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    Not sure this is even possible, honestly. That said, the minimap is hidden by default in 2.0, so this will likely be less of an issue.
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    I believe there is a misconception of how you view the term "gang" and how Badlands defines it. "Gangs" in general are defined as an organized group of criminals. Our definition is: To understand this definition, you need to understand how hostile RP works, and that there are certain parameters that need to be established before partaking in it, such as initiating hostile RP. In order to initiate: This changes when it comes to gangs, because we don't expect that every single person in a 4-person group will make a demand of their intended target, and rather will have 1 person that can speak on the behalf of everyone else in their group. However, that means we need to understand and establish who is within that group, which means there needs to be identifiers that can be quickly understood in a fight. I hope you can see how unfair and toxic it can become to allow an unlimited number of people assist and ally with other gangs, making that 4 become 8, then 12, and so on. The key wording is: This means perhaps 2 gangs ally, but the only have 2 people from each group come together and find a middle ground uniform to wear that matches appropriately. I don't foresee our allying rules changing. I do believe our gang attire rules have become more lenient, as people do not need to be matching, however, there's no harm in doing so. Lastly, Badlands has already stated that we will never cater to gunplay over roleplay, which often gets lost when it comes to gang hostility. A lot of our rules have been set in place due to players not knowing where to draw the lines, so we made it very definitive.
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    I agree. Makes more sense to be a repair shop rather than a store front.
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    The EMS position is voluntary. Become a part of the solution to your problem and apply.
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    Can't make everyone happy. Those who want to do PvP are free to create their own group outside of Badlands. Those who want to be a part of the Badlands guild, it will be a casual experience and a place to socialize with a common goal. Switched to PvP
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    Notice for veteran members of BadlandsRP (1.0): The following represents the server rules we expect to enforce at the onset of BadlandsRP 2.0, with the goal of transitioning to a less restrictive, RP focused server. As such, many rules have been outright removed, various rules have been modified, and certain rules are staying the same, but are likely to change soon after 2.0 is released. These rules will only take effect once Badlands 2.0 is released. Until then, please continue to refer to the official server rules. General Rules General Behavior Harassment and repetitive trolling that impacts other players experiences in a negative way can result in corrective action by a staff member. Hate Speech, sexual harassment and inappropriate sexual comments, personal attacks on players and spamming side chat are all examples of unacceptable behaviors. In addition, repeatedly blocking players from accessing content in the game may result in removal from the servers. Disruptive Behavior Any behavior that is deemed disruptive by the staff may result in a kick, or ban from the server. Disruptive behavior is defined as any behavior that negatively impacts the gameplay experience of other players. Examples include VOIP spam, horn spam, police baiting, and excessive out of character discussion. Directly or indirectly threatening another player with a player report or admin action with the intent to intimidate them. Players observed spamming or otherwise inappropriately using chat will receive one warning prior to a kick or temporary ban. Players observed spamming service calls (911, towing, taxi, etc) may receive a kick or temporary ban. Players observed abusing job mechanics for the sake of being disruptive will receive a temporary ban. Roleplay You are expected to RP at all times. You may use /ooc in chat only if you need to break character to ask a question or provide help. Breaking roleplay (including /ooc) without a valid reason will result in corrective action. Characters must have a realistic legal name, and may not use overly inappropriate innuendos or jokes. All players must conduct themselves in a way that is consistent and appropriate for their character RDM (Random Deathmatch) You must verbally state clear and reasonable demands to an intended target, and give a reasonable amount of time for the target to respond. If a player complies then you must provide a valid reason within RP to use force against them. Hostile roleplay is valid for 10 minutes from the point of initiation. The use of a 'hitman' is not allowed. You are allowed to work with other players to track an individual down however if you want them dead, you are responsible to roleplay out the scenario yourself. Damage or theft of property (ie: a vehicle) is not considered hostile initiation, and must still be met with verbal demands prior to killing the player. A Law Enforcement Officer attempting to pull a vehicle over by using Lights and Sirens is not grounds for hostile initiation. The use of advanced methods to stop