discount of store price). Workers could purchase kits directly from stores for increased profit on their jobs. maybe give option to purchase bulk cannabis buds, epinephrine etc. Only problem i see with this is that people who own the license may have to give up working these jobs as to avoid them getting discounted kits and working jobs at same time General Changes : -Remove most illegal locations from GPS. I think removing them from map would increase rp to get to these spots and would be more realistic than having the local neighborhood coke lab marked on gps. Maybe make illegal locations for sale through black market and give locations to people when they purchase businesses? -Remove all gas stations and liquor stores from GPS. -Garage specific car storage. Would create more rp and give reason for people to drive trucks/vans Changes to Robberies/Crime: -More phone stores open throughout city. -More banks open to rob. -Reduce timer for store robbery or change mechanic to something like phone store. This may be an unpopular opinion but I think store robberies should end in a chase the majority of the time and should not require a hostage. Had a bit of free time to get my thoughts down. Hopefully there are some interesting or useful ideas in there. Also, quick thank you to all the mod, devs and others who help run Badlands!
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    Hello All, I have been overlooking some of the rules and have noticed that the Pilot license for Criminals is someone not worth the money, as the current rules for the licenses and use of aircrafts are somewhat not fair for the bad guys i understand this and would like to request a few changes for the criminals giving us a reason to buy a Pilot License. As a leader of a group and a owner of a building. one reason for the building was due to the location and ablity to use all trasport options, for example being able to use a boat from the near by docks and cars from the near by garage. (30Sec Walk for both options.) I would like to be able to park on top of my building as its now classified as private property, Also from exchanges with the police we have had police land on top of the building in the past. Current Rules and Changes Requied. (My Thoughts.) Aircraft Must Be Kept Above 200M - This is a Good Rule and no change is required. Aircraft May Not Be Used Maliciously - This is a Good Rule and no change is required. Aircraft May Not Be Used To Facilitate or assist Criminal Acts. - This Need Reviewing (My Thoughts) - Police Evading (This is something that shouldn't Changed) - Robberies (This is something that shouldn't Changed) - Drug Trafficking (This is something that is fine, simaliar to the Meth Van the police should be able to search and seize) (Trasporting People with Drugs, should also be allowed but pilot can get arrested as being part of Drug Trafficing and if police believe a high amount of drugs have been traded with the use of Aircraft then a Cpl or Higher can remove license.) (Lookout should be allowed as the police can do it so why can't the normal people do it, this currently feels unfair.) -Aircraft May not be landed in populated areas. (Lower Half of the city.) (This is correct but with groups and gangs getting their own buildings, I believe that we as owners of the land we are landing on we should be able to land if safe to do so and on a large enough roof/floor. giving people more reasons to buy one.) Pilot License Seized - I believe this should be something you can re-obtained like a car license. Unless Reported in a case of Breaking rules ( - Police Evading - Robberies -Aircraft May not be landed in populated areas.) Love Y'all JJ
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    We have recently reviewed this topic in staff. We would like to see this changed in the future, but as it stands right now - aircraft usage in criminal activity has little to no counters. With some brainstorming and development as to how we can counter aircraft usage in a realistic and enjoyable way for both parties - I'm sure it has the chance to be changed. Landing on top of buildings can be spotty in the city. Is it a realistic location for a helicopter to land? Is it safe? It doesn't make sense for us to allow some people to land on designated buildings, but not the other player who doesn't have "private property". This excludes EMS and PD. It is much easier, and fair for all if you simply head to a helicopter landing pad, and get some wheels to the place you need to go. This isn't something we've fully discussed yet, but this likely will not be changed. As for licensing - we are in a time where we are slowly introducing DOJ into many aspects of the server. No promised changes yet, but I would assume that in the near future we will see more license seizures being reviewed in court. On the same note, some people just screw it up for themselves pretty bad - and they won't be seeing their licenses again.
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    the character is in jail not the person playing the character remember that.
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    If you did infact not cook at that spot then you very unfortunate to park your RV in the spot where someone had cooked at some point. At some point someone was cooking there, that's the information the Informant had, you were just unfortunate to park your van somewhere someone else cooked at.
