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    Stay tuned as more updates become available.
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    This is primarily for anyone that is looking at suggesting any particular custom cars. Custom cars can be super easy to implement or tougher than US civil war beef jerky rations so to make things a bit easier for which ever poor soul has to deal with them please take a read When it comes to custom cars, the main thing you want to look for when it comes to implementation is LODs (Levels of Detail). Each file has a .rpf file which contains a collection of textures, frames and .meta files; FiveM for some reason unknown to me, or the universe, cant seem to handle any custom vehicles with a .ytd file (the vehicle textures) greater than 16mb(give or take a mb), they get very weird. There are fixes to this but on a larger scale can take a long time and may not end up being worth the time. Sometimes if youre lucky, the .ytd will have a texture file that is just black, but it may be some stupid size like 1024x1024 and you can just extract it, resize and place it back in at a smaller size. This may however reduce quality but I would say its not noticable. Another issue I have seen is that when the vehicles get dirty, the dirt is not to scale with the car, so going through a small dirt patch will plaster your car with a MASSIVE splash of mud. They should also have a part in the Vehicles.meta saying something like LODDISTANCES CONTENT="FLOAT_ARRAY" Distances LOD models. Default parameters: 15.000000 30.000000 70.000000 140.000000 500.000000 500.000000 Thats the LOD from different distances, not all will have this in built and may just stay fully loaded at max detail from any distance which will be tough for the server to when you have 64 people. Just keep this in mind before posting a long list of HIGH DETAIL car mods. (A lot of really nice looking cars on GTA5-mods.com are designed for single player and dont worry about optimisation. Some of the nicer ones are made by some guys with a [YCA] tag, having tried to port them over myself, I can say they are beautiful but not worth the time and/or effort, that is my opinion though) Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk
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    *meth screetches intensify*
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    Discord link doesn't work on the website. "You have no permission to use this invite."
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    A cop should OFCOURSE be able to clock off and go do crime. Them getting caught is something different all together though, getting caught youd get charged, suspended, fired etc Theres a lot of potential RP that could come from a corrupt cop. Now we're moving into a more trusting and free flowing RP community then I think we should be able to do this if we want but understand the consequences. Roleplay over Ruleplay
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    I think that once a cop clocks off from his duty he should be allowed to do whatever he likes; however, this is a bit unrealistic as this would usually never be the case in the real world. I think the way cops and criminals are being payed is completely fair, and it's not only about the money, but the experience as well. If you want to pay as a criminal, that's your business and what you're going to earn is mainly up to how you perform and how well you can avoid the police.
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    Honestly, I don't find what you're saying adding up. Overall, it doesn't make sense for a cop to do criminal activity after clocking off. As a cop that is off-duty, he/she is still 'technically' on duty in a way (because they can still attend to calls and maintain stability when in urgent times). Being a cop involves intensive training and having a paycheck provided by the state. Being a criminal is mostly a high-risk, high reward type of pay. No one is forcing you to do crime. But you can't expect to keep doing crime and never ever get caught. There's no interactions nor any story in that point. Cops get an increase in pay every rank up they get, but no one said it was easy. As a criminal, doing the right crime full-time will get you stacks of money. But you should always expect and be ready to lose money. Logically speaking you don't lose money for being a cop by protecting a state. And regarding the "Should police characters stay clocked in all the time?", It depends on how much the player wants to roleplay as cop, there is no limit to how much one can stay on duty. But there is a limit to how many can be on duty depending on how many civs are in the city. "Is it fair that police get paychecks that help them do criminal activity when not clocked in?", See, in the end it's also up to the cop on how he/she spends his money off-duty, that's why it wouldn't be basically realistic, to do crime off-duty as a cop. The cop CAN do criminal activity, but if he/she gets caught then there will be consequences to the officers position.
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    Can not wait! Badlands would always be the best to me
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    I’m going to start off and say this , Badlands was the first city i’ve ever tried and the only one since I was into it much. I met tons of cool ass people and got close to many, I had some good ass times on this server. I wish I ended up joining earlier I just never had a pc, it was all fun and laughs every time I was in the city. I want to say thanks to the LSPD for making everything so much more fun and making it a way better experience. Especially certain cops like Galante, Cleetus , Mullet Aka Ricky, Kevin Ross , chief , bill Brady, Sarah Morgan and last but not least my Boy Tex Wright. I’m going to miss the people in the city a lot , I wanted to make this because my pc fried out on me soon as this announcement about the server shutting down happend. I never got the chance to say goodbye to anyone, I’m getting my pc back soon so hopefully I’ll catch you guys in another city but till then just wanted to say thanks for everything I’ll never forget about this city and the people in it. goodbye y’all
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    i took this edgy picture today waiting to move all of my crap to the new house ?️retty boring day also I don't take pics a lot
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    New players that are riding these ridiculous granny bikes around? Players running from the cops that ditched their car in some dark alleyway? Players that don't own a car and cant afford a taxi? Players on the way to work saving to afford a car? Players that are delivering? Drug dealers that get off at bus stops to sell to the ai waiting? Players that as mentioned before want to be bus drivers? A new way to explore the train system where one person has to be on the vehicle for it to spawn? Players that want to rob ppl getting on and off the bus at the bus stops? Imo a bus has a use in a city that not everyone wants to drive a super car. BUT... possibly all the reasons above are why we don't want or need a bus and would rather wait for a train with less stops but at a faster rate of speed. Maybe the player buys a metro ticket and that spawns the train, above and below ground? I like the subway a lot better there is so much potential that is lost.