or disable a vehicle by a Law Enforcement Officer is considered hostile initiation and the fleeing suspect(s) may react with lethal force if their vehicle is stopped or disabled. Text (including the /me command) may not be used to initiate hostile roleplay. VDM (Vehicle Deathmatch) Vehicles may only be used as a defensive weapon (ie: running over someone shooting at you), to escape a barricaded location, or to disable another player's vehicle as part of a pursuit. Combat Logging/Combat Storing Do not attempt to avoid a scenario in game by disconnecting to lobby or leaving the game completely. This also applies to storing any vehicles that may be involved in a potential RP scenario. Exploiting Abusing a bug in the game or mechanics in order to gain an advantage over other players is unacceptable. This includes glitching into the map, duping money, etc. Meta Gaming External communication (ie: Discord, Twitch Chat) should not be used while in game under any circumstances Do not use information outside of the game-play environment to your benefit, or to locate, stalk, harass or interfere with another player's experience. External communication should not be used to disrespect or otherwise harass of members of the community (directly or indirectly). Disputes between players should remain respectful and in-character at all times. Gameplay Unrealistic Gameplay Players should not perform actions which would pose a significant threat to the player's life in situations where one would not realistically perform that action Value of Life A reasonable attempt should be made to preserve your life in any situation. This includes following reasonable demands from a hostile player when there is an indefensible threat to your life. However, if the opportunity presents itself, all players are allowed to defend themselves from hostiles where realistically possible New Life Rule (NLR) // Revenge Killing Upon incapacitation of a player during hostile roleplay, neither player may reinitiate hostile roleplay with, or attack the other player for 15 minutes. Kidnapping Kidnapping a player is generally limited to 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, the player may either request to be released, or stay to continue RP. Logging out of the game within the 15 minute timer is considered combat logging. EMS may not be held hostage or kidnapped for any reason while they are on duty. However, EMS should not sign on duty to avoid these scenarios. Continuation of Roleplay After Server Crash/Restart Server restarts should not be used to reverse the direction of a RP situation. For example, a kidnapping victim should not use the opportunity to attack their kidnappers. Gangs Any organized group of players that engage in hostile RP together is considered to be a gang. Gang Sizes Gangs are limited to 6 active players at any given time. Gangs members in excess of the 6 player limit may not take part in hostile roleplay with the main group. Gangs should not ally with other players, gangs, or security groups to increase their effective size. Gang Violence Initiating hostile roleplay on any active member of a gang constitutes initiation with all other active members. Gang violence must adhere to all server rules, including hostile initiation, NLR, and metagaming. Gang Behavior Active gang members should wear matching attire that makes them easily identifiable as a member of the gang. Gangs should not harass or otherwise disrupt the gameplay of other players. Conflicts between gangs should remain civil and within RP at all times. Gang Disbandment The BadlandsRP Staff reserve the right to disband any gang that breaks server rules or behaves in an overtly toxic manner.
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    Being able to take my clothes off quick definitely can help with ERP.
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    https://forum.fivem.net/t/weaponry-realistic-gunplay-recoil-no-ammo-hud-no-reticle/131676 This gets rid of the problem and adds recoil to guns for realistic gun fights!
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    I would also be in favor of physically carrying it on your back if its in your inventory. Tiller pointed out the parachutes as well which should be on your back if you have one. That way, even if you do have one in your inventory the police would atleast know that beforehand and expect you to jump in the water.
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    While divers are trained to put gear on and off in the water, the weight of the extra tank is noticeable. There should be a cost of carrying extra tanks, time to swap them out, etc. The instant nature is not balanced. The same issue exists with parachutes that people can wear around and just jump of any surface they want to evade. It's not realistic to walk around un hindered with them. Perhaps if one is in your inventory you are hindered in a way (you can walk but not sprint). They could be added to a trunk of a vehicle and either removed and re added to your inventory or perhaps an option to don them from the trunk.
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    100% you will just never see a cop off duty, all cops will live eat sleep at station. Not healthy for RP. If speeding can get me fired i wont drive a car. As long as CIv's are held to the same standard, Your a law biding citizen, and you shoot a cop, fine your fired from being a civ and your a Prisoner for the rest of your live, or perma. fine i'm ok with that.