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    f8 -> connect fivem.blrp.net you need tokovoip installed on your teamspeak, then connect to ts3.blrp.net:10005 Try talking to some people in-game and find out stuff from there on. People are usually friendly! Also join the discord if you have any issues
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    Suggestion: Tow truck employees having a 'jimmy car' or 'unlock car' option when on duty. Hey, So my thoughts behind this suggestion are based on the amount of head pops and or scuffness when it comes to cars in general but also when loading/unloading 'tagged' cars (as it locks them automatically). I've found previously that when you get into a car it seems to help when it comes to loading/unloading and impounding said vehicles. It would be a legal way of obtaining gaining control of their car again and would give towing another immersive RP oppurtunity in the city by providing them with their keys again. Suggestion: Tow truck employees having a similar menu option to police 'Local Impound' Reason for this one is that fairly often we'll come across a car that just will not submit. We'll tow it all the way to the impound only for the 'no vehicle nearby' to pop up. In these cases we have to park it up and leave it littering the impound lot. Perhaps it's my OC nature but I like a job to be completed regardless of gaining funds for it or not! Thank you for reading my suggestions! Hopefully get some good comments or follow-up on this one.
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    My only issue with this would be people abusing the function to unlock civilian vehicles/impound them. If these options were blocked by whitelisting i would be all for them but if they are available to anyone who wishes to be a tow truck driver i can see it turning into a lot of people impounding/unlocking other people's cars.
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    Is it possible to have a wardrobe in the clothes shop. It does not have to enable you to change just enable you to save you outfits, I’ve heard many people wishing for this not just me
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    @Twang Confirmed it's happening, should be in shortly per Serpico!
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    https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/bar-interior Looks cool and something new
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    I made a super short video to help out those having problems and to maybe shed some light on a cool client side map "mod". https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-colored-map-pause-menu/12344
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    Id like to see some more balance to the cars available, in terms of there speed and accel. The sprunk buffalo has no business being as fast as it is and other cars arnt fast enough for there price. So perhaps these could be rebalanced or we could get something like a tuner chip to start making other cars useful instead of having sprunk buffalos and dominator gtx's everywhere. I think that if changes are made and people could really get into there cars that it would form more of a race scene for rp.
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    Hello All, I love my Casino and would like to be able to bet more and in more ways please make this something possible maybe by adding more tables or a building you can enter at the moment im just standing outside putting 10000 on Blackjack. maybe add more games or room for it. I would love to see what you can come up with also Increase the CAP on Bets from 10K to 25K please.
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    Gonna necro this post considering I think this would be a good addition to 2.0. Granted hands up required like zipties.
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    i would like to suggest [/roll] dice What is the use case for rolling dice for an RP scenario ?? Gambling on the streets Fictional RPG Character and adventures (D&D RolePlay) Roll your intention And Improv RP /Roll (1st arg: number of dices ) (2nd arg: Number sides of the dice) the number should display what you'd rolled (Similar to /me script) (The "Wank" Emote is required with as automation, then display result for Time 7.5 secs and 3 Seconds to allow the dice result to fade out Opacity (rather then and allow to use dice in a down state https://forum.cfx.re/t/dice-rolling-script/487062 https://forum.cfx.re/t/shake-dice-animation/352299/4 https://github.com/SuperCoolNinja/fivem-esx_Menu_Animations-CFX/blob/master/animations/client.lua @Summer Trigger
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    *Sits over here just happy we have a free closet now* In all honesty this isn't a bad idea maybe charge for use of it at the store to offset not having to go back to the apt.
