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  1. I believe there was a slight change in fishing a few months back, but I’m all for making it more in depth
  2. There’s plenty of escape RP that goes on that doesn’t involve getting into a shootout, most of the criminals who don’t turn things into shootouts manage to escape, most who do get into shootouts don’t get away.
  3. Maybe that’s on your boys for getting caught, 90% of the time I respond criminal activities and they get away.
  4. I’m saying there is a counter to it, you said there is literally no counter. Another counter is also not to shoot down 5 cops to breakout the 1 person that was caught. The majority of times shootouts happen, cops are shot down and no evidence is collected and nothing comes from it. Occasionally it does and we get enough to validate an arrest, that’s RP for cops, we can collect evidence, put the pieces together and execute a type of arrest we go through hours of training to understand how to execute properly. Our RP is more then just negotiating for hostages and shooting people, we put in the work to collect and process evidence, get a warrant, find said person and execute an arrest. You may not see this side of it, and this is a level of RP for beyond just getting into shootouts. Could evidence be tweaked a bit? Maybe, as with everything else in the server it will always be evolving and changing. But if you want to think realistically what is the probability of a group of robbers coming back and attacking an entire police force to break out one member of the team who was caught?
  5. +1 having an option to pay an amount of money to add a tracker would be nice.
  6. There is a counter, anyone can see bullet casings, anyone can pick them up and remove. There are ways for a lawyer to counter, the issue is how limited lawyers are around aswell.
  7. How much money have you spent on cars, weaponry, police fines etc? Knox bought a 4 million car cause he puts 100's of hours into PD and never spends any money. I put hundreds of hours into PD i buy the occasional car, ive seen over a million dollars one time before i bought my house and even then me and Lydia put money together aswell as borrowed money. You guys hit the jewlery store and walk out with 12.8k, thats about 3hrs of PD time fore me. You get caught and loose 13k, so you loose $200 for getting caught or make 13k for getting away. How often do you get caught vs. get away?
  8. We already aren't doing that? what do you mean?
  9. I don’t get to why people want Miranda rights, it really doesn’t affect RP at all only just adds one more thing PD has to memorize.
  10. At the end of the day this is a game, there should be room for people to have fun with it as long as it’s not too over the top, we’re here to pretend to be cops, ems, etc. not to be real ones. There should be room for people to be a little over the top if they’d like.
  11. I’m for nerfing repair kits aslong as we make vehicles stronger, there have been times where I’ve slightly damaged the rear end of the vehicle or run over a rock with just a tire and it breaks the engine.
  12. How often are people just driving around with their hands up? Having something in one hand doesn’t affect my ability to steer my vehicle IRL why should it In a game? I could fully see being able to make certain hairstyle adjustments within the apartments, but how do we find away to make sure I could a realistic change based off the hair currently in the char? Makeup changes should 100% be available to do inside a home. You can already remove shoes and put them back on. Not sure about EMS, but LEOs do have a storage locker within the armory to store personal items during a shift and work related items when needed, if EMS doesn’t have this they should. IDK about EMS policy but in general PD doesn’t allow the few super goofy hairstyles although I’ve never seen anyone even try to use them in either faction. And I see no reason to limit color. Bank statements would be nice.
  13. Furniture is being worked on, previous versions of it were causing stability issues when everyone was using it.
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