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    Added - Can push disabled vehicles - High impact vehicle crashes can result in a blackout and dazed state. - Taco truck job - Taco truck buyable at garage - Taco truck works just like meth van; you buy taco truck kit at the market - Taco truck turns Taco meat into Tacos while cooking - Taco meat can be gathered at the Farm blip, north of LS (purchased, bring cash) - Taco truck can also convert drink pack, from the market, into goca cola - While in the back of the truck, AI will periodically come to the truck and buy a taco(out of your inventory, not the trunk) - Lawyer job - Requires a license. Bar Certification for $100,000. - Failure to follow the license terms can result in a permanent blacklist - Sign in at the Courthouse - Players can contact lawyers via their phone (like taxi and tow trucks) - If requested at a police station, police will Check you in. At the end of processing, the police will check you out and the state will give you a paycheck for your services. - LSPD computer in lower levels or police stations - Flashlight mod can be applied to compatible guns. Gun must be in hand when applying. Visit a gun store. The mod does not save, so it is free. - Trains. You can ride the metro if you purchase a ticket at a ticket machine. An industrial train also active. - Seatbelt indicator - Immersion bars. /bars - LSPD can "jail" a suspect inside the interrogation room - Lockable door added to the interigation room Changed - Twitter moved to phone. Requires account creation inside the application. (*Note* passwords are not hashed so don't use a password you normaly use). Pictures don't show in feed by design. - Only need to sit once in a tow truck. If towing a car fails, sit in the car, then try again. I hope this improves towing. - /mutetwitter is now /mutead Disables ads. - Adjusted vehicle crash ejections - Glasses are no longer remove when putting on a uniform Fixed - Phone calls - Clothing issue for PD Motor unit uniform - Weather sync should be more reliable - Logging out while inside an interior should be less deadly Removed - Twitter from chat
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    Added - Races. Use /race {bet amount} {0 or 1}. The last parameter is whether you want to set the race endpoint to your waypoint on the map or have it pick a point at random. Only the host initiates the race. If you are nearby, you will get a prompt to join. Winner takes all the winning. /racequit to abandon (you lose your money). - Gates and lights to Pillbox Hospital parking - Speed bombs - Cookies - /mask to toggle it on off - /removemask to remove mask off another player - Ability to withdraw dirty money from store safe - Allow players with keys to access the vehicle controls/trunk without asking permission - Added props to eat and drink animations - License suspensions. If police revoke your license, it will be suspended for a set time. Re-purchase after suspension will be at an increased cost Changed - You can modify another person vehicle at LS Customs. No longer require the owner to be in the driver's seat or in the car. (Reverted for now as we investigate issues) - Re-enabled AI aggression on EMS - Can't use /glasses while restrained or dead - Shop transform dirty money to clean over time - Reduced whisper range - Fixed meth pipe prop timeout - Updated EUP uniforms (LSPD and LSFD). More uniforms added. - Vehicle damage system. The vehicle will be more durable. Fixed - Buying apartments - Negative values in speed limiter - Can purchase Patriot Stretch - Impound lots bugs and added confirmation to prevent recovery spam - Cellphone prop will appear when holding a phone - Spelling error - Improved menu scrolling - Stuff Removed
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    @Mia Sarah Morgan THANK YOU for such fun RP every time I run into you as a cop (and all your other characters) I appreciate how you go along with everyone's RP and manage to make it entertaining and worth everybody's time. You rock
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    I'd like to start a discussion about the current state of how things are within the city right now, from all perspectives possible - so feel free to add in any thoughts as well. To start, I'd like to point out that the interaction between players lately has been incredibly low compared to that of the past, which can be attributed to a lot of factors that will be discussed. With the current economy, scuba diving is obviously the king of making money upfront, with the massive payouts and non-existent risk of jail time or hefty fines. While I am all for a well-paying legal job, this job in particular is incredibly anti-social and thwarts the concept of drugs for its "no risk - high reward" payout. In my opinion, scuba needs to be nerfed to be more in line with growing weed, or all the drugs need a buff in some way to make them the "huge risk - huge reward" they're supposed to be. With the recent change to how dirty money is cleaned, drugs have become all that much more nerfed in comparison to scuba diving. When the purchase to start cleaning money is initiated, there is a huge chance that the police will be at the store within minutes, sometimes only allowing us to clean around $6,000-$10,000 before they show up, which brings up another huge point. Currently, many police officers simply just stand in the store and look at the shelves during a raid, which, as Vagos, we will always defend our store in the event that the police attempt to raid it. Should we defend it successfully, we'll only be allowed the time to clean roughly another $30,000 before another raid is attempted with either more backup or more firepower, or both. If we were to unsuccessfully defend the store, we not only lose the money in the safe, but we are also going to lose all the money that was cleaned in fines/restitution. It also seems that there has been a huge lack of gang-police RP, which is unhealthy. Gangs and PD are always going to co-exist in some way and there's been a huge rift in that relationship as a result of the way many members of PD treat gangs through the use of full fines/time and sometimes excessive amount of force or stereotyping, which seriously kills the desire to RP as a gang. Obviously there are plenty of times where gang RP can get out of control, however the overall RP shouldn't be discouraged. If gangs were to disappear from the city, cops would be bored writing speeding tickets and conducting welfare checks and dealing with occasional drug calls, much like it is now with the majority of people scuba diving instead of interacting through illegal activities. Speaking with several PD members, I have heard that the thrill of dealing with a street gangs makes PD much more interesting and fun compared to chasing drug calls on the pier throughout a shift, because of the constant threat of being attacked or kidnapped, and many have told me they would like to see more gang RP taking place, such as Vagos vs. Ballas, etc. in order to change up the monotony of routine patrolling, and that includes myself as a police officer. From an EMS perspective, there hasn't been much to do as a result of the huge amount of scuba divers. There is rarely any calls for angry locals downing civs for bumping into them while selling drugs, or hardly any PD/Civ interactions that end in EMS being called after a shootout or a chase ending with someone not wearing a seat belt. A large majority of the calls are from people who want to get back on their feet and get back to making their wine or whatnot. So my suggestion is to rework some of the payouts for the drug system and to re-balance scuba diving in order to encourage more RP among players within the Civ-EMS-PD triangle. Reworking the dirty money system some more would also encourage more stores to be opened for cleaning and a rework to the steps PD would have to take in order to respond to a suspicious transaction (such as having to check the FIB building, having to actually see proof of a transaction, or even just temporarily closing down the store instead of closing it for that person for the storm) would also increase the value of stores/store raids.