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    Omg yes please, I would love to have a wardrobe to save outfits in the clothing stores. I find it to be very tedious to go back and forth to the Pink Cage or the other apartments, It would make everyone a lot happier to have a place to save outfits at the clothing store. 1
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    M(enu) -> Emotes This will be the whole list
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    That should get ya set up
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    It's with deep regret that I say goodbye to badlands. Badlands was the first FiveM server I joined after playing Arma 3 rp for months. There was something about Badlands that keep drawing me back that I could never put my finger on until now, it was this great community. At the moment badlands is under development and has seen some huge changes over the last couple of months since I joined. Badlands may not currently have all the cool features that other servers have, but Badlands does have one thing that no other server has, a great close community. After these short few days I've been wanting to RP, I've tried out tons of non whitelisted and whitelisted only servers and none gives me the same feeling I had when I played Badlands. Now I know a lot of you are probably glad to see me gone, PD and staff included and you have a good reason to. I just wanted to let everyone in Badlands know how much interacting with each and every single one of you has helped me out over these last few months. Without giving any personal information away I've been going through a pretty tough time, I'll get through it alone but Badlands for sure helped me out immensely. Again I appreciate all of you here at Badlands for giving me something not a lot is able to do these days, thank you for all of your interactions and I hope maybe in the future I can be welcomed back to Badlands with open arms. Sincerely yours. Randy Jones
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    I don't think many people actually do the hunting in the north as I've asked about it a few times and never received any information. I tried it out myself earlier today as I figured it would be fun, and it definitely was but there's a few major flaws that could be fixed. There's no way to end hunting unless you logg off, I returned to the sign that you use to start it, and there's no way to stop and return your rifle or to sell your lion skin/pelts. Probably why no one does it...I think having the option to sell the lion pelts, and even adding rabbit and deer pelts would be great as there's tons of rabbits and deer in the area, and maybe when you end you can return your gun? It's useless outside of the hunting area so it doesnt matter but would be nice not to have a nice looking sniper sitting in your weapons menu and not being able to use it. I think as far as pricing for the pelts, maybe rabbits would be lowest then deer as they are larger and less common, and ofcourse lion/cougar pelts would be highest price/sale value as they are dangerous and very few
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    I must have missed that, didn't know there was a specific amount. I had 11, so maybe not enough to trigger it? I still think a vast improvement would be something closer to the fish trader where you can sell each pelt, and different types.
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    We are actively looking into some of these cars that are over performing and also under priced. I 100% agree with you. Other than the dominator and buffalo are there other cars that you find function like this? Also like the idea of the tuner chip.
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    Just wondering if there is a possibility for moonshine with the peaches and possibly even with maybe apple trees
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    Could we implement a button to ragdoll? A few times I would like to lie passed out on the ground, but emoting doesn't really allow it without moving. Would be helpful in a few situations I can think of.
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    To add onto the fishing one, maybe update or change the process of how you fish. Cause at the moment you have to pull out your menu every time to cast your fishing line and its kind of a pain.
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    I agree. I think this is a great idea!
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    Something like this would be perfect with more appitudes like lockpicking. After you recieve a certain level in it you unlock this type of job. Maybe with a higher lockpicking skill you can do it quicker and maybe quieter (the pd alert gets delayed or something). I do like the idea though. Also being able to give criminals PD equipment has the potential for some great player based economy stuff. As in selling the combat pistols and tasers throughout the city for increased prices. ++1
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    Would definitely be useful and add more rp at mechanic shops +1
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    I've seen this used on other servers, and it would be a nice feature to have here as well in my opinion. Can we use the washwindows emote to clean your car?
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    Handlebar and Cop staches are a musttt +1
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    Some of those are already being streamed. It's just finding spots that won't make people mad if replaced. There is one in there I def would love the medium sized beard.
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    Can the tow truck have amber hazard lights added to it? For immersion purposes those would be cool to have when working a job or transporting vehicles. If not with the current model, then maybe a second, different tow truck available to own that would have it?
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    But if you were to go into the store and buy the new pair it makes even more sense, Since you got it once before there and you knew exactly what you were looking for and were willing to pay for it.
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    To me it makes sense though that if you want to "save" your outfit that you would go to your home and hang it in your closet or put it in your dresser.
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    im bumping this D&D and Rolling Dice will add more Dynamic to RP, i know this for sure. Saying no to D&D RP is basically not allowing other bringing potential creative RP idea and follow thru... this will Benefit Action and Battle for those who want to partake in LARP 2nd: The "Wank Emote" douse mimic throwing dice, as of right now, its currently removed
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    @mia @Richie thank you guys, very much. It truly means a lot to hear such kind words from you. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we love what we do and will continue to do our very best to give others the quality rp that they deserve.
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    Gold mining was such a great job for starting players.
