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    So, I've taken a very long break from Badlands RP, and FiveM in general. There are tons of new things here in the city and its great. But in terms of criminal RP and just criminal interaction, its STILL very poor. I have been robbed at gun point, minding my own business, just to comply and get shot more times than I can count. And it happened about 20 minutes ago before server reset. It's really tiring and it's not fun or inventive. Mike Savage's comment about the cocaine lab idea would be great. Although that's not my character's drug of choice, it would add a lot to everyone involved. I have never been a part of a scenario and I have yet to find anyone that wants to talk about businesses and/or illegal activity within the game, forums, and discord. REvolt has a point about scenarios and time put in to be creative vs. less thought making all that time moot. My opinion might not hold any merit due to the absence of being active and what not, but this issue was one reason I left badlands in the first place. The only criminal RP ive experienced, is being the victim. We'll see what transpires.
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    But if we are going to do all these things then why not just go back to automatic seatbelts...
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