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    There was a time where there was actual civ RP. It wasn't all Gang vs Cop Rp.. I miss those days. When I could actually make a traffic stop and not get held up. Or how about a chase where you weren't also getting chased by 3 other 'gang vehicles'. I have no problem with Gang RP... but the extent of 90% of my gang experience for the past month has been gun play. Cops can't even investigate drug activity without being shot at - mind you no initiation.. just shooting out tires so they can be kidnapped. The issue is that for some reason everyone feels the need to be a part of the gang... and the majority want to RP as the angry gang member who shoots first and asks questions later. Then when they get busted by the cops they get salty for hefty fines. I can tell you a year ago I rarely gave a max ticket. That was because the RP wasn't all Guns, Revenge, and hostility... and there was still crime! For some reason the community has shifted to the mentality that everyone must be a part of a gang and that the gang needs to hate the police, target the police, shoot first ask questions later, and occasionally RP. Now all of that is very generalistic. There are many of you who put a lot of effort into your RP and I am not trying to marginalize it... but my experience has been very negative lately. On the occasion that I arrest someone, I try to rp with them and all I get is a rushed 'give me my ticket so I can move on' attitude. It seems that the interest is just in doing illegal things with your friends and not truly having a dynamic rp exchange with a variety of people. For those that think that the ticketing guide is too severe - remember it was designed this way (long before me) to encourage RP. The server was started with a RP over Gun Play mentality and the rules, laws, and fines were designed to encourage that. Again for the first year and a half i was here it was rare to max out tickets... but there has been a HUGE increase in violence and the violence is cyclical - meaning it just goes back and forth. God forbid that a cop arrest you - now they are targeted and harassed for the rest of the server cycle. While loosely realistic... not really... and certainly not enjoyable when it's the constant not the rare activity. So before you start to throw any group under the bus for discouraging anything... perhaps we could all reflect on how we contribute to the community RP wise.. not just ourselves, our friends, or our gangs.
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    I’ve been a cop for over a year and I can count the number for gun/driver license I’ve seized on 1 hand. I also have many run ins with cop as a criminal and have only gotten a license taken 1 time in over 18 months on server. So to say this is some type of culture going around PD is hard to believe for me personally. Now that being said I believe most of the issue comes from people in every faction in the city failing to put effort into their character for the enjoyment of other people. Humans are by nature selfish creatures and that doesn’t change when they log into Badlands but I just wish player would give an effort to try and make decisions in the city not always based on what’s in the best interest of you 100% of the time. Cops need to be understanding of criminals and realize that max fining every criminal is only perpetuating the life of crime and creating a salty mindset for criminals, criminals need to be understanding of cops that they have a job to do and realize you did a crime and take some responsibility for your illegal actions. EMS need to be understanding of civs they may only have a couple hours to play today and after waiting 5-10 mins for you to arrive they may not want to sit there for 10 mins listening to your medical mumbo jumbo. Civs need be understanding of EMS and realize that EMS could have been waiting patiently for 90 mins since his last call and that you could be their only player based interaction during that time period. Think of it kinda like acting. Successful actors are the ones that can adapt and change their acting for their different audiences, but the selfish premadona actors don’t make it very long and people don’t like them. Just my 2 cents.
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    Honestly, people just need to stop caring about money and just roleplay with each other. The economy as a whole hurts the roleplay more than anything when people are more worried about what car they drive rather than why their character should even be driving said car within their characters story in the first place. Roleplay begins and ends with us as a community and until we learn to care less about what we have and more about how we get there in our stories we will keep having the same issues.
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    Hotfix - Increased shop money laundering amount to $2,000 per minute - Added 15 minute cool-down for police raids (same as robberies)
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    well said @r3v0Lt55. You hit the point right on the head. Until the community as a whole start respecting each others RP more and caring less about the "outcome" then we will be stuck in a stalemate. I strive to be fair when dealing with all criminals, as long as they are putting in effort, looking for new ways to expand scenario's, hell making me laugh. For example many times I could have used my shotgun I avoid it, as I want to keep gunfights lasting, rather than 1 shot and done, using 3rd person only to shoot, etc. Once we all begin to appreciate another's character and begin to see what they want from their RP experience, then and only then, Can we all adapt and make the overall community's outlook more dynamic. I agree that the current economy also doesn't help with people grinding scuba diving all day to get that super car. As Kota said, focus on what your character needs, not what you want. I have been a member of the PD for over a year now. Married to the job and have earned a fair amount of cash over my time. However the most expensive car I drive is a sports classic for 400k. As this is something I have "worked a long career" to achieve. I wouldn't be able to own an x-80 on an officers wage, I have bills to pay, food, rent, utilities. Expand your story, don't be the stereotype of robbing a 24/7 in a super car, in what world does that make sense? Yes, it's a game, but there needs to be a level of realism to give that immersion.
