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  1. I may be speaking for myself here... I appreciate the admins being so willing to protect us against harassment, I really do. Being female in a gaming community is difficult at times and can result in a lot of sexual harassment. It's absolutely amazing to have community leaders who are ready and willing to have our backs. That being said. I honestly feel like it gets abused. I feel like there are members of the community, and I've done it too, that take it too far and are ready to report anything someone says they dislike as harassment. If it's in character and not a consistent occurrence, Let me be clear, IT'S NOT FUCKING HARASSMENT. With some exception, but in general, being called a cunt, whore, slut, bitch, slag, twat or whatever its just simply an insult. Be a big girl you don't need the admins cuddling you for someone calling you that. The admins are busy as fuck. Stop overloading them with whiny bullshit. We are big girls and can survive it and handle it like a big girl... tell him he has a small dick XD But honestly are we really so fragile that we need admins to protect us from mean words said in character? Especially when we personally engage in hostile RP? Whatever, it might just be me but I'm really tired of nonsense cry baby reports. Stop reporting just cuz RP doesn't go your way. Again, let's be good to each other. Part of that is communicating effectively about the things that we didn't enjoy in roleplay experiences so that people have a chance to change a one-time behavior. Communication makes us a stronger more positive community.
  2. Well thats kinda the point, ya know? We are all guilty and I in no way am excluded from my own criticism. We all gotta work together to be good to each other. And maybe if thats how you feel maybe reach out to the person to discuss it.
  3. Ill start this off by saying this. Veronica Black is a character. I am not actually Veronica Black as a person. She might not be your favorite character or even a very likeable one at that, that being said, I never intend to hurt peoples feeling or to upset anyone. If i have or do I'll gladly have a conversation about it so long as things remain respectful and the purpose is to be a connected community. With that in mind, we gotta stop shit talking eachothers RP man. I feel like there is some hostility between cliques that really leads back to our inability to trust others RP. It seems like everyone is looking for a way others are exploiting, fail rping, harrassing, ect. And it just falls back to this place where no one RPs outside of their groups. Im guilty of it too, seeing something not go my way and immediately assuming its because the other party is exploiting or metagaming or powergaming... whatever it is. But the thing is if we can stop knocking eachothers RP and instead appreciate the variety we all bring to the table itll be alot healthier gaming environment and community. Stop immediately condecending, fighting, or belittling others RP or RP ideas. In the forums, discord, or in game. ( This includes your opinions on stuff like the mayor stuff, or how someone ruins RP by not going along.) Your opinion is no one elses business and youre contributing to the toxicity. Stop. Stop talking shit about other members or players OOC. About their level of rp, their ability to RP, their character choices, their voice, face, what ever. Just stop. Most of us are grown ass adults adults and its ridiculous. (This excludes your in character choices tho. Not everyone needs to play a likeable character and some hostility creates a dynamic environment.) Be good people, not necessarily good characters. Stop being a bunch of fucking crybabies. Stop crying during meetings. Stop whining to admins over petty bullshit. Stop being mad cuz others dont rp your way. Its not sims, you cant control other players. Its a risk you take when you include others in your rp. They might do some shadey shit and thats ok. The admins are people. People who get real fuckin tired of our bullshit. They dont wanna be up till who knows when listening to us whining about how so and so is a big meanie. Do Communicate. After hostile RP hit that person up saying "Hey great RP! Youre awesome." Or whatever. Reassure eachother that hostile RP isnt a hostile community. We are all people and games are frustrating but being positive and kind to eachother makes a healthy community. Do assume positive intent. If you look for negative you will find it. Assuming someone is well meaning and just trying to have fun, like you are, is going to find you that. (No im not talking about default danny number 6042856 who just rdm'ed you and called you a puss bag. Obvi report him) Honestly we have some amazing RPers with extraordinary creative talent but the ooc hostility we bring is crushing eachothers ability to flourish. Lets appreciate eachother. The people who stand around at legion, make sure theres always someone to talk to. The ones who never have any beef keep it peaceful. The ones who got a big fuckin mouth and start shit... we keep it interesting. Lets just be good to eachother yeah? Even if you dont see hostility you can at least agree with that message, right?
  4. I think you both have valid points. And part of the issue ive run into personally is starting story lines with people getting into deep RP and when things dont go their way they break character and say "its light RP i dont have to play with you" and ruin a perfectly good RP and putting unfillable gaps in story lines. And after the level of effort i put into my RP when im trying thats really sucky...
  5. You have a valid and well presented point. I think all that people are asking is more for protection of the RP, but they dont want to impact the light RP that people enjoy
  6. Thats the thing @speed. We didnt say we wanted to leave. We openned with we like badlands and want to stay but we want more opportunity and wanted badlands to be the place for that. You are the one who said go somewhere else. Thats dismissive and actively states how little you care about the players who only suggested an improvement. Im fine with being told no. Im not fine with the "if you dont like it get out" narrative that youve glued yourself to.
  7. He denied saying that we dont matter. I was just pointing out exactly where that came from maybe they can improve their PR tactic next time. ??
  8. "Please don’t take this the wrong way, none of us want to see players leave. But whether you want to accept it or not, Badlands will live on with or without you." Speed 2018
  9. Tbh it doesnt even matter. I could go light RP or heavey RP and have fun. Its just thoroughly disappoints me to see admins tell the community members how little they matter and that if they dont like it they can get out. It was a suggestion to try and improve the commuity for some without effecting the light RP environment others enjoy. And all thats come of it was a giant F U to the people trying to improve this commuity. And the snarky comments that rang in from someone who would have been entiely unaffected by a change like this was supported by admins. Thats pretty messed yo. If you werent gonna miss us anyways. Then how would it have splintered the comunity to separate us from the light RP? Just doesnt make sense. Side note 25 people signed that petition in one night.
  10. Allow me to rephrase, If you think all the people who want real RP should just go somewhere else, it might be a good idea to consider how many people are imbedded into the system that you created. People in high rank EMS and Police positions. Go somewhere else IS splintering the community. And its disrespectful to the people who helped build the server, and people who fight to make it better.
  11. This is exactly what I've been thinking for a while. I really want an environment where I can get into deep RP but I really dont want to leave badlands. The effort that staff puts into the making of the server and community makes it for me but I'd really like an option get deeper RP which isnt as available with the whole light RP environment kinda disallows for this.
  12. @Str84it Sweet! I def want in on this is some way!
  13. Please tell me You are RPing an actual newspaper company... Cuz that would be fantastic. To pay journalist for stories, that would be dope!
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