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    Personally, I think it should have zero restrictions even the ability to shoot the person... Why cuz 2.0 is hyped up to be the second coming of roleplay with less restrictions... I am sick of pretending to have ahold of someone during RP scenes this actually allows you to mechanically grab and escort people to where you want in a hostile way. And be able to actually have a hostage rather than pretending to have a hostage. Fact is judging on the response above from staff that it has to be managed or restricted in some way just proves to me that 2.0 is still gonna be more of the same mentality wise from staff just with a locked door on the server. That being said if you are gonna force a restriction I would prefer the f1 f2 menu as it's the least intrusive imo. If you're gonna whitelist the community then turn around and not trust your whitelisted members what are you all even doing bothering with the whitelist to begin with.
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    Moving towards the future, I'd like to see the removal of the jailing mechanic. Currently when you're jailed by an officer the ability to leave that cell/room is completely removed, moving forward I'd like to see more focus being put on locking doors being observant, etc. It would create some more security protocols as such, and always have that option for more unpredictable RP to flow. I understand the need for it up to now, although if we were to keep it I can't help feel it's a bit of a "power play" loosely, as it's still an in game feature that is there to be used. Please discuss and share your opinions.
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    Nurse Peaches and Dr Mario (clyde rivers, not participating )
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    Ok so to start this discussion out, I’m am extremely confused and to be honest extremely upset! Along with many people within this MASSIVE community, I have to say that the server being shut down out of such sudden notice brings a disappointment to my heart! I hate to see such an incredible community go to complete waste because the ones who run it just decide that they don’t have the motivation or determination to continue on. While i can see why it could be exhausting to stay focused over such a long period of time and continue to support the server. What i don’t understand is why we can’t band together as one community to continue supporting this server! Throughout this massive server, i know there are a lot of passionate leaders and developers who would love to continue this project moving forward! I personally have spent many long hours and even days trying to build a reputation in this community and I know everyone can say the same thing, which is what makes badlands so amazing! If you are tired of the continued upkeep and development I beg you to hand off the leadership to some dedicated individuals of this community! I would hate to see everything we have all worked so hard for, go to a complete waste after the extreme hype of 2.0 and everything! @speed To everyone who is reading this, please share your love below to try and save this amazing community for being destroyed!!
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    https://imgur.com/a/79B0l9E I've included fluffers for tax. The cat is my nephew. He always gets excited even when he just hears me over the phone he'll start to rub up against it. I love him with my whole entire heart. The pupper is a neighborhood pupper. Him name is Buddy.
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    https://imgur.com/a/kEWUaQF might as well show who’s behind Daniel Jenkins
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    Will review, but the "jailing" does do quite a bit more than just prevent you leaving the cell
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    This year for Halloween - you all will be our voters! Please vote on which costume you think looks the best for our members of EMS! We ask that only whitelisted members of EMS participate in this contest, and everyone else will vote by liking the screenshot! All rules for applicants are posted in our discord channel, and no senior members of EMS may participate in the contest. Happy Halloween everyone!
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    This is my official goodbye. I had some good time’s and bad time’s in the city. I appreciate all the friends I have made and encounters I have come across. Sad to see the badlands fivem chapter close at the end of next month. Wish the devs and admins all the best with any future endeavours. I had my issues with some but all water under the bridge. if anyone wants to stay in contact with me, please feel free to add me on discord. AmyBos#9925
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    I think such things should be discovered IG I remember buying leaves, having no clue I needed cement to make paste Was on top of the world when I learned how to make pure coke Discovery and the sense of progression is what made it so fun If you know everything from the get-go, it ruins the experience My thoughts aside, great work! Lot of time must have gone into this
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    You're criticizing the staff team for being worried about potential abuse, while in the same thread, people are suggesting sniper rifles as a counter to the mechanic? 2.0 is a process, not a simple on/off switch like you seem to be expecting. Yes, it is our responsibility to develop the server and the community in a way that promotes the RP we expect to see in 2.0, but development means nothing if the mindset of the community is not in line with the mechanics we're providing. In time, more things will become possible, but don't expect perfection on day one. Yes, we're removing many restrictions in 2.0, and will remove more as the community gets settled. But we're not going to blindly add mechanics to the server without considering the potentials for abuse, even in a whitelisted community, especially at the onset. Further, the concerns and general thoughts of a single staff member don't mean that's exactly how the mechanic would be implemented, if it were. Serpico and I frequently discuss our concerns about suggestions, and then find a way to implement in a way that aligns with our goals, even if it varies significantly from the original suggestion. So for you to use a single staff member's non-official comment on a single suggestion as "proof" that 2.0 is going to be "more of the same", perhaps it's not for you at all. Your negativity isn't needed here. For everyone else, feel free to keep the suggestions coming. I do like this idea, but I also want to see how you guys think such scenarios would play out in the server.