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    Hey guys I enjoy the new Money Laundering system, but I but believe there is room for improvement for both PD and Civ What we like about the new system: Makes cleaning not Instantaneous, makes things way more realistic Gives the opportunity for PD to raid more often, until recently I have never been apart from a PD raid Adds risk to cleaning Adds RP to hire guns Brings RP to the store areas then at 2/6 Don't like about the new system: Only able to clean 1k dirty/min This means in a full storm cycle you are only able to clean 360k storm to storm and constantly defending it from robberies and from PD from shutting it down Suggestion of change: Change it to 10-20k/min meaning you can clean the money (to be able to cover the fees of the hired members and the loss of just fines) a lot faster but also keep the old system where a certain % of the transaction get flagged by the police. Another suggestion: To avoid someone minimizing the risk of just putting all their dirty money all at once to avoid police raid percentages make it so if you try to clean more than 30k at once the Police automatically gets triggered for suspicious activities (>30k 100% probability of alert) Reasons for changes: With our math 20k per hire guns X4 10k in fines if you get caught Est. 5k principal for rent 1k/inventory pack This is a 96k investment being only able to clean 360k maximum.
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    i think switching around the order of the options while exiting a business would be a small quality of life fix that'd help with exiting quicker without accidentally ejecting everyone just a suggestion!
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    If police receive multiple calls to the same location for various crimes then they have a right to ask people to disperse. It would happen IRL. I would suggest that you be more safe. You're comments on RP are appreciated.... people dying constantly I would not consider the best RP in terms of value of life. They are responsible for public safety and if people are constantly getting downed due to behavior then it would be more than appropriate to break up a dangerous party.
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    I feel like I started to focus more on RP after I obtained the things I wanted. The wedding ring when my character first got married, the apartment so we had a place to live, that first awesome car I wanted. RP happened throughout the goals I set for my character, but I didn't come into the server at the beginning knowing what I wanted or even how "RP" interacted with this game. I think that's the same for a lot of people, and the natural thing to do is to find a job or activity to partake in that you feel is most valuable for your time. Not necessarily what is most path-paving for your character (like I said, I didn't even know what my character was like yet). After that's found, the other things happen organically. Running that red light, going a little too fast, and getting caught by police while trying to deliver some peaches. Getting robbed of the few $1000 bucks I had in pockets, these are all things happened while learning about the server. Genuinely finding a path for my character happened later, once I got a footing in how to play this "game". I realized the money aspect was just supplemental to what the RP could bring, and began to use them as tools rather than caring about their monetary value. I think there's a hard lesson learned when we talk about putting RP before grinding, etc. It's not a simple answer, and the only way it really can happen is by putting value on things that aren't reliant on money. But rather, reliant on player interaction. Perhaps the high risk, high reward of bank robberies or some new drug that is only obtainable in a certain way that requires person-to-person interaction would be a sort-of solution. I don't have the time to suggest a lot of things, but just food for thought.
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    I don't think being able to carry 250 rounds of ammo, for any gun, is realistic or immersive. This applies to both side of the law. Ask yourself, When is the last time you or somebody you knew, "ran out of ammo" during a gun fight, cop or criminal? Carrying more then 2-3 extra clips of ammo is too OP imo.
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    So I had this idea, It revolves around LSPD and the inability to save lives. I find it incredible difficult, almost impossible to stay in character and explain to a person who is down on the ground, that they are dead and I can not help them. I have RP'd every way around this dilemma, and i have seen everything from... Anger, depression, salt, and acceptance. Even have had a player try to "pull a gun" to force it. Thought it would be a nice touch if officers could move a dead body out of the road, or away from a blown up gas station, and cover them up with a blanket, the way all cops do IRL. This to me seems like a proper approach to 1: remain in character. 2: let the person know they are dead. 3: mute them so they stop talking till they re-spawn.... Thoughts?.....
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    The past couple of days I have notice Server one's lack of people around public areas and even evolved in RP. Sad really. I as a lover of RP along with the Lost MC are trying to bring events to the city to gather more people together and expand the RP a bit more. It saddens me to see just about everyone just focused on diving and making money for hours because of the economy. I wish there was other ways to reward RP in the city. I'd love to see more stories from people and see what others can come up with. The doors of the MC are always open for people that want to RP, doesn't matter if you are new or old member of this community. Sometimes people can be intimidated or shy to involved themselves in RP. Money can be an issue sometimes but i think there is many of us Role-players that help each-other in RP to make sure our stories continue. Its all about getting out there and making an effort and speaking up. This is a RP server after all, let's keep it that way. I Have to agree with this allot, I don't see the fun or much RP at all in taking someone down in one shot, like make an effort. Use more fists and none fire weapons for a change. I have been doing criminal stuff here and there and never have I been in prison once or gone broke from it. When it comes down to it I really believe its about how you interact and the RP you bring to the cops. I have had some run-ins that led to shitty situations with cops, maybe they had a bad day? I like to think, but I can also say I've had some pretty amazing ones as well and seen good RP rewarded by cops. Having also been part of the LSPD, I can sympathies in many occasions and can see things from both sides as well being a civilian. If you are going to be a criminal be a criminal and pay the price when you get caught, or get better at plotting and your heists. Look at it in a realistic sense, if this was IRL would it make much sense? and plan ahead, play your role and have fun with it. Its a game and thankfully you get extra lifes so make them count, make the most of it. I'd love to see this community keep growing in their RP. This is just my two cents on this matter.
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    I will touch on one more thing. From personal experience when I was a cop and I was on PD for quite some time. If you act like a jerk when you are caught don't expect the cops to always extend that olive branch and be nice with fines. I may have posted earlier that I feel the fines might be a bit too much but if you're going around getting caught every two mins shooting cops and doing illegals it might mean you need a change in how you roleplay a criminal as you shouldn't be getting caught that much if you're doing stuff right. I personally don't grind for money as I would rather be doing productive things with my roleplay and hanging around my friends within the LOST MC I am not rich by any means maybe 50-70k in my bank at any time and still am able to have RP with cops take fines and by the end of the night just for the time spent hanging around collecting the poor mans check I am back to 50k you really don't need to grind to survive at all... I need to clear up a bit of my previous post... I have run-ins with the cops all the time and not every time do I get hit with fines. Most the time actually I get a slap on the wrist for doing stupid shit like getting into a bar brawl. There are times where some cops are dicks and want to hit you with the book but that's not most cops its actually pretty rare it does, however, leave a bad taste in my mouth as a former LT and trainer for the PD as I would never think that behavior is okay... But then again you don't know the type of day they had... Maybe they were just shot at for no reason and are stressed out due to shitlords all shift and it just so happens it rubs off onto you who isn't doing shitlordy stuff per se bare with them and role with the punches. Criminal doesn't always mean go buy a gun and start shooting cops for the hell of it. In reality that sorta lifestyle would have you winding up dead or in prison for life... So my suggestion is to think about the roleplay and how it could be entertaining for the cops too. This is a social game roleplaying is a form of acting and socializing treat it as such. You don't have to be MR. QuickTrigger all the time. Honestly, the best thing I can suggest for folks that want to be hardcore criminals is to actually sign up for PD so you can see how it is on the other side of the coin. I personally with my MC stuff would never want to put a cop through something I personally would have hated myself on PD.