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    if you really wanted you could carry a tent around 24/7 and just put it down whenever you want to change but thats kind of a pain lol
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    since the city getting a lot of new things i have a few ideas for 2.0 Interactable computers in places like life invader/FBI building/home or any place the city has a computer with the abilities of buying items or hacking for Information on people ideas for what that could do are below 1. people make their own profiles (like facebook) to with random info like in game phone number or random info they wish to put in this facebook type thing could include a player pic) could even be tie to the phone as an app like twitter an example of idea 1 would be this someone wronged you and you only know he's 1st name you could find a computer and look for his profile and find info none criminal action once you find his/her profile you could then use the computer to hack to find his/her location/gps off there phone for a few seconds if there good at hacking or they could hack into their profile to find there info their profile finding out a (persons number they hidden on there profile for example) thus a chance of warning the PD if info found they could use it to et there phone number to plan stuff this could open up more PD and crim/civ actions like 1 more changes for pd to use like Computer Fraud, identity theft, (Cyberterrorism more on this one in number 3) 2 more interactions in new areas like life invader or anywhere that has a computer opening new ways for PD and civs/crims to think of how to plan and respond diemancaly 2. buying illegal items WITH dirty money from computers or black market we can use dirty money to buy items from your computer and it gets delivered to your home (could take real time days or set amount of real time hours) depending on the type of the item could have a chance of warning PD for e.g if its a illegal weapon it could be a 1/8 chanse it can warn PD if its a speed bomb it could be higher chance things like this also being able to use ONLY dirty money to buy stuff at the black market and the illegal gun shop would be cool and would give dirty money a use over then cleaning it and would have more use in the city it could open up PD interactions with players homes (e.g possible raiding of homes) and no longer be a safe place for crims to hide their stuff they can be arrested for lastly 3. Cyberterrorism the use of any computer in the FBI building to "blackout the city" if done correctly would black out the city for a set time (5, 10 maybe 15 mins tops) it could be hard as heck to do for the sake of the scale and reward like have to hack into different layers of the systems like one system for the grid one system for the power output one system for the back up generator for example to blackout the city that could be done solo with multiple people one person per system that have to work together at times if its with multiple people so there could be a task the guy/woman on power grid system has to do before the person on the backup generator can do that work and so on and so on (it could also warn PD the higher they get with it since the reward is littery blacking out the city this should be a major crime action and a long cool down maybe once every real time day or once every server reset there for the city cant be spammed with it blacking out the city could provide the hole city with rewards for example anyone can pass through traffic lights because they would be off people can then use the oppatuney to rob a store/bank and the alrems Wouldn't trigger you could even go crazy with it and stop phones/computer working (because they cell towers wouldn't work because power is off) possibilities this alone could open up are many
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    Diggs do it movin! I'm back out here solo. GoGo still in lockup. Might get out on "good behavior" soon unless some Sh** pop off. Make sure u write my brotha. Anyways, you know where to find me. Posted in Mirror Park holding down the Barber Shop for cuzz.
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    Just another topic on Lawyering, I have found that one of two things happen, Either the lawyer comes in and skims through things and simply tries to barter the fines and time, or the lawyer comes in and tries to give good RP, Sometimes honestly too much so but alas good RP should be rewarded, Between the limits on pay and the police response the latter seems to be discouraged, failing things mentioned in prior articles about lawyers I feel we should find a way to reward the law RP be it increasing the time or pay to the lawyer or just encouraging officers to work with the RP more and not get so frustrated with the law RP as it takes time to get the criminal's story and craft a convincing case only to be told by the officer that's not what he said, or not what I saw or believe, One solution I have thought up is the criminal having the right explained and told to them that they have a right to not speak without their lawyer present by the officer. In game currently I have been trying to advise it to my clients and through some of my ad's, Because many times when I have come in as a lawyer and tried to create a case, They cops simply say its not exactly what my client said and shut down all RP, I am open to any other thoughts and suggestions and invite all other lawyers to put forth idea's on how we can improve our career choice going forward
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    I'm proposing a vehicle rental shop for RP oriented vehicles. As of right now vehicles like the taco truck, dump truck, and other utility vehicles are only available by finding them and lockpicking them. This forces people who want to use these vehicles for non-criminal RP to commit a crime to obtain them. There are 2 car rental lots available down near LSIA that could be used as rental garages (Escalera Rent-a-car and Touchdown Car Rentals) for utility vehicles such as these. You would pay a set amount (I was thinking anywhere from $5k-$10k) to rent the vehicle for the storm. It would have the same vin/plate as your personal cars but it would not have any storage space. This would also be helpful if in the future cops were alerted to cars being stolen. I know there are certain vehicles that admins do not want people to obtain in the city to prevent griefing, but i've compiled a list of vehicles that i think would be appropriate. Airtug Benson Caddy Camper Fieldmaster Forklift Lawnmower Mixer Rubble Scrap Truck Taco Van Tipper Trashmaster Utility Truck
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    File an appeal through the correct channels, a member of staff will address it.
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    +1 only if Speed is the 1st one to sing
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    @Matthew Evans @Isabella Sanchez Evans @Griffin Thompson @Cleetus McSkeeter
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    I suggest asking around the city for help with this, that would be the best way to receive this information.
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    Honestly I see no reason to cap gas prices. They’re way too cheap as it is (literally a non-factor). But if you price yourself too high, your customers will just go to the competition. I do like this idea, but I did have the intention of expanding it a little more. Have truck drivers deliver gas, your station can run out of gas, etc.
