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    Whoever runs the News feed, on all of our screens, is one OP F'ing wizard. This "News" knows the nano sec a store robbery starts. Either its Jesus running the show, or its OP. It makes no scenes that a store alarm company would call the News and not even bother to call the Police? I for one would fire them as the alarm company if I was the store owner. I think the system needs to be tweaked, I understand that the news alert is a mechanical feature to alert players that a store robbery is on going. With the intent of informing civs of an ongoing RP situation, so as to not waist time trying to rob another store, or to stay clear of the RP situation taking place at the current robbery. Unfortunately too often other civilians show up before LEO's and interrupt or intervene in said robbery, only cause they saw it on the news, and where board. 2-3 of the last 5 robberies I have done, have either had civilians come to steal the get away car, then drive it around laughing at the robbers. Or showing up to try and help when you don't want it. When you the robber are trying to be none hostile and they start shooting, on and on. I'm sure anyone who has robbed a couple stores before has dealt with this. (and before I get the "just report them" comment, cant report if I can't see the #'s, i'm not no-ballzing the robbery, or interrupting my RP to run out and catch #'s just to report a kid). Suggestion - I strongly feel it is time to have the alarm company call the cops 1st and quietly. Then News should get alerted 1/2 way through the robbery. What this will accomplish? 1st, Players robbing the store will have a better chance of dealing with players who follow rules, (police), the main reason for robbing a store. (interacting with police). 2nd, Civ Players who walk into a store being robbed before the alert goes out will bring an organic interaction instead of forced RP. 3rd, police will have a better chance of showing up to a neutral scene, and not one with chaos, or pissed off robbers cause they got their car stolen, or got shot by a random.
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    EVENT TEAM PURPOSE: "Events Team" members ensure events that require help beyond average player abilities/RP run smoothly and are planned accordingly/within rules of server. Responsibilities of Event Team member: 1 event a month at least (whether it's help coordinate or run yourself) Assign on calendar appropriately Work with members of the community about their events If helping coordinate an event, find out difference between RP event or admin-sanctioned event - if the latter, get admin involvement for further planning/coordination Difference between RP events and Admin events: Anything that requires more than what a regular player is capable of doing or able to provide is an admin event. A few examples would be: needing certain cars spawned, needing mass ressurrection, needing teleports to get to locations, etc. This role is specifically to support the staff team in events that our community desires or benefits from. It's not intended to be taken as a server promotion or position above regular players. It is simply a community role! If you have interest in becoming an Events Team member, please message me on forums/discord to discuss!
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    I have searched relentlessly for a thread that covered this and have found nothing related. From what I gather, the devs want to move away from linear jobs and instead create/rework existing ones to encourage collaboration and rivalry, player interaction.. With that being said, I believe there should be a market for used cars.. Why? Used car market would encourage player interaction as it mutually benefits both parties involved. Vendors make more, buyers save more. Imagine running a dealership and test driving or being able to say I own Bill Vegas' old car for example and inflate the value for higher resale price! Car auctions and pink slips.. its endless! Please if you support the idea and leave any feedback or suggestions below. Big thanks to @Isaiah Rashad and @Roman Bellic for pitching in!
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    Remove the teleport at La Fuente Blanca/ Madrazo Ranch https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/open-madrazo-ranch-doors#comments_tab Remove the invisible wall at the Lifeinvader board room. https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/open-conference-room-in-lifeinvader-office Ice Cream Shop on the pier similar to burger shot for another RP hangout spot. https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/the-palace-ice-cream-custards-menyoo
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    More information : Everyone and anyone is welcome to participate. All participants will have a chance to come up to be Auctioned off say a bit about their self and why they should be bid on. Keep in mind this is not just for romancing purposes, it gives a chance for people to get to know others and just go on a friendly date ect. Whatever they decide to do with the person is up to them both. When and where they decide to redeem their date is also up to them. We are not responsible for what happens in during those dates, we encourage people to be polite and enjoy their time. All proceeds will go to the people Auctioned off , The Lost MC will take a 25 % cut for future events and to pay people helping with this event as well as security. Please make sure if you want to be Auctioned off, to contact me to be added to the list. Again everyone that participates will earn some of the proceeds of what is won from the bids. Food and drinks will be available at the location. There is no fee to attend this event. Hope to see you all there next Thursday in county 1.
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    Could we get a parachute retrieval location and uniform listing @ Pillbox for paratroopers? It seems that when we have/want to paratroop, if we don't have a parachute already, getting ready before picking up the patient doesn't offer enough time to change and/or get the parachute.