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    Yeah, know I see a lot of cop this cop that but I don't see any of the criminals or gangs stepping up and admitting to the shit that they do? While I very rarely give a full fine or jail time but if you do some stupid ass stuff why shouldn't you get full fine? Yeah, I know cause it was fun and I get that but when you endanger lives of others with your craziness sometimes your deserving of it. Why is it on some of these posts its the cops fault its a cop server never anyone else problem just the cops fault? So you say drugs need more attention and they have given it more attention what it basically sounds like I want my cake and eat it too like I want to sell my drugs but I don't want the cops coming around to catch me. Last night we tried to catch a guy for over an hour we knew who it was but never saw him selling did it slow his progress down? I bet it did but I bet he got more out of it knowing he had been outsmarting the cops every time. Laundering money it started at X you all complained so they moved it to XX now it's complaining again cause not now I make 30k before cops come can you change it to 50k before cops come again as I said in prior post you had it good for so long when change happens we can't allow it to work and let them see for adjustment .... Nope, I want it now! Now on to license seizing, I am all for how they have it now cause if you are reckless in what you do there should be some consequence to your actions. If your caught felony speeding say 3 or 4 times and have been warned or ticketed but you just don't seem to care why should you get to keep your license? You have just proven after multiple attempts your not deserving of it. On to gun license you just committed armed robbery held hostage while doing so fled in a car to get away you finally get stopped by police and hell why not let's shoot the cops dead or attempt too again consequence for your actions.... Oh, it cost me 20k for that ..... Well, 20k isn't hard to earn or I'm a gang member you just signed my death by taking it away well maybe you should have thought about that before you shot at cops. I know this is a game but if it were close to IRL license would be bye bye and never returned same could be said on drivers license after so many infractions it would be suspended anyway and would cost more in cost to get it back. I know this isn't letting the cat out of the bag cause if you watched Serpico stream changes are coming to Lawyers soon and why is that you ask? because YOU did it to your self by all the crazy things you do in an attempt to free your friends or client. Lawyers were put in place for you to get fines and restitution reduced up to 100%. I welcomed the lawyers into the RP I think it was great and it was a shame when we had to start taking your weapons just for the sake of you not taking a cop hostage to free your client. You should be there in good faith to uphold the lawyer's oath and do service to getting them out the proper way. You will say well the cops still didn't lower the fine so that's why we do it again cops have their discretion on that and while I can't monitor all cops all the time it may happen we have said it in LSPD meetings, community meetings and as @r3v0Lt55 said humans are selfish by nature we can't change them all we do our best to train them in hopes that they are fair with everyone but once their on there own we can only monitor and help correct when we see it. In closing, I can't speak for every officer as they all have different styles of policing and I get complaints and compliments all the time and I do my best to help nurture good behavior and I'm sure the Senior staff does as well but you gangs and criminals have to give as well some things on both side get waaaaaay to personal and it doesn't make it fun for either side when that happens. Just have fun and RP with one another. My door is always open if you have questions or concerns. Thank you for listening to my rant.
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    To get into that point the cops need to stop being so fucking harsh with fines. This goes both ways with the roleplay. This server is cop server. And the cops are supposed to be taught to not rake us over the coals with their tickets or give the benefit of the doubt with RP but there are some out there that just get a hard-on for catching and punishing criminals. Fact is yes it happens and the cops job is to remove money from the economy in a sense with this. But I have issue with how high the tickets are personally or the fact that some of the cops can't be talked into just letting you go flat out for decent roleplay as they only care about sticking it to the criminals. Note this is not all cops but there are def some out there that do this. And tech it's not against the sop to do so you can't report them so I don't want a cop hitting a response with just report them as you can't report whats broken with the sops themselfs. Still at the end of the day if you just role with it and not care about the money, in the end, you will be better off. I mean if I get fined all the way to zero in my bank it will suck but it would open up more roleplay for me. Even if some of the cops are a bit harsh and I don't agree with everything the PD does their purpose is to balance the economy with fines. I think it needs to be tweaked a bit but it's really on you to role with the punches. The best advice I can give is to stop giving a shit about the money as a whole and start giving a shit about the story that lead up too and follows the lack of or abundance of money.
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    K9 bites subject stuns them. My less than leathal suggestion However I would like to see civilians get a counter to the shotgun or taser before we add more tools for the cops to bend over the criminals. Criminals should have a crude weapon that does the same thing the taser and shotgun does that might be a bit less effective.
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    Unpopular opinion but I wish the server let cops be held accountable for off duty actions and criminal activities. And it be dealt with in the game. Via suspensions and being fired.
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    Just want to say that we are monitoring this post and will make any necessary changes if we see fit. At the time that we make changes, you will be updated. Please keep feedback and suggestions coming.