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    I don't often post or read things on the forum, so I do apologize in advance if these are things that have already been suggested. It's just a compilation of things I've seen and think would make a nice addition to the city going forward! The ability to drag and/or grab onto other individuals. I do realize why this isn't an option currently, but going forward I feel as though it wouldn't be a feature that would be abused nearly as much. It would make it possible for friends/family to help someone to the hospital when no other options are available. It also adds the option to put someone into the trunk of your vehicle, which would make an interesting twist on kidnappings/robberies! If the vehicle is locked, you can't exit the truck, but if it's unlocked you are able to escape. The option to change your skin color. In Badlands you have to settle for the skin color of the face you prefer. You may appear white as a ghost when in reality you should be fairly tan. For example, would a farmer be pale? Not one who's been working in the fields all day. I think this would make a nice feature, and add a little more diversity into the city. Less people looking exactly alike! I'm not really sure what one would call this "feature" but the ability to remove shirts/pants/shoes just like we would with helmets/masks/glasses. Of course we wouldn't be fully nude, there would be a basic undergarment set up for the city. Not really necessary, but it would make getting tattoos or something for example a lot easier! I'm not really sure what else to add at the moment, but these are the things that came to mind just in the past few days. By far my favorite/preferred one would be the ability to change our skin colors. I'm interested in hearing what you all have to say, so feel free to comment/add in your own ideas!
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    I know we have talked to serpico in detail about how trains could work and the problems with making them run. I'm thinking of taking the problem and using it to make an even better situation. So from what we have talked about on twitch trains can only work if someone spawns them and if that person leaves the train would be gone. So what if we take that and use it for a bus stop , the player enters any random bus stop and a bus comes to that stop and stops at the next closest bus stop/station. This would be a great idea because it could open up a number of rp situations, plus a new Bus driver job could be implemented. This would also eliminate the need for starter area bikes. (Stand in the bus stop circle bus arrives seconds later), as long as that player is on the bus it would continue to do its bus route. Maybe the bus could also have a moving icon on the map to show players where active routes are .
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    I’m not sure how this hasn’t been stated yet... Can we get a realistic sense of driving? I myself as a cop will not do unrealistic driving maneuvers to keep up with somebody. There’s nothing worse than being in pursuit and someone takes a jump @150mph flips 3 times then continues driving. On the other side of chases when I run from cops I try to refrain from unrealistic driving. So taking a car off-road if it’s not meant for it (ex: SultanRS on a dirt road) when you do that you typically drive a little bit slower to not lose traction or damage your vehicle. The most notorious jump people take is the Upper Power Street jump which lands onto Elgin. All of this needs to be taken into account with IRL. You do that jump you’re not gonna be moving, no street car has shocks meant for that, it’ll hurt ALOT and kill TF out of your car
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    I would use the heck out of a poncho and/or an umbrella. It rains a LOT. I have a tendency to run to the nearest clothing store and switching to a rain jacket if my character is wearing semi decent clothes.
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    Just stopping by to say hello! I have been in the community for a couple of days and have absolutely loved the RP that I am getting from the cops and EMS. I play Josh Anderson and run a small drug ring within the city, come find me! Can't wait to interact with the community. I will be sent to military training in the states. I have been in the Army for 2 years so I won't be around for a month so if 2.0 comes out, see you on the whitelisted side
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    have a second video as well every keep it up save lives proterct the innocence
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    I would like to think that taking a dirt bike, ATV, or offload vehicle off of a paved road and onto some dirt is in no way unrealistic. Jumping that same vehicle off a cliff and falling 100 feet w/out dying perma is.....
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    I second this, my rule of thumb if its bigger than 1.5x's the size of my vehicle I don't take the jump on my Truck as Cleetus, If I do take a jump and land funny Ill Shut off my car and turn it back on to stimulate engine problems
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    Bumping this because i still feel like this would give people more opportunities to roleplay. Would love to see it in 2.0
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    Will this be dependent on the type of vehicle? Generally I prefer off road vehicles such as the free crawler, because of this there’s a few jumps around the map I’ll try and position myself for if get in a police chase. (Obviously not the giant jumps like near the airport or off the free way on ramp into the canals)
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    It's definitely possible.
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    Can we have him sing baby shark?