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    Server Rules Effective: Saturday June 6 midnight Eastern Time Revised June 5, 2020 Welcome to Badlands RP. We are a large FiveM role-play community with members from all regions of the globe. Our rules are structured to promote RP over rule play whenever reasonable or possible. The defined rules below function as a framework to promote a fair, fun, and balanced experience on our server. Our hope is that all community members will strive to promote role-play and enjoyment of the role-play community at all times. General Rules Role-play Our expectation is that you put thought and effort into your RP and that your interactions, behaviors, and actions are all based on RP appropriate to the given scenario. We encourage you to develop a character persona and that your interactions be based on that characters story and personality. Your character cannot and should not be a ‘master of all trades’. Players should choose jobs and activities that align with their backstory. All players must have a working and quality microphone at all times. We are an English speaking server. Please use English for all game voice and text communication. You should remain in character. If there is a problem, RP the scenario out and address it later. Breaking RP (including /ooc) could result in corrective action. Your actions should be based on your character's persona and appropriate to the RP scenario. Use of /ooc should only be to ask a question or provide help. It’s encouraged that players learn about server mechanics in game and not through the use of /ooc. Characters must have a proper in game identity consisting of a first and last name. If you choose to have multiple characters on the server, these characters should be unique and have no relationship to each other. They are not allowed to be a part of the same gang or business and you are not allowed to transfer items or money between them. Players shall RP out any injuries obtained in game and their character actions should take these injuries into consideration. This includes any injuries recently addressed by EMS or at the hospital. Erotic and Suicide RP are prohibited. General Behavior Harassment and repetitive trolling that impacts other players experiences in a negative way can result in corrective action by a staff member. Hate Speech, sexual harassment, sexual assault and inappropriate sexual comments, personal attacks on players and spamming side chat are all examples of unacceptable behaviors. In addition, repeatedly blocking players from accessing content in the game may result in removal from the servers. If you share, allow, or fail to secure your PC from others, you are still responsible for any actions that occur on BLRP servers. Disruptive Behavior Any behavior that is deemed disruptive by the staff may result in a kick, or ban from the server. Disruptive behavior is defined as any behavior that negatively impacts the game play experience of other players. Examples include VOIP spam, horn spam, police baiting, and excessive out of character discussion. Directly or indirectly threatening another player with a player report or admin action with the intent to intimidate them. Players observed spamming service calls (911, towing, taxi, etc) may receive a kick or temporary ban. Players observed abusing job mechanics for the sake of being disruptive will receive a temporary ban. Random Death Match (RDM) With our focus on RP over rule play, the responsibility on the player is to use violence where it’s appropriate and reasonable to the engagement. We encourage verbal interactions before the use of guns and other violent means. Not every conflict needs to have weapons or guns involved. For example, killing a cop over a joint in your pocket or attacking someone for a scratch in your car may not make sense unless there are other factors in play. If violence is appropriate the following should be considered: Using violence against another player or group without role play leading up to the event is not allowed. You must either state a clear and reasonable demand to an intended target, with reasonable time to respond, or there must be adequate RP leading up to the event in such a manner that all parties recognize the sense of tension and hostility. Hostile RP is valid for 1 hour from the point of initiation. The use of a 'hitman' is not allowed. You are allowed to work with other players to track an individual down however if you want them dead, you are responsible to RP out the scenario yourself. Text (including the /me command) may not be used to initiate hostile RP. Vehicle Death Match (VDM) A vehicle may be used as a defensive weapon (ie: running over someone shooting at you), to escape a barricaded location, or to disable another player's vehicle as part of a pursuit. All other uses of a vehicle as a weapon are prohibited. Kidnapping If you kidnap another player it's expected that they be held for no longer than 15 minutes unless they choose to continue with scenario. The player shall indicate their request to be released if they are not wiling to RP past the initial 15 minute timer. EMS is a neutral faction on BLRP and as such have no means to defend themselves. As such, EMS may not be held hostage or kidnapped for any reason while they are on duty. Combat Logging, Storing, and Re-spawning Disconnecting from the server or using the re-spawn function to avoid active RP is considered Combat Logging and will result in corrective action. Storing a vehicle into your player garage that has been used as part of the RP scenario is also considered combat logging. Exploiting BLRP has gone through great efforts to ensure that you have all that you need to have an enjoyable and fair experience on our servers. The use of external tools which give you an advantage in game are considered an exploit. This includes, but is not limited to: The use of external cross hairs. The use of macros and scripts to automate functions in a manner which gives you an unfair advantage by reducing the time to execute those actions in game. Abusing a bug in the game or mechanics. This includes glitching into the map, duping money, etc. Meta Gaming Do not use information