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    I think this will be great to be able to use the beds in the hospital a lot more with easier access to laying down in them like sitting in chairs https://forum.fivem.net/t/pillbox-beds/591144
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    https://badlandsrp.com/forum/9-patch-notes/ Check out the patch notes to get an idea of how frequently we release content. Also keep in mind that content development is currently slower than usual due to most of our development time going towards bug fixes related to OneSync, but there is still stuff in the pipeline. Something exciting soon
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    https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-ocrp-flywheels-garage-v2/296683 (interior for currently exsiting building) So I saw this whilst browsing through the forums, and I thought it'd be cool to have for a possible mechanic shop (not like we need it, but I don't see why not). It has full interior of tools on walls and could create a small RP area. The gas station on the outside is currently not in use within BLRP, could also activate that so it is like a mini car hub.
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    I've got a feeling this was brought up before but I am struggling to use the search function properly *ahem* I think this would be potentially really simple to implement? 1. Purchasable from Black Market (Or UTool? Call it something related to cloth?) 2. Can use on individual closest to you, takes ___ amount of time to actually apply (so people don't just use it to troll) 3. Doesn't completely make your screen black, but severely cripples vision by how dark it is. Can be removed by player but takes ___ amount of time so they don't try to abuse the purpose of being blindfolded.
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    There’s no technical reason we can’t add more slots. But there are stability improvements I want to make to the system before we consider doing that. So no more slots for right now, but maybe in the future.
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    I've recently been expanding my characters for RP, and I've found myself capped at 3 characters - I have a TON of ideas for character RP, but 3 slots just isn't enough. I'm sure there are other people that also want more character slots too. Is there any way we can have the amount of characters increased to 6-8?
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    I'd rather have the devs put their time into something new.
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    Like other people have said the reason it's not like peaches is because it is profitable and prevents people from going AFK. I have met a lot of people at the vineyard due to the system in place and had a lot of great interactions as a result. I see a lot of people hiring new people to pick grapes for them and then paying them as well as showing them how to make wine for their efforts. The system in place works well for me.
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    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. This system ain't broke. I'm not in favor.
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    It's simple just like we have a weapons disablement kit I would like to see a vehicle disablement kit.
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    So right now you can only rob stores and from what i hear it's always the same, go in, say they have a hostage, demand free passage, shootout. What if, we set a few more locations for more elaborate heists, (ie: jewelry stores, banks, dealerships, whatever) but for each heist you need the following: A specialist to disable the alarms/security cameras A specialist to crack the vaults Informer -> this guy would know the locations that are more vulnerable or that have the big loots, so they wouldn't be marked on the map, but they could (after gaining the skill) see them after triggering something and would ideally rotate. Now, these specialists should actually get those skills from actual learning and training (maybe something like the aptitude system), so to pull off these jobs, you'd have to work with a crew of people that actually have the skills to do it. I know it's a development challenge, but I think it would add for character development, and incentive people to RP to find the right crews, and if they are good at it, the chances that police will get alerted are less. I haven't put much thought to this I just came up with it, maybe it can trigger some good/possible ideas.
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    I have spent the past 30 minutes trying to figure out why I could not get FiveM to work, turns out I was clicking "Single Player" on my desktop. So, yeah, don't be like me
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    It's really not, and no, people don't get banned for accidents. In fact, in many cases we deny VDM reports because we can't accurately tell if it was an accident or not. The rule is extremely simple. Do not intentionally ram players/vehicles. You're welcome to be biased all you want, but don't misrepresent your own history for the sake of trying to change a rule. Stuff like that is exactly why we're hesitant to be more lenient in the first place.
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    I understand where she is coming from. As pd when we take a call, we are also on a radio so as not to have 20 cops show up to a cat stuck in tree call. Since lawyers do not use a radio ch. You could have many showing up within 5-10 min of the call going out. This can cause problems. Players get upset that thier time was waisted, that they can't do the job they are signed up for. With what was started there is no turn based system. It is 1st come, 1st serve. So if I sit at pd all day I will get all the cases. What I think is being asked for is a mechanic that...... Once the call Is already taken by one player..... No One Else should be able to accept it again. If you are already clocked in and on a case...... You Should Not be Able to Accept Another Call.
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    Could we get a countdown for the /race instead of just GOOOOOOOOO!!! but like 5....4.....3......2.....1......gooooo. Just like the count down from the scuba kits.
