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  1. New players that are riding these ridiculous granny bikes around? Players running from the cops that ditched their car in some dark alleyway? Players that don't own a car and cant afford a taxi? Players on the way to work saving to afford a car? Players that are delivering? Drug dealers that get off at bus stops to sell to the ai waiting? Players that as mentioned before want to be bus drivers? A new way to explore the train system where one person has to be on the vehicle for it to spawn? Players that want to rob ppl getting on and off the bus at the bus stops? Imo a bus has a use in a city that not everyone wants to drive a super car. BUT... possibly all the reasons above are why we don't want or need a bus and would rather wait for a train with less stops but at a faster rate of speed. Maybe the player buys a metro ticket and that spawns the train, above and below ground? I like the subway a lot better there is so much potential that is lost.
  2. Shout out to the Homie that landed a chopper on Strawberry yesterday #Vagos
  3. I knew someone suggested this, however my post was more about if the code would allow an AI bus to pick players up and shuttle them more like a train
  4. I know we have talked to serpico in detail about how trains could work and the problems with making them run. I'm thinking of taking the problem and using it to make an even better situation. So from what we have talked about on twitch trains can only work if someone spawns them and if that person leaves the train would be gone. So what if we take that and use it for a bus stop , the player enters any random bus stop and a bus comes to that stop and stops at the next closest bus stop/station. This would be a great idea because it could open up a number of rp situations, plus a new Bus driver job could be implemented. This would also eliminate the need for starter area bikes. (Stand in the bus stop circle bus arrives seconds later), as long as that player is on the bus it would continue to do its bus route. Maybe the bus could also have a moving icon on the map to show players where active routes are .
  5. Sore


    We know you know him, here is his body cam
  6. Sore

    Patch 3.14

    tents, lol
  7. Thanks for the time to anyone that reads this to start. I was thinking about car prices for a casual player. I'm thinking of another game mode idea that can spice things up a bit imo. As a tow driver you don't get many calls so.... that got me thinking. Cars would not only have a price but then a monthly in-game timed lease that would come automatically from ones bank account. Lets take a low price car to start this example. changing it from woning it for 400 to 400 being the down payment for example, as to buy the cheapest car is 300 or 400, i think its 400 for this example it will be 400 down, and in addition there would be another number on the buy list that says lease 300, per mo ingame time. So every 30 days in-game money comes out, if you run out of money your car is up for repo. this would do a few things. A. Let,s say the average player has 5 cars each car has a monthly fee or it gets repossessed. 5 of the 400 priced cars would have a total of 1500 a in-game month being deducted from the bank accounts. B.<--- a New in-game job<-- from the job center "must own tow truck" must have repo license. 20k Drivers get locations of color coded cars on map, drivers can accept and or decline repo jobs. C. The more expensive the car the more the lease. D. Lets be honest, almost no one pays for a car in cash, it's all down payments and a monthly fee. E. In this concept, if your car is successfully reposed and brought back to the impound lot, each day not paid would compound interest and cost more to release. A max time before car is sold at auction and gone, player must re-buy after IMO 5 in-game days of impound. Could open up an auction idea also F. This idea would stop players from using multiple trunks as storage. Guiding those players to buy housing for storage, as housing IMO should be a monthly in-game cost also before the sheriff serves the eviction notice G. the Repossessor would get a blip on radar of where the players car is each time it comes out of a garage and /or is started then the repossessor must actively retrieve the car from the owner, and must notify the police before they attempt any repo, this way the police know the location of possible hostility. The repo driver could imo simply walk up to the player and tell them the car is up for repo, that player could ride with the driver back to the impound and pay the fines and back pay to get the car released. H. Or the driver could wait till the owner leaves the vehicle and use a lock pick to open it and then load it on the tow truck. I. Or the owner could flee, and or fight for his/her vehicle, as then the repo driver could then fight back, and or flee and release that job order due to violence, that could be given to the next driver as a blip of a dif color on the map to indicate to that driver that there could be hostility. Thanks for your time to anyone that reads this. Ps... it doesn't have to stop at cars , this can be for trucks motorcycles, and or aircraft and boats Too bad that other tow truck still doesn't work, that one could just back up to the car and pick it up, or as they call it a Hook and Book! Extra. There could be payments rather then using the word lease and could need to be payed by phone app via the Player. If the player misses a payment the car gets flagged for repo <--- possible edit
  8. based on the video i think that we need to add more barricades around the doors so that police ai can enter without cars blocking them outside, there are 3 blue barricades that cars can not break at the south side of the main bank near the fire exit , those should be made to block around that exit and main entrance to allow for a fix to the car parking exploit and further allow ai police to enter the bank.
  9. Sore

