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    I have a couple of simple suggestions. First one is to add the ability for mechanics to wash cars. Maybe tie it to the Wash Windows animation and they could have another avenue for RP as a mechanic with people coming to them instead of going to the car washes where there is no RP. I don't think they have this ability currently so I apologize if it's already a thing. Also I thought the gas pump in front of the mechanic shop near Sandy Shores airport was operational but it doesn't seem like it is. I think making the pump there work would add to the full service station feel since there is already pumps there. As PD I drive by there all the time and typically need a car wash, repairs, or fuel so it would be a good place to stop and RP with the mechanics that have been using that area. A gas pump at Mission Row PD and Pillbox garage area would be pretty cool too similar to how we have the ATM added nearby to help those factions be easily supplied/resupplied for their shifts.
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    https://forum.cfx.re/t/dpemotes-1-7-390-emotes-walkingstyles-keybinding-dances-expressions-and-shared-emotes/843105 Includes props such as briefcase, umbrella, box, flowers, etc Also has facial expressions and synced handshakes/dances (F1 to accept, F2 to decline)
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