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    Oh my. . . Honestly, I'm disappointed. I'm not exactly 100% sure on what I expected when I read the title "State of the City". Perhaps an opinion on current affairs within the local gangs and their relationships? Maybe the overall analysis of activity across the three servers? Oh - maybe the general observation on the quality of RP among civilians of this city. As I said, not 100% sure but what I can tell you is that I didn't expect it to be another "illegal jobs don't make enough money" thread. I also didn't expect it to be a thread where people started pointing fingers at others and blaming them for their unhappiness in the city. Before I go any further I do want it known (for those that may not know me at this point) that I have taken part in jobs and activities on all fronts. I've done deliveries, metal refinement, weed, cocaine, scuba diving, trucking, EMS, LSPD, taxi driving, mechanic work. . . I've been around the block a time or two. With that being said, here goes. . . ----- Stop caring about the money and focus on the RP. I realize this is easier said than done and I also realize that as long as our economy stays in it's current form there will always be those players who primarily focus on the money - what job makes the most for the least amount of effort and time. I don't think it's really fair to say that BadlandsRP is a "cop server", or a "money grind server", or even an "economy driven server". Yes we have cops. Yes things are expensive. Yes there's a very robust economy. While all these are true, Badlands is a RP server at the core. One of the very first things that you come across in BLRP is a rule that says "You must put effort into RP at all times." Imo, if you choose to play here you should have the basic acknowledgement that RP is the focus. Start focusing on it. ----- It's almost a bit ironic that there are complaints about scuba diving being too profitable and, at the same time, the furthest opportunity from RP value. While I can agree that choosing to dive all day can give you little to almost no interaction with others, something that I'm noticing an increase in is the amount of criminals who suddenly seem to know how to dive. Specifically they use this newfound expertise to get away from police. Dealing drugs at the pier? Let's flee by diving and staying under the water for 15 minutes at time. Vehicle's almost nonoperational? Let's make a dash to the beach, swim out, and dive for 15 minutes to avoid any RP with those chasing me (cops or bosses). These are not made-up scenarios; I've witnessed them first hand. (Check the end of my post for a relating story). ----- I could say a lot more, honestly, but this is already long enough. At the end of the day, your focus should be RP. In a perfect world this would happen and money wouldn't be an issue. We don't live in a perfect world so you need people to remind others from time to time to readjust their focus and put priorities back in line. Speaking from experience, there are opportunities to make good money on almost every front; government work, civilian work, and criminal work. These opportunities are varied in activity because not everyone is the same. The devs of this server do their best to offer a large pool of jobs. It's not up to them, however, to make adjustments to make your preferred method more profitable or easier than the others. If anyone should be curious, I've had - what I consider - to be good paying jobs in the government. As previously noted I've also done taxi work, truck driving, deliveries, criminal work, and even the infamous scuba diving. You know what was the most profitable? Criminal work. I won't go into methods as that's another discussion but I've made more money in relation to investment with criminal work than anything else. If your desired focus of RP is the criminal life then it is up to you to learn how to also make it profitable. Don't expect the devs to make your profits easier. Don't expect the cops to go easier on you with the fines. Learn how to not get caught. Learn to work with others and be more efficient if you want to keep more money than you lose. More importantly, however, focus on the RP experiences you're going to undertake and how to make those more enjoyable for everyone involved. Stop worrying about the dollar and a lot of your "issues" will suddenly disappear. ------ ------ Diving Story There were a couple of gentlemen on the pier distributing drugs among the locals. They were making things slightly more complicated for myself and my team on the LSPD. Instead of running or driving away form the scene they opted to simply take a 30 ft jump off the pier with scuba tanks and dive for 5 - 15 minutes at a time to evade. Several calls came in over a period of time and it was developing the same pattern. Locals would call the cops. We would arrive on scene. Suspects would take a dive. Rinse and repeat. After a few repetitive calls in this nature, it was obvious we weren't going to catch our suspects the usual way. With yet another call coming in, I informed my team that I was going to take a swim. I approached wide and then swam under the pier. I then proceeded to take the ladder at the end, work my way up, and ended up behind the suspects without them the wiser. Instead of chasing, I sat back and observed the two dealing drugs while relaying, in real time, the observation to my teammates. I patiently waited for backup. When backup arrived we swarmed them. They couldn't escape by diving. Now while one would imagine "Oh man I bet you hit them with everything in the book for all the trouble they gave you!". . . what actually happened was quite different. Yes, I invested over an hour into these guys playing cat and mouse. They adjusted their approach so we had to adjust ours. When it was all said and done, however, I thanked them. Yes. A police officer thanked the criminal. They were fined a mere $5,000 because - hey - they did get caught. However they realized they were caught, they were respectful, and the RP value gained from the entire experience was almost priceless. I wasn't going to slam them with everything under the sun. No. I enjoyed the RP, I enjoyed the experience, and I let them go with the smallest fine I could possibly give without making it free.
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    Tried a search, but haven't found a topic specifically dealing with this, so I wanted to open the discussion. What would you guys think about expanding LSPD's Less-Than-Lethal (LTL) arsenal for dealing with unarmed suspects, or suspects with melee weapons (like a knife or machete)? Taser is great, but just like in real life, not always effective (maybe get your aim gud mirite). I don't know how hard it would be to implement beanbag rounds that would, essentially, knock a player down -- maybe take a SLIVER of health since they're not completely non-lethal -- similar to a tackle effect, but that is how I envision it working. I think this would be a really great step to add to PD's use-of-force ladder, and reduce the number of Officers-involved shootings.
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    The time has come! Join us on the grand re-opening night at the Vanilla Unicorn. If you are interested in being part of this event contact The Lost MC
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    Was talking about this with some people and we were discussing adding an additional step on the PD side of things. So the thing I've never got my head wrapped around since the beginning of the store raiding mechanic was how a dirty transaction in a 24/7 store gets shared over a local PD dispatch system. Adding in a kind of informant mechanic not only would increase the balance of the new changes to the system but would also add to the reasoning behind why police are going on the store raid. So my idea is that when a money laundering transaction happens in a 24/7 that there is a chance that it gets noticed by the FEDS or FIB. The FIB would then broadcast to the local PD that there is a store selling illegal items or laundering money. Local PD would then have to go to the FIB and wait a certain amount of time (whatever is balanced 30-90 secs is my idea) to be handed a warrant for which particular store is doing the illegal activity. After obtaining this warrant then the PD would be able to do a raid on that particular store. Just an idea of a way to add to the system that has nothing to do with increasing or decreasing the money. Shouldn't be about that anyways.