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    We changed the rule to what it is today because it was NOT a postie experience on the server. It becomes pure bumper cars. GTA mechanics make damaging vehicles difficult. Police have SOP and are trained to use rolling barricade and pit maneuvers and despite our best efforts it often doesn't work out. Opening this type of activity to the entire server would be disruptive. It would be players chasing players ramming them repeatedly to BM/harass them. Additionally we use to have an issue with players ramming parked vehicles to force them to blow up or cause other types of disruptions. I sincerely do not see this opening any RP and only leading to more hostile activities and disruptive play.
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    Added - New Role - Certified First Responder: The CFR is a LSPD officer who is also a member of the LSFD, and is either a CPL+ or a Paramedic+. This is a voluntary role. See LSPD forums for more details. - Can sit in chairs inside Mission Row PD interrogation room - Logging and respawn zoom in animation (like GTA Online) - Killhouse to tasertag - Weapon teardown kit to markets. Allows you to dismantle the currently equipped weapon and remove ammo from weapons. These items can then be stored. You still require a firearm license to equip guns. - Can delete items from your closet - When PD/FD respond to a call (f1) you are added to responding list in dispatch Changed - Prevent crouching and surrender when in water - Added Illegal label to illegal items at the gun store - Moved trash and give to be lower on menu list - Tow truck job is removed from you when sent to prison - Vehicle disablement won't break engine, just prevent movement - Phone now using an external voice system. You can hear others that are near you. - /ad now costs $1000 to post - Air refuel for larger planes - Air vehicle exempt from the damage system - Extended length of twitter notifications Fixed - Various Taco Truck fixes - Allow weapon swap while immersion bars are active - Vehicle trunks and housing storage won't be locked out when your disconnect using it - Patriot stretch mod will now save - No more random underglow on vehicles. If you had it, you will need to rebuy. - Custom tires are persistent - Rims should be persistent - Races (better coordinate checking) - Should no longer fall through the map on login or tp into interiors - Strawberry hospital entry - Stuff Removed - Trains
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    I mean, you can already do that. Advertise on twitter you are looking to buy grapes. I know a lot of people who have vans full of grapes. Got to grind to get that product man.
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    Away from your definition of roleplay you mean. Just because it's not the type of roleplay you like doesn't mean it isn't roleplay. Just saying. I don't exactly enjoy the stand around roleplay myself but I wouldn't classify it as not roleplay.
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    I RP going there with my friends/family for fun just as I would in real life go to an arcade or the boardwalk and play games/play laser tag... Maybe it's not your cup of tea but it doesn't mean it's not RP.
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    I’m all in favor of a aptitude system for different skills and these skills speed up or help in the bank robbery. Need a mechanical engineer? Well the guy working on the satellites all the time might be a disgruntled employee and could be talked into joining your crew. Need an IT guy? Maybe the guy doing IT work at Life Invader (I know this isn’t a real job but maybe it could be) is tired of his 9-5 grind and is looking for excitement. Adding anything that gets people to work outside their current group I’m 100% in favor of.
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    I just want to use this on @Kota Taylor. But def can come in handy for kidnapping and other RP purposes. *cough* Interesting idea indeed.
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    I don't think we'd do this in multiple locations, but this is actually very similar to an idea I had earlier today for the bank heist rework
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    Player Eligibility is an automated process used by BadlandsRP to detect problematic players. While we're happy to add exceptions, we need a bit more information before we can allow you on the server. Please copy and paste the following template to ensure you provide us with the necessary information to locate your account and assist you. All of the necessary information can be obtained from the message when attempting to connect to the server. The image above is an example of the message you will receive. Your BadlandsRP User ID: Link to your Steam account: Previous role play experience: Why we should trust you to play on our servers:
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    *OOC* I am not completely new to RP, but its been a while. I've been focusing on shooter type games on the PC for a long time and most of my RP were totally different genres. But, I'm looking forward to spending time here and getting to know everyone. I hope to really learn more here about the GTA type RP and just have a good time. I spend a lot of time here, I work weird days and times but hope to make new friends! *end of OOC* Hello everyone, The name is Victor Carter. I've been in the city a little over a week now. A good friend (I'll let him make his own introductions) and I are from the east coast. We had success and were starting to make a name for ourselves when a very costly and destructive war cost us everything. Between the deaths and the weakness in business operations, the feds took the opportunity to start seizing assets and arresting associates and friends of ours. Everyone was going down and organized crime as we knew it was crumbling. That being said, we decided to cut our losses while we were still under the radar and leave the east coast. We bounced around from town to town, making a few dollars along the way, until he got a tip about this city. He scouted out a bit before I got here and informed me of the great people and opportunities here. So, I caught a train on over and the rest is history. We have started up a new family in the city called The Syndicate. A little reminiscint of the good old days on the east coast. We have made some quality family and friends since being here and look forward to the future. A little extra, I like to dress well; always have even as a child and always will. So, you'll likely spot me in a suit or a least something professional. I like to make money and definitely like spreading the wealth. I was always taught to not mix business with pleasure and to choose friends wisely. I love cars, fixing cars, racing, etc., if I have the time. Spent some time early in my career as a mechanic, so those skills definitely come in handy from time to time. I have a little experience with boats and planes from uh, extracurricular activities. I digress, find me in the city. I would love to meet more people and become a true part of the city for the future! Victor Carter
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    The Schlagen GT! I know it's just another supercar suggestion but I'd really like to see it added at some point. High hopes!