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    Want to start by saying I love Interacting with (good) lawyers as PD, whole prosecutor/defender thing is great, love debates. Though the legal system is skewed for 1 reason, bias. PD has the final say, clearly not BLIND JUSTICE, PD has to act as both the judge and prosecutor which sucks because its not always going to be fair, I honestly try my best to reward good lawyers that bring forth good arguments and spend a lot of time on cases but one thing many do not understand is, its a 3 way street. Despite frustration, suspects should treat police with BASIC respect and vice versa. I am NOT saying get on your knees and shine boots, just dont be a fuckin jackass. Some people are just extremely toxic and simply do not deserve to have lowered penalty, simple as. Until we get some sort of court system, thats the best thing they can do.
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    Dave Jackson is a guy who used to live in a city far far away from Los Santos. He's a zero fucks giving rock hard stone ice cold hearted criminal who gives no fucks about traffic laws or he just doesn't know what they are.. When Dave was young he used to play with his rats, he had no friends and or places to go when feeling lonely. His mom had left him and his dad at the age of 3 and has never seen him or his dad ever again. At the age of 14 Dave's father was shot in the head by a police officer because he was drinking in public. Since that moment Dave had to strive to get food and drinks until he was adopted by an elder couple in the same town he already lived. Because of what happened to his dad he hasn't been so easy with cops. Whenever he sees cops he tries to stay cool, but normally it ends up in him spitting at them, traffic stops turn into high speed chases or get really dizzy in the parking garage kind of pursuit.Besides all of that Dave also likes to sing, normally Elvis Presley or Frank Sinatra. Just keep an eye out when you see him This was brought to you by the 100% free vocal voice in your head which is weirdly enough never the voice the writer had in mind, please do not take me as a high pitch voice. *high pitch voice: ah shit, here we go again*
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    I was just on duty when i thought about this event. It would also fit in with RP and not be a complete admin event. Ok the concept is simple, you rob the paleto bank and your making away with all the money but there is cops everywhere (for this event i would ask for the max number of on duty officers to be increased). You are getting away in any car you wish to bring (that is already in RP and you own) all the way down to LSIA where there will be someone in a plane waiting for you. You get in the plane and fly away. Its simple but there would also be rewards. if your caught/downed you are arrested for a set amount of time because you just robbed a bank but if you make away you get a sum of money cause you just robbed a bank. Obviously there would have to be some admin involvement, but it wouldnt shatter RP like other events do. EDIT: another reasons this would need a little bit of admin involvement is your normally not allowed to evade cops in a plane
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    might aswell add this so we can rp as catwoman https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/latex-catsuit-for-mp-female (obviously a joke)
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    That I can def get behind. Great Idea Merr the safe being robbed I like just not the idea of running it like a store.
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    Would really love for this to be a change, The Lost MC clubhouse is a private clubhouse and I agree that it makes no sense in RP at all for it to be open to the public as a local shop.
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    Moved to Los Santos yesterday! Excited to live in a new city. I may be old but this place makes me feel young again.
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    The only way I can see the cleaning process to be more like RL is to make it so that if a business owner does not have the option to turn on/off dirty money. This said, dirty money is still money. What should trigger a response to the PD is if that owner goes and posts items in their store for prices over normal buy prices at other stores. Like selling a repair kit for $15000 instead of $150. this way it makes it so that if someone wants to get their money cleaned that would have to go to player owned business and buy out stock at normal price, and then go and resell it for less value at some other store; or if they have a large sum; they would have to risk setting the prices higher. Also in the lines of using a store to clean it should take time for it to do so still. But instead of just being able to pull the money out of the safe, you should have to take and deposit it at the main Maze bank into the business account before being able to consider it being clean cash. In some ways this can be good or bad for RP, as some people would just make sure that the buy item as they get the Dirty money. I can expand on this a lot, such as the business should have to have a bank account at main bank to add/remove funds. 24/7 that are rented need to request player based deliveries for food, drinks, booze, and equipment (repair/mechanics kits). Making it so that they cant just drop in an inventory pack, set prices and walk away.
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    You can marry them.......
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    I like the handling nerf currently in place. I think default is way too easy. The custom handling makes getting away from police a bit harder and more rewarding.
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    Been really enjoying my time on Badlands! Had my first run-in with @TiLLeR last night. I just want to show appreciation to the him and the other cops I've run into on this server. I love how they are RP first. I have had great RP with all the cops I've come across. Great job and keep up the good work. Hope to see you in the city (but not too often hopefully)
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    I still would like laundry to be done in prison as a mini job in prison. I mean it's productive and gives them something to do. Perhaps add gym activity in there that can be a mini game? I have always been for make the the time in prison productive but at the same time not as fun, because then everyone is going to want to go to prison, but that being said it gives the LSPD more to do. just my opinion.
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    Kota got enough likes for the suggestion, now gimme all the likes for implementing it
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