    Patch 3.13

    Awe, what do I do with this metro ticket now, maybe i'll keep it just to prove the machine worked.
  10. na I guess It made sense to me when I typed it, and I should have moved it to another forum where it made more sense to others, sorry
  11. Id like to see Chihuahua Hotdogs, at the vendors, there are so many hotdog stands but no hotdogs Next If logged in gangs are coming in the future where u sign in to be a gang member, it would be good to see no aggro by fellow gang member ai. No reason for your own gang to be hostile towards you. In addition to the gang mechanics the gang members should if signed in to a gang have the gang cars on the map to represent where those gang members are at all times while in a car. As it is right now there are gang cars on the map that mean nothing, it would be nice to give them meaning, color coded or not doesn't matter (red, blue, green yellow , purple). Also I was thinking we can add a grubHub to the job center, and an app on the phone so you can order food if your not near a store. A delivery for food orders from real players where real players can order things of the app or in a message box. ex1: 2 Burgers from Burger Shot, one cookie, 1 redgull, and 2 waters. a ping goes to the driver of the location it was ordered. Car rentals, that only stay until the storm rented from the car rental shop, there is one on the map if i'm correct. Ai bus service that you pay for a ride to the next location. Just like trains, giving players a reason to be at a bus stop and or train station. Targets to the ammunition gun ranges. A reason to buy a tugboat for a job? Maybe tugboats could be used for mass fishing 50 fish per net, (adding fisherman to the job center), of course we would have to buy each net. this might bringing fishing back to a good way to make higher end money. Fisherman could also use the job for illegal shark poaching where u need two players to speargun a shark, and the shark is a one bite kill, this way 2 players would have to coordinate the spear gun shots to hit at the same time before they die, also using scuba gear. (Add speargun to ammunition) Maybe its a BIG PAYOUT, more then trucking as it's life or death attempt by two players. Maybe sharks need to be transferred from the tug boat to a mule to be taken to a illegal butcher at the slaughter house, adding butcher to job center. The butcher could also handle hunting as the legal front. This Slaughter house could also add another illegal location for the police via informant, If sharks are being butchered, just like the coke lab. The Tugboat would load the shark the same way a tow truck loads a car. Maybe when you pull in the shark, there could be a shark hanging from a big hook on the tugboat to show you caught it. If the shark could be seen on the boat it would give a whole new reason to have a coast guard, as shark poaching would be illegal, and fishing could be a front and or legit job for mass fishing.
  12. Would it be possible to code the npc "gang" ai to be aggressive to those not wearing similar hood colors. Ex1. A Vago wearing yellow goes to purple Ballas turf or Family green turf they would be met with aggression and gun fire. This would stop "spamming of drug sales in other turfs". Also if that code is possible, it would be good to have your own colors be friendly toward you. EX2. The police chase you into your own hood. You end up in a fire fight with the police. Your own gang wearing your colors should help you, not kill you. The reason: just because you are wearing alike colors. Ex3 Player A. is representing green, chases player B. whom is representing yellow into Jamestown resulting in a gun fight, player b should not be targeted by the Vagos, instead the npc Vagos should target the player wearing green. Basically making game ai more realistic and more immersive. I'm thinking the colors are: Yellow= Vagos Blue= Marabunta grande Green= Grove street families Purple= Ballas Black= The Lost mc How would you code this, shoe color, shirt color, mask color? I have no idea how to do it, but it would be cool. Some might say why only make it those colors? The short answer would be, linearly driving "gang lore" Rp, and allowing gangs to know who the enemies are.
  13. If you kill a player or local how does one dispose of the body? 3 things need to be implemented *1st (A way to move the body to carry or drag..) *2nd (A place to store things in a dumpster and or garbage can from bodies to inventory and or Easter eggs. ) *3rd (The ability to search cans dumpsters trunks and garbage trucks) The idea is actually for a garbage pickup job with a purpose... The first would be a paycheck, The second could be the disposal of anything including inventory items, and but not limited to dead locals or downed players. This idea if you hear it out could open tons of Rp, from the driver of the truck that finds some contraband or bodies in the trash, to police being able to search nearby cans and dumpsters at a crime scene. Maybe having the ability to search cans allows the homeless rp players to search cans for food. This mechanic would also allow devs to put "RNG" Easter eggs in cans and dumpsters.
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