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    If you see this happening you can also report them... their on duty for a reason and for just rolling around to fix there own car is not the reason.
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    Hey! New to the city, began 3 days ago now. Been playing more than I would've thought, its a ton of fun! Character in: Jeffrey, very much dislikes her name. Trying to earn up the cash to make it up in the city honestly and change her name to an actress she's always been fond of; Adalyn. Currently in the marketing of odd jobs and part time mechanic. Moved to the city to start fresh and explore new areas after her grandparents passed away, who were the last thing tying her down from starting new.
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    You are incorrect here there is no safe zones on the map at all. There can not be gang violence in player populated areas as in the rules: Greater Los Santos area (Legion Square, legal job areas, the yacht, etc.) So as long as your not associated in a group of 4 and single player can kill you in those areas
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    Hey guys its Nex just wanted to say hi and stuff new to the whole RPing thing been watching quite a bit of RP streams and stuff and it looked like fun so i guess I'm saying I'm excited to try this out its something new but a quick run down of my Introduction I'm a huge car Enthusiast the older the cars the better very chill person Nice to meet you all and hope to see you guys in the city and the county
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    Maybe crazy idea here, But what if the business had an option to purchase a juggernaut suit that gave full armor limited mobility was pricey and obviously illegal... Also had a cooldown on the purchase.
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    *sings a song* "if you are bored and you know it, collect some grapes! if you are bored and you know it, collect some grapes! if you are bored and you know it, and want everyone to show it if you are bored and you know it,collect some grapes. " repeat that song untill you have 15 vans full of grapes
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    They can't be explicitly used for illegal activities, ie: making/selling drugs, evading police, etc. Your license isn't going to be revoked if it just so happens someone has some weed on them, or they're wanted (unless you then try to evade police with it) No, as long as you're not breaking other rules with it. Land somewhere that makes sense. Not in the middle of the road, not in the middle of a job site or anywhere else that's disruptive to players. It would be the other player's license on the line.
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    The reason grapes are single picked is due to how profitable wine can be. I personally enjoy the fact that it's not an "AFK Farming" thing it requires you to remain in the game and move around.
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    It's not supposed to be easy to obtain. As George said, advertise that you're looking to buy some - some people will even go pick them for you. It's designed the way that it is for a reason & I don't see a change incoming.
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    I have and always will be in favor of zip ties. However not on public servers. It breeds OOC Salt and toxic behavior.
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    Whats the value add?
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    What if everyone could only spec 1 skill at a time. It would force people to reach out to other people most likely form a crew of the best people with said skills.
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    Bank robberies more similar to italian job or oceans 11 where it requires skill and planning vs brute force is something I would love to see. Not that I wouldn't be happy with a super over the top hard mode for going loud and proud.
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    @Flori I like where your going with the specialized talents if it can be done dev wise ... I just hope imo it gets away from the "I got a hostage let me go free scenario" since the people will have certain talents and maybe make it you can only have 1 talent so it forces you to work with others with other talents thats required to complete the robbery
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    Moderator recruiting is currently OPEN. Our staff are the core of making the BadlandsRP experience possible. Staff members assist new players, handle rule breakers, contribute ideas and more, all while remaining professional in any and all situations. We're looking for the best of our community to join the team and continue to make Badlands great. If you are interested in applying for a position as a BadlandsRP Staff Member, please create an application using the format below. Please put as much effort as possible into your application. A couple of paragraphs about your history and why you want to be a team member is much better than one or two sentences. The more information, the better. We love reading. Applications should be submitted in this forum. Once your application has been submitted, you will no longer have access to it. Please do not submit more than one application or ask about the status of your application.
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