gained outside of the game-play environment to your benefit, or to locate, stalk, harass or interfere with another player's experience. The use of external communications (ie: Discord, Twitch Chat) to relay or learn in game information is prohibited. External communication should not be used to disrespect or otherwise harass members of the community (directly or indirectly). Disputes between players should remain respectful and in-character at all times. Game Play Unrealistic Game Play Players should not perform actions which would pose a significant threat to the player’s life in situations where one would not realistically perform that action. Examples include taking extreme jumps off mountains, buildings, and bridges with your vehicle. Players should not utilize unrealistic game mechanics to perform unrealistic actions. Some examples include (but are not limited to): carrying a player on your shoulder while riding a motorcycle, walking around with a parachute or SCUBA gear equipped when not skydiving or diving, or dropping materials in areas you know other players cannot search or find them. Power Gaming We do not support a must win or must lose mentality at BLRP. Your actions should be focused on promoting RP within and outside of your group. You should not take advantage of in game mechanics or server rules to gain an unfair advantage over other players. There are no predictive outcomes in RP and your actions should not attempt to control the narrative of other players. You are not allowed to force a condition or belief on others. This includes supernatural rp, coming back from the dead, etc. You may, however, RP your belief of those situations. Server restarts, timeouts, or disconnects should not be used to change the direction of a RP situation. For example, a kidnapping victim should not use the opportunity to attack kidnappers. You should not use the rules of the server to gain an unfair advantage. An example of this would be baiting a smaller group into hostile interactions as a means to bypass gang rules (defined below). Value of Life, New Life Rule (NLR), and Revenge Killing Players should value their lives at all times and should make reasonable attempts to preserve their life in any situation. This includes response to hostile interactions as well as avoiding risks in game which would jeopardize their health. During hostile RP it’s expected that you’ll follow reasonable demands from a hostile player when you are in an indefensible situation. This does not mean that the first person to brandish a weapon gets to control the scenario as players are allowed to defend themselves from hostilities if an appropriate opportunity presents itself. Upon incapacitation of a player during hostile RP, neither player may re initiate hostile RP with, or attack the other players, for 15 minutes. There should be a valid reason within RP to participate in revenge hostilities to avoid an endless cycle of violence between parties. Green Zones BLRP has created some areas on the map that are considered Green Zones. The purpose of these zones are to promote and foster RP between potential criminals, the LSPD and DOJ. No violence or hostile interactions are allowed in the green zones at any time. The green zones are any police station, the courthouse, and Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Prisoners actively serving time at Bolingbroke are exempt. Gangs Gangs are defined as any organized group of players that engage in illegal or hostile RP. Gangs, when possible, should develop a backstory which includes how they were started, what their goals/mission are, identify their turf, etc. The BLRP staff reserve the right to disband any gang that breaks server rules or behaves in an overly toxic manner. LSPD is not considered a gang however their behavior, response, and numbers will be controlled through the LSPD Standard Operating Procedures and in coordination with the BadlandsRP Staff. Gang Behavior Active gang members should wear attire that matches style and color in such a manner that they are easily identifiable as a gang. Gangs are expected to participate in RP and should only engage in hostile activities if it makes sense as part of their RP Story. Gangs should not harass or otherwise disrupt the game play of other players. Conflicts between gangs should remain civil and within RP at all times. Gang Sizes There is no limit to the number of members that can belong to a given gang, however gangs are limited to a maximum of 5 active players that are participating in an illegal or hostile scenario. This includes the following: Gang members participating in the RP scenario in any fashion such as providing information as a lookout or, functioning as a getaway driver Gang members seeking to rescue other gang members who are being detained. The detained members count towards the maximum of 5. Gangs should not ally with other players, gangs, or security groups to increase their effective size. This includes not only illegal and hostile activities but also relaying information for an active scenario. Gang Violence Initiating hostile RP on any active member of a gang, or being initiated on, constitutes initiation with all active members who are present at that location. Gang members arriving after hostilities have begun must properly integrate themselves into the RP scenario by initiating in a reasonable manner. Gang violence must adhere to all server rules, including hostile initiation, NLR, and meta gaming.
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    Shout out to @RektDad for inspiring me to become an EMS. I don't know if i'd be where i'm at without this feller. I'll just leave this here to show how caring he was. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/164440309 Also a shoutout to Gary for the sick drifts?
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    I would love to thank Lili for her hard work for the EMS department as she works hard for it, because she loves this server and the people in it, as this love comes out from her good heart. I believe she should get more appreciation, not just from me but others too. So thank you @Flori
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