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  1. All due respect to people that are against it. Let me put in some RP light into your brains. Being able to take off the mask is not just for the criminals, I do believe I said this before, but it is amazing how Badlands is criminal and cop minded, and not even thinking about the average civilian (The ones that are doing good and doing right). What about bikers/civ's that want to wear the mask for their bike ridding, but don't want to wear it when they are just talking to people in the club or any place for that matter, What about civ's that want to wear it as a fashion or to wear funny mask to a party, but don't want to be wearing it all the time. Just because someone is wearing a full mask or a bandana mask does not mean they are a criminal or up to bad things. I have pulled out my bike with my mask with other people to just RP many times as a biker and go to events and wished we could take it off because it looks silly. People like to wear it when they ride their motorcycles, because believe it or not they RP bugs hitting their face sometimes which is kind of funny when it catches you off guard. I don't know how this would be abused when in RL you can take off your mask when you wear one. Many people want this to happen.j I forgot to add (Thanks Kota): I don't know how it would be "OP" against the cops. The cops have other game mechanics to go by against criminals other than a mask. Examples: They can see and run the car/plate they are driving. The voice of the criminal, the clothes they are wearing at the time (Even though they can just change their clothes after they get away) and so on. If criminals are caught, I agree officers should have the option to take the mask off to see who it is even though you would get their ID from them anyway. Here is my solution: Put in some kind of voting system here to see if people want it or not. If it's yes, then I think it should be put in, if no then we leave it at that and we can put this one to rest. Hope this put different thinking on mask wearing for people and it's not just for criminals or doing bad things. Happy Rp'ing!
  2. Ok, I waited 5 months to post again about this due to what I am hearing in game. I don't know who isn't agreeing with the "Taking off the mask" option (this request wasn't meant to be only PD side in the first place, even though it was a good suggestion on top of mine for PD to have that option now that we have character slots). I have had multiple people say the same thing to me and have over heard many people say, "You can take your hat/helmet/glasses off, but can't take mask off?..Would be cool if they added that as well, just makes sense." This is a wanted option for sure and would be cool if you guys could come to an agreement! Thanks for all you do.
  3. Here is an idea. Lets say that a robbery happens at sandy shores, due to the fact that we can all see the news when the robbery happens. I think an EMS should dispatch to that area ASAP, and not be in site until police clear the area and call EMS (This might already be in place, but when I am on duty as a officer I don't see it happen, and it will cut down time waiting on EMS to come from the city or wherever they are). Another thing is to have PD and/or Civilians report knocked out locals due to the fact that we can revive them now. That also puts possible Murder charges on civilians if EMS can not revive them, and also creates RP with the EMS/LSPD/civilians even more.
  4. Since we have the ability to take the helmet/hat off. Can we get the ability to take Masks off? It would be awesome!
  5. I mean I know about the clipboard but I usually do that for processing. But out in the field it be nice for animation for the notepad to stick. Thanks for looking into it Serpico
  6. Is there anyway that the Notepad animation be a lot longer or until the person cancels it? Would be cool so we can act like we are taking notes while a person is talking. Sorry if this was asked or not. I searched and didn't see it. Thanks for all you do.
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