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    What's up, yo? Name's Jason Phillips Thought I'd get on here and make an account, heard all about the forums on the streets of LS.
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    /cardoor open 0-5 /cardoor close 0-5 0 is the drivers seat, 1 front passenger, 2 rear drivers side, 3 rear passenger, 4 hood, 5 trunk
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    I just wanted to extend a thank you to officer Ozbourne for showing me around the city the other day. Appreciate you brother and I wont forget it. -Ed
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    +1, looks really good, would love to see this implemented!
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    I want both of these really badly now
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    I see the plus sides of this plus the downsides. 2.0 would usher in a different type of city that I definitely think this would fit better into, but as of right now this would most likely be done at close to every traffic stop officers would perform. While I definitely understand where you come from as a criminal, I think it would bring more negatives than positives in the current state.
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    I have been thinking on this for a little while but doesnt seem to have been mentioned before: I think it would be pretty good idea if fake plates were added in at the black market. They could be $2500 and be a single use item. Fake plates would be used the same way you would use a taco truck kit or a mobile meth lab kit. Sit in the vehicle and use and it scrambles the licence plate so it no longer comes back to you. I think this would add some depth and add in a sense of risk/reward. Risks: They would be illegal equipment Carry a (new?) fine for usage on a vehicle? If caught in vehicle with fake plates, could be charged with GTA Rewards: If you escape there is no plate tracing back to you A cop could "find" the Fake Plates on the car by searching the vehicle. Discovery could mean being charged with "Tampering with vehicle" or something along the lines. The point is to add a gamble for criminals willing to take a risk of getting more charges when caught and possible license seizure for avoiding having their plate noted after evasion. Edit: Couple contradicting thoughts but just wanted to get a few ideas out there
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    Think of the idea being put there and new people join the city. Most new people get their license and then eventually their weapons license. Before they're acquainted in the city, they're suddenly a hitman. Most people will take the job as "Find X player and kill them" and they will find them repairing their car or something and just shoot them. Whats the point? The hitman gets paid and the victim is just sitting there trying to figure out what just happened and why. Theres nothing to it, and thats why this is a thing instead: There is interaction involved with this in the fact that you're having another person take someone and bring them to you. This way, the victim faces the person behind the hit and theres further interaction involved for a story line to develop.
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    Remove /tpask and related /tp commands. Remove /home & /homes teleports. Just teleportation in general removal. Replace the anti grief mod with a factions plugin mod. I personally prefer that mod over this one because we can lose and gain land, alliance up, war up, neutral zones and so on. Let me place lava again. There are uses for lava and far easier ways to grief a place than using lava.
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    i took this edgy picture today waiting to move all of my crap to the new house retty boring day also I don't take pics a lot
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    Ah, this would explain why the city has been virtually dead the past couple of days, I was wondering what was going on so came here to see if anything had been posted. It's a shame as this server was probably the least cancerous of those I had tried, and during my couple of weeks playtime I don't think I had a single negative experience and I also met some great people. Having said that, I won't waste anymore time grinding on a server that's going to be gone next month (RIP my limo business) lol! Good luck in your future endevours, I'll most likely join you as and when I get Red Dead 2 if you do bring a server up. Peace out!
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    Question: Will you be publically releasing the code to the FiveM forums? (With all BadlandsRP branding removed) The things that you've done with the vRP framework are extremely interesting, and the community would certainly benefit from a developmental resource hub such as the modifed version of vRP which Badlands is built upon.
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    @speed i want to thank you and @Serpico for taking the time and consideration to even read/reply to my post addressing the concerns and frustration! It truly shows how much time and dedication you have to this community, with also how much you care for the people in the community. I want to thank you for bringing the vote to the community as a whole regarding giving out the code to the city! Thank you for everything brother and I can’t wait to here what y’alls a final decision after the polling closes to find out the fate of our beautiful community we all helped build! To everyone else! If you haven’t already GO VOTE!!! http://www.strawpoll.me/18898441/r
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    The ways i personally could see this scenario being handled in the current sense: -Negotiations for getting them back. -Sharp shooter, Not sniper in particular, But a person who has been proven to be capable of making difficult shots and have a clear understanding of whether they have a clear shot or not. Kindof like a CFR Certification but for sharp shooting. This person would, Given current mechanics however would be looking for the kill shot as we have no way to shoot a gun out of their hand or anything of that sort. Other alternative idea's that would require some work but worth it in my opinion would be to introduce some form of stun such as: Flash Bang Pepper Spray/Gun Make tazers taze both targets due to close contact Tear gas that makes them release the hostage and coughing violently(Some form of 2 to 3 second emote lock coughing/puking due to the gas, Enough time to run away but not too much to make it impossible to defend yourself.)