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    I'll take a look at it, most likely not intended. I'm gonna nerf that goddamn thing into the ground, everyone can thank you.
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    I want something similar to this but I can see where this is a nightmare from a devs side of things. The only way I personally see something like this is for Arms Dealers to be whitelisted civilian job. This person would have to be super trustworthy because someone who isn't RPing out and only selling to their friends would add no value. If you give 3-5 trusted people the ability to RP this role with like shotguns and micro smg where they get a shipment of 5-10 each per week and sell them all through RP. I can see how something like that could benefit the community.
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    If your comparing to IRL, beansbags or less lethal weapons are used by officers and even recruits. I like the idea, my only concern would be fairness to criminals. I love the idea of the baton but I don’t like how “non lethal” it is by knocking a suspect completely out. I’d like additional options to bring someone down without causing any life threatening damage to them. Beanbags are normally used for rioters or prisons. I think on the average criminal, it would be OP. Especially with the range of a bean bag. However, I would like to see additional non lethal approaches available. It’s just what can we request that would allowed to be coded by devs as a reasonable but fair option to subdue a suspect. The community is under the impression already that PD is OP, even though criminals kick the dick in on police daily lol. So my vote is yes, if we can come up with something fair and reasonable. I’d like to hear from folks that are dedicated criminals.
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    Our current policy, for VDM, reads: VDM (Vehicle Deathmatch) Do not use your vehicle as a weapon against other players or vehicles. Intentionally ramming player vehicles, occupied or not, is considered VDM. I can understand and appreciate the rule as it sits. It protects the general population from being victims of vehicular manslaughter or becoming roadkill. I get it. However I think there could be an extension made to this policy that would exclude any wrongdoing if a person deliberately gets in the way of a vehicle. This would also, by default, prevent any player from abusing our current policy to take advantage of any given situation. As it sits, a person can block something off and prevent access. They could also block an escape route. They could block traffic if they wanted to. There's a number of possibilities here. If a person tries to push / nudge / drive their way through then the person blocking could claim VDM despite the fact that they willingly made a choice to put themselves in front of a vehicle and harms way. (Side note; value of life observation here, by chance?) I think a simple expansion could alleviate this. If John Doe willingly puts himself in front of a vehicle (and it can be proven that he made that choice) then there should be reasonable grounds to void any claim of VDM if they become hurt or worse by making that choice.
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    There's no reason for out-of-character chat to use your in-character name. This only encourages metagaming and similar actions. Either have it show your steam name with your server ID number "Storrent (22765): Hello world!" or just your ID "22765: Hello world!".
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    supercars are lame
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    I would just like to point out, there is a big difference in "grinding" and making money. The original point of grinding was that, there is a fair amount of the server's population at times, spending a whole storm cycle or multiple cycles purely running money, either avoiding RP where possible to improve efficiency. Or being underwater which unless EMS is needed, you are segregated from the rest of the city. Making steady money, by doing an hour or 2 each day of "grinding" is fair. But as stated, getting super cars within a week and their use of them is outrageous at times. There is a need for all sections of the community to come together now and improve the overall quality of what this community was and can be. Put down the grinding mentality for a while and just enjoy who is out there. We have a whole range of players from old to new with a wealth of RP experience and personality. Play FiveM for what it's designed for.
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    I Have been sitting here for a few minutes and I am seeing a lot of you should RP everything out. I do agree you should RP the best that you can while interacting with people in the Cities. But then there is a large amount of Player (Cops Civ's and EMS) that are getting to the point that they dont want to interact with other people, and when they do its just a (make it as fast as can be thing). I my self gave up on all illegal activities, not because they are not fun. It is more because with the interactions that I have had in the past, when getting caught I felt that the Police Officer just wanted to go direct to charges to minimize the RP, so they could move on to the next call, or they just power played me where I felt belittled and truly powerless against them. As a Civilian I should not have to want to avoid the cops here. I do want to interact with them, but on more fair terms and with RP that has more value. Example: Having COP running me over on a bicycle because I ran on it after circling another cop car. On EMS i have a great time. I get lots of people that try to give me valued RP. And I try to do the same back. But I find it becoming a normal thing that some people (not a lot) die and go AFK expecting to come back to them being picked up. Sadly I feel that you really dont value your life, "You Should". I have also been training New EMT's, and I try my best to get them as many calls as I can while training so that they can get a good feel for the RP, and to help them give others a good experience if they become severely wounded. Civ's are a hole new story. We have players that want to grind to make money, Gangs that are mostly neutral and some that are highly Hostile. People that want to make interactions like mechanics, Tow truck operators, Cab drivers, and even Business owner and their affiliates. Some of the problems with these group dynamics, is like someone said Gun play over RP, game mechanics make it to hard to do something so they stop doing it. Example some have stopped doing dirty laundry, I myself dont mind the new system put in place but its still to high of a risk for a business man to buy up a dealers dirty money at 10% only to lose it all, when the dealer will still got his. Tow trucking is something that I started with when I first got into the city but then cars started to not want to load for me so I stopped and sold my truck. I had a lot of fun with it and got to meet a lot of people that way. I also used to help run a mechanic shop; but I stopped doing that when somehow people started to think that the shop was a place to hang out. (#MakeLegionGreatAgain) Now when I see others running the Mechanic shop I dont see a lot of RP, I see someone clock in and just repair cars with little to no interaction and thinking they should get big tips. Rarely do I see anyone trying to create good mechanic RP that is worth a good High Tip; And I myself will tip a mechanic that provides good/great RP well. I am sure people can give 100's of examples of good and bad RP examples within are community, but what we need more is people stepping forward and encouraging other to (1) Values RP, (2) Value their and others Lives, and (3) Try to get away from the money grinding for a whole storm.