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    I know we have talked to serpico in detail about how trains could work and the problems with making them run. I'm thinking of taking the problem and using it to make an even better situation. So from what we have talked about on twitch trains can only work if someone spawns them and if that person leaves the train would be gone. So what if we take that and use it for a bus stop , the player enters any random bus stop and a bus comes to that stop and stops at the next closest bus stop/station. This would be a great idea because it could open up a number of rp situations, plus a new Bus driver job could be implemented. This would also eliminate the need for starter area bikes. (Stand in the bus stop circle bus arrives seconds later), as long as that player is on the bus it would continue to do its bus route. Maybe the bus could also have a moving icon on the map to show players where active routes are .
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    Okay, I've been playing on this server for a few days now and let me just say that I love it here. ? Everyone I've met is super friendly and is great at role playing (most of the time), and I really feel like this is the RP server I'm probably going to remain in. I only have one little grudge, and it's that I feel like there's maybe too little to do in the server. First of all, I think there should be more things to do with money. Money is practically worthless once you have a pretty expensive car, and my friends and I aren't interested in buying pilots licences to buy planes and such. So my idea is to maybe add player housing and maybe the ability to add mods and paint jobs to weapons. The fact that there are only pistols in this RP server is also quite weird to me. I think that other weapons should definitely be added in but maybe given a few adjustments to make them less OP and they should most definitely have a high price tag on them (for anyone who isn't a cop). Maybe there should be quests behind managing to get some of the higher tier weapons. It's also quite disappointing that you can't change rims on vehicles. It IS realistic, so I see no reason as to why you can't change your rim style. There should also be more activities, maybe parachuting, arm wrestling, maybe even an illegal fight club could be held somewhere in Blaine County. A lot of these suggestions would really help keep the server a lot more fun than it already is, and I'm sure a lot of others would like to see these suggestions added to the game, as me and my friends have discussed this topic a lot while playing on the server.
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    LSPD Application Template Revised November 2, 2019 Applications are Currently CLOSED for the Los Santos Police Department Minimum standards to be accepted for an interview: Put effort into your application answers and be truthful, be sure to copy the below format and fill in ALL sections properly and also please wait until you've been on the server playing for at least a week before applying. Failure to follow either may result in a waiting period of up to a month before reapplying. Becoming a member of the LSPD is a lot harder than LSFD so try applying there to help showcase your character and RP ability through your in-game interactions. There is a waiting period after submitting your application so we can observe your interactions with other players on the server. Not everyone will be accepted into the LSPD but do not get discouraged. In the future, we will have other opportunities for players with the police itch! Applications are approved in waves. Please be patient, and do not contact staff regarding the status of your application. Failure to follow this request may result in the denial of your application. Failure to follow ALL instruction as they are laid out will result in denial of your application Recruit Process after Interview - Have to read SOP and Ticketing guide after the interview. - During this period of time you are required to be on duty with a Corporal or above. - You will be supervised and evaluated during each training session by the Training Officers. - Must complete recruit period, thirty days from being whitelisted. Fail to do so, will result in removal from the LSPD. - After an interview and acceptance messaging staff to add your forum rank may result in removal. Have Patience. White-listing Template - Use this template when creating an application to apply for Police white-listing Thread Title: (UserID) - Example (009813) In Game Identity: Your discord username (mine for example - SneakyAzShiite#4837): UserID (This is the number over your head/next to your chat messages): Player ID (steamID64 from here) Have you previously applied to LSPD? (link your previous application(s)): Have you ever been banned? (list for what type of bans): Estimated time on server that you'll be on duty (50% time as Police and 50% time as CIV for example): Why do you want to join the Police department?: What value can you bring as a Police Officer?: What can you improve on, if you were to join the police force?: How old are you?: How many days/hrs each week do you play and what times? (convert to EST): What experience do you have as a Police Officer on other RP servers? (List servers/your cop name on them and your rank. It CAN be from other games! This doesn't make or break your approval, just helps us gauge how much we need to teach you!): How much RP experience do you have? (Time played on other RP servers): Additional comments?:
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    Should police characters stay clocked in all the time? Should police characters be aloud to commit crime when not clocked in? Is it fair that police get paychecks that help them do criminal activity when not clocked in? For example 2 characters start at the same time with the goal to buy a meth lab. One is a police officer that gets a paycheck, the other is a civ crim that gets a welfare check. The criminal has to do things that could cause his cash flow to go backwards if they get caught, However the police character plays a cop while racking up a large paycheck. I'm not saying that a crim can't beat the paycheck clock but it would be hard to do so. As the Lab is only 60k, imo the police officer would be able to make that faster. Note: this is a non gang crim i'm talking about, just a normal criminal. maybe a safe cracker or drug seller. hes not robbing player characters. https://strawpoll.com/dgh4zg1g <----straw poll on if your police character should also be aloud to be a criminal. This is just a question, i'm totally fine how it is now.
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    F yeah!!! Also I was able to use the badlandsrp discord link not even a week ago now I cant.
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