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    I like this idea. As it would hold officers far more accountable for their suspects. imagine for a sec that hostage animation that was suggested in a previous post combined with not being jailed. the roleplay from a suspect getting the upper hand on a officer to try to escape could be a decent encounter.
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    Oz Ozbourne <— If you really know me you’d know I can’t be serious for the life of me. So here’s me in my element
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    Good guide, my only issue is posting someone’s in game number in the forums to contact, and adding prices to things. I think this takes the meta level a little over the top tbh.
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    Oh hey. I've been in LS for a little bit now and have met some of you. Not going to post my life story on the internet for the world to see but you can normally find me around casino or 2/6 if you wanna meet up.
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    Hi Ed!!! -waves enthusiastically-
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    Personally this is what I was thinking would be a good option.
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    This is how I pictured you
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    I wanted to through this idea out there to @Serpicoand everyone in the department to see what everyone thinks to possibly implement in the upcoming 2.0. But I have had several occurrences where somebody gets knocked down for whatever reason and EMS is extremely backed up due to the volume of calls, which I know how crazy it can get. They end up dying/seeing the light due to EMS not being able to arrive on scene but what if there was a mechanic in the city where like say Paramedics or CP and above were able to call for a medical heli in extreme cases, like the CFR for PD, for a high price if the patient wants to pay it. 9 times out of 10 you usually are getting knocked out by your friend or someone you know. I personally think it would be a pretty useful option to explore in cases where PD can't help and EMS is backed up beyond our control. Let me know what everyone thinks.
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    I agree more EMS would be ideal, but that also isn't in the spirit of rp to softly strong arm people into a job that may or may not come with pros or cons to their character. There's plenty of situations where a PC can go down to mechanics or locals through no fault of their own and having no pd or EMS around leaves only one outcome right now. Having more possible outcomes leads to more diverse and organic rp options in my opinion. I would love to see the option to move a downed player or provide limited first aid. All that said I really appreciate all the pd and EMS people we do have.
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    Damn who’s that holding you tho
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    Big Flexin from the boys
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    I like the concept and all that comes along with it. However, I don't like how much it will most likely be abused.
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    Me and Knox do it all the time , all in rp and surprisingly it works, i dont see a need to make it a actual "job"
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    The issue is that, like @Matthew Evans said, certain functions are tied to your car's license plate. So while it would definitely be *possible*, it would take quite a bit of work to move those functions over to something else, and then there's the possibility of it being even less reliable than it is currently.
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    Posting a large amount of suggestions some may be repeats I do apologize if that is the case, some are rough ideas and don't go into much detail but just a broad idea to maybe inspire even more suggestions from other players and or the Devs themselves. Improvements to existing jobs All jobs Each get a set wage for salary for the down time in between jobs etc Add a designated outfit sets for each job to distinguish Workers from Civilians/Criminals Tow truck driver Can impound illegally parked Civilian & Local Cars (Civilian cars will be marked for X amount of time to allow the player to move them before getting towed) Tow truck can no longer work at mechanic shop but receives increased pay for impounds and tows also locals may call for tows Ability to rent/lease truck for X percent of each job until truck is payed off responsible for repairs when storing truck in garage Taxi Driver Doesn't need to buy own vehicle can gets from the lot Requires driver license still Can fuel at lot for free Has more local calls Trucking Can lease/rent truck similar to tow truck Can choose to get paid X per mile or X per load at clock in Decreased payment for damaged loads delivered Replace less appealing jobs and possibly add other jobs Legal jobs Mechanic Can run a shop X/6 Limit shops to 2 mechanics per shop Repairs cost materials body damage cost (plastic,glass) engine issues cost (oil,misc parts) just examples this eliminates preferred shops and forces RP based on defined cost To run a shop a mechanic must pay X amount for parts to run shop Whoever runs shops clocks in the additional mechanic to eliminate excessive amounts of mechanics( if no mechanics on duty can still repair car for set cost at a shop) Meter maid Can mark cars for impound if illegally parked (vehicles marked for impound will be marked for X amount of time to allow the owner a chance to move it then an alert sent to tow truck) Can fine/boot vehicles for parking infractions (fines are minor to eliminate power trips and boots are applied to fined vehicles or they are disabled until payed) Has a specific vehicle used when on the clock Real estate agent Sells houses apartments and car dealerships to Civilians Gets a portion of sale as Agent fees Lowered salary due to chance of increased fees Car Dealer/Sales rep (possibly include real estate agent) Sells cars clothes or cuts hair (maybe houses) Gets a portion of sale as the rep or receives a certain salary while on premises of specific area Add steps to increase revenue off fishing and peaches (Optional steps) Peaches Add a processing step to make jam for additional money (requires a jar or nothing additional) Fishing Add a cleaning/fillet step for additional revenue (only certain fish available to fillet all available for cleaning) General quality of play ideas