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    Right, so my suggestion is to add a new bar next to your food and water to resemble stress. Stress can come from many things out in the big world but to fit here I had the idea maybe if you take a certain amount of pain or you are in the limping state for to long after being revived by EMS this bar would increase. The higher this bar gets the more stressed your character is. Your character might be at a loss of breath, resulting in running slower or having a lower amount of stamina. The way you would be able to go and fix this would be by relieving the stress somewhere you can go to do yoga. Current Bar New Concept
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    I don't fancy the idea of having a meter showing how my character should be feeling. He could very well be a composed dude, or have a high level of pain tolerance. Reliving stress would be different for everybody, and no amounts of server mechanics could cover every way a person would let off steam. This seems like an idea that would have to be called something else and treated/lowered/relieved/etc. in a different way than how you're suggesting due to how personal it would be for each person.
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    In recent changes, the prison environment has already been altered in order to create a more pleasant and RP-encouraging environment. To continue on this trend, would it be possible to add some 'mini-games' chores in the prison where convicts are able to earn back up to 100% of the restitution fines? This will keep players from AFKing in prison and could create some interesting interaction between other prisoners as well as keep prisoners busy and make prison a more interactive environment. Some chores could be: - Assembling parts for machines - Laundry - Cooking - Cleaning
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    Don’t think it really matters for performance to be honest. Plenty of cars that the engine can’t be upgraded that out perform cars where you can upgrade the engine. Just buy what fits your style or what you like.
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    Except as a criminal you need money to pay fines, buy guns, etc. I spend well over 100k a week in fines due to my illegal RP. Anyone can tell you i really dont care that much about money. But i need it so i dont sit semi- afk in jail with nothing to do for 30 minutes. And as a criminal i'm going to make my money doing criminal ways. Criminals don't scuba dive lol
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    +1. Scuba diving needs to be nerfed. And as far as legal jobs there should be a rebuff to wine. Never understood why wine was nerfed as much as it was, i used to get a lot of ems calls down there from ppl falling and its a group activity unlike scuba diving. Scuba diving encourages people to be anti social and grind, not RP. I'm saying this as a person who absolutely hates making wine, but it was atleast a group activity that requires some strategy.
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    personally, when people say "there's a storm coming in [ ]" i find it unrealistic when it's super sunny in the city and nothing makes it actually feel like there is a storm coming i think having heavy rain, storm and a blackout would be a cool way to visually see why everyone says "the storm is coming in [ ]", and would give people an in-character reason to need to put away their cars and take the train out etc, nothing would need to be added to the server (as it utilises what is already available) but would just need to automatically change to the storm/rain/blackout any thoughts on this?
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    There is already a fairly lengthy process police must complete in order to raid a shop. Anyone paying attention to their shop would not have a difficult time getting away with it. Because this is a game, not a grinding simulator. I design these systems the way I do with the intention that people will spend time figuring out how they work on their own and create their own tactics, not read guides written by someone else who has already done the work for you. To me, it's about the experience of coming in clueless and learning how to be the best by your own accord. If you want to listen to everyone on the forums saying the world is ending because they can't launder $2 million in 5 seconds, sure. However, the logs disagree. Toggling dirty money does not trigger alerts.
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    I disagree. I have played with numbers off religiously! And have never had an issue toggling the numbers for reporting. Having numbers default on is easy mode with built in meta gaming trainers teaching new players it's ok to meta game. Think about it. I'm hiding in a bush. There is zero ways to tell if a player is meta gaming when they "find me". Or I'm a cop hiding trying to see a drug dealer.. now when they walk by and see the numbers they always turn and run... That's not meta? Now if I'm hiding in the same bush. And I see in local ooc that player X who is trying to find me, is staring deeply into my soul.( Meaning they are holding down the player ID botton).... Now I can report them. The numbers being off and stopping meta gaming far out weight everything else. Is this still a less then light RP server? Then remove numbers being default on, and add an alert for local ooc when player activate the meta tool numbers. Imo, the only reason anyone would not want numbers removed is so they can continue to meta game with out getting caught.
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    I would like to see players getting a blacked out screen, (same as drug effect) for x amount of time when they crash and get ejected out of the car. Having low hp and going down is one thing. But having full hp and getting up like nothing happened, even to pull a gun and attack someone seems OP.
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    Simply because it's been left in it's current state for a while doesn't mean it's not an issue. A "meta" forms when people are driving a car not because of the RP value it brings, but how easy it is to evade police with it. Evading police is something that should take skill and planning, not just having a fast car that leaves no chance of being caught. Increasing the price won't change that. Though this sounds like a cops-must-win attitude, think about it like this: getting caught is roleplay. You don't have to win all the time, that's boring. Character development comes from conflict, hardship, and loss. Not from having a "get out of a chase free" card in your pocket.
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    Unfortunately there's no way to take specifically less damage from AI when they run into you. Damage modifiers are a global settings that can be increased or decreased per vehicle. As someone previously stated, decreasing the damage taken isn't the right solution, tweaking the AI to stop a little shorter would probably be more feasible.
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    General Rules General Behavior Harassment and repetitive trolling that impacts other players experiences in a negative way can result in corrective action by a staff member. Hate Speech, sexual harassment and inappropriate sexual comments, personal attacks on players and spamming side chat are all examples of unacceptable behaviors. In addition, repeatedly blocking players from accessing content in the game may result in removal from the servers. Disruptive Behavior Any behavior that is deemed disruptive by the staff may result in a kick, or ban from the server. Disruptive behavior is defined as any behavior that negatively impacts the gameplay experience of other players. Examples include VOIP spam, horn spam, police baiting, and excessive out of character discussion. Directly or indirectly threatening another player with a player report or admin action with the intent to intimidate them. Players observed spamming or otherwise inappropriately using chat will receive one warning prior to a kick or temporary ban. Players observed spamming service calls (911, towing, taxi, etc) may receive a kick or temporary ban. Players observed abusing job mechanics for the sake of being disruptive will receive a temporary ban. Roleplay A microphone is required to play on the server. You are expected to try and RP at all times. You may use /ooc in chat if you need to break character to ask a question or provide help during an RP situation. This is not a hardcore RP server but we expect everyone to put effort forward to ensure everyone has a fun experience. Anyone who consistently fails to put effort forward may have corrective action taken by staff. RDM (Random Deathmatch) You must verbally state clear and reasonable demands to an intended target, and give a reasonable amount of time for the target to respond. If a player complies then you must provide a valid reason within RP to use force against them. Hostile roleplay is valid for 3 minutes from the point of initiation. The use of a 'hitman' is not allowed. You are allowed to work with other players to track an individual down however if you want them dead, you are responsible to roll play out the scenario yourself. Damage or theft of property (ie: a vehicle) is not considered hostile initiation, and must still be met with verbal demands prior to killing the player. A Law Enforcement Officer attempting to pull a vehicle over by using Lights and Sirens is not grounds for hostile initiation. The use of advanced methods to stop or disable a vehicle by a Law Enforcement Officer is considered hostile initiation and the fleeing suspect(s) may react with lethal force if their vehicle is stopped or disabled. Text (including the /me command) may not be used to initiate hostile roleplay. VDM (Vehicle Deathmatch) Do not use your vehicle as a weapon against other players or vehicles. Intentionally ramming player vehicles, occupied or not, is considered VDM. Combat Logging/Combat Storing Do not attempt to avoid a scenario in game by disconnecting to lobby or leaving the game completely. This also applies to storing any vehicles that may be involved in a potential RP scenario. Exploiting Abusing a bug in the game or mechanics in order to gain an advantage over other players is unacceptable. This includes glitching into the map, duping money, etc. Meta Gaming Do not use information outside of the game-play environment to your benefit, or to locate, stalk, harass or interfere with another player's experience. External communication (ie: Discord) should not be used in situations where use of the in-game phone is prohibited (ie: disabled, restrained) or unrealistic External communication should not be used to disrespect or otherwise harass of members of the community (directly or indirectly). Disputes between players should remain respectful at all times. Gameplay New Life Rule (NLR) // Revenge Killing Upon incapacitation of a player during hostile roleplay, neither player may reinitiate hostile roleplay with, or attack the other player for 15 minutes. Value of Life A reasonable attempt should be made to preserve your life in any situation. This includes following reasonable demands from a hostile player when there is an indefensible threat to your life. However, if the opportunity presents itself, all players are allowed to defend themselves from hostiles. Ultimately, the aggressor is responsible for their own safety should a target choose to defend themselves. Kidnapping Kidnapping a player is generally limited to 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, the player may either request to be released, or stay to continue RP. Logging out of the game within the 15 minute timer is considered combat logging. EMS may not be kidnapped for any reason while they are on duty. However, EMS should not sign on duty when there is an imminent threat of kidnapping. Continuation of Roleplay After Server Crash/Restart Roleplay extending into the last 15 minutes of a server session may be continued for up to 30 minutes after the server restarts. For example, police investigating a crime may continue to look for the suspect up to 30 minutes after a restart. This does not apply to hostile roleplay. A hostile initiation must be made after a restart. Server restarts should not be used to reverse the direction of a RP situation. For example, a kidnapping victim should not use the opportunity to attack their kidnappers. Gangs Any organized group of players that engage in hostile RP together is considered to be a gang. Gang Sizes Gangs are limited to 4 active players at any given time. Gangs members in excess of the 4 player limit may not take part in hostile roleplay or illegal activity with the main group, and may not wear gang attire. Gangs may not ally with other players, gangs, or security groups to increase their effective size. Gang Violence Gang violence is not allowed in player-populated areas of the greater Los Santos area (Legion Square, legal job areas, the yacht, etc.) Initiating hostile roleplay on, or being initiated on by any active member of a gang constitutes initiation with all other active members in the immediate area. Gang violence must adhere to all server rules, including hostile initiation and NLR. Gang Behavior Active gang members must wear matching attire that makes them easily identifiable as a member of the gang. Gangs should not harass or otherwise disrupt the gameplay of other players. Conflicts between gangs should remain civil and within RP at all times. Gang Disbandment The BadlandsRP Staff reserve the right to disband any gang that breaks server rules or behaves in an overtly toxic manner.
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    Bumping this thread. Please give us something to do. I understand that prison isnt supposed to be fun, but it also shouldnt be a place void of literally anything to do. As of now, if i go to prison i minimize my game and watch a youtube video or go do a few chores. I have a feeling most people do something similar. That means i'm taking up a slot for up to 30 minutes while basically not doing anything. Theres already been a few good suggestions, but I'll add a few more. - A work out area. Obviously it would not be the same as the regular gym, i'd say maybe cut in half the amount of str xp you get or make it similar to picking peaches. Working out is how a lot of prisoners pass the time. - Cleaning up the yard. There could be several spots around the yard that would work like picking up grapes but it would be trash that you need to dispose of in a barrel. After a certain amount is returned to the barrel your sentence would be reduced by a month. For example 20 trash = -1 month. - Laundry duty. I'm 99% sure i remember there being a laundromat interior from the base game GTAV. As with the trash cleanup job, after a certain amoumt of loads your sentence would be reduced by a small amount due to good behavior. Hopefully some other people can come up with more ideas. Because as of right now all character progression/gameplay/RP stops the second you get to prison.
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    What I'd like to see is severe vehicle crashes causing people to 'pass out' at the wheel, Unconscious for a time and then re-awakening. I think this would add a sense of realism and consequence to driving at speed and unsafely across the island. Possibly adding blurry vision or something after a collision to simulate dizziness or confusion. Thoughts!?
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