Decrease cost of Tents and add apartments and houses for purchase and possibly for lease (can be used as safe houses etc) Require an exam to get BAR certification (increase cost for certification) Add prosecutor attorney to deal criminals avoids arresting officer having full control of suspects fate and provides jobs to multiple lawyers (can possibly limit lawyers to 1 per side then eliminating 2 lawyers representing the same client) Add additional Heist/Robbery locations also add tiered robbery stages requiring specific equipment or weapons for increased payout may also get dirty money or “hot items” ^^^^ Add fence or a system to clean money and cool down hot merchandise if adding suggestion above LSPD officers caught in criminal activity above traffic violations and basic infractions can be suspended or fire depending on severity after being fired can reapply after X amount of time (Or add a punishment system for offending officers) Add a Doctor job for LSFD and eliminate the self care check in hospitals (possibly add bandages you can purchase at hospitals for basic healing only heals to certain point fixes limbs etc but doesn't heal fully) Allow other players to escort downed Civilians would help with those who get stuck in odd locations with other Civilians around and possibly allow them to bring them to hospital for treatment (can also benefit criminal activity and increase RP for escaped yet down criminals who have to bring there friend to the hospital for treatment) Add function of putting players in trunks (would improve the hostage scenario if you have over capacity for a vehicle (4 + hostage) Add additional vehicles and customization for existing vehicles (Possibly more Engine modifications for lower tier vehicles for some who like the body style but don't like the performance) Add more crimes/fines that can be charged within reason (would add some suggestions but I'm not 100% sure of all possible crimes that can be charged) Add more character customization options like tattoos etc (may help more with gang affiliation) also make tattoos permanent/require surgery to remove making it expensive to remove
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    I believe there is a misconception of how you view the term "gang" and how Badlands defines it. "Gangs" in general are defined as an organized group of criminals. Our definition is: To understand this definition, you need to understand how hostile RP works, and that there are certain parameters that need to be established before partaking in it, such as initiating hostile RP. In order to initiate: This changes when it comes to gangs, because we don't expect that every single person in a 4-person group will make a demand of their intended target, and rather will have 1 person that can speak on the behalf of everyone else in their group. However, that means we need to understand and establish who is within that group, which means there needs to be identifiers that can be quickly understood in a fight. I hope you can see how unfair and toxic it can become to allow an unlimited number of people assist and ally with other gangs, making that 4 become 8, then 12, and so on. The key wording is: This means perhaps 2 gangs ally, but the only have 2 people from each group come together and find a middle ground uniform to wear that matches appropriately. I don't foresee our allying rules changing. I do believe our gang attire rules have become more lenient, as people do not need to be matching, however, there's no harm in doing so. Lastly, Badlands has already stated that we will never cater to gunplay over roleplay, which often gets lost when it comes to gang hostility. A lot of our rules have been set in place due to players not knowing where to draw the lines, so we made it very definitive.
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    Greetings. Due to some recent questions, I'm going to give a brief overview of what QA is, how people are selected for the role, and what exactly it entails. What is QA? QA is a small group of trusted players that we (the developers) pull from when we need to test a feature. How is one selected for QA? There is no formal process for being selected. The only requirement is that we are able to trust you not to leak information about new features you may be testing. Most often, this rank is arbitrarily given out to people that are readily available to help us test as needed. What perks do QA testers receive? None. QA testers do not receive any kind of special treatment, compensation, or communication from the staff. Joining the QA team is not intended to be any sort of achievement, nor does it place you above other players. What is involved in testing? 90% of testing is standing around while we debug issues and connecting/disconnecting from the test server as needed. 5% of testing is following a specific set of instructions and trying to find bugs, while the remaining 5% is gameplay testing (IE: testing payouts, general bug finding, etc.) Does QA test every single feature? QA does not test every feature. Many times, testing is done by the developers while the feature is being developed. QA testing is usually left for large features, or features that involve multiple players. Why didn't QA find _____ bug before the patch? QA does not have a chance to test every change before a patch. Additionally, testing is done with a small group of people. We have thousands of active players that are much more likely to find bugs once the feature is released. This is not indifferent from AAA games. No amount of testing will find every bug. I've found a bug. How can I help if I'm not part of QA? As always, submitting a bug report is the best way to help us get the bug fixed. We appreciate the time everyone puts into these reports.
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    So as we move on into 2.0 the community would be more organized and trusted and will revolve more on Roleplay over ruleplay and RNG's. So I believe when an individual would get knocked out and let's say there was a scene where something would be passed from one individual to another you'd have consent to loot 1 item at a time per consent. Meaning they can loot one item and take x amount from that one item per consent. If they were to take another item he/she will have to get consent again before looting the one item. Of course this can be done using the F1 to accept and the F2 to deny system. They should also go through the F1 to accept and the F2 to deny system when they pick the item they want to loot. Please let me know what y'all think. Thanks
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