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  1. If the Los Santos FIRE department actually fought fires I would sign up in a fucking heartbeat.
  2. Keep in mind the faster you go over regular GTA online the smaller the map will feel. And the speeds Rockstar set for their cars in online is about the same for here.
  3. Honestly I would love to see realistic weights unless you use a bag or something Reason I typically am running around with a duffle bag. Cuz I have tons of shit on me.
  4. I think lotto tickets should have more common lower payouts in addition to the big payout. Listed below are payout ideas for the lotto tickets. Examples of other possible payouts for the scratch tickets. Free Ticket - I would say make this pretty common 2k payout Percentage payouts based on what the jackpot is however never exceeding like 25 percent of the current jackpot just so the jackpots value stays high. This would encourage more people buying tickets and wasting their money with the small prizes vs getting the large one allowing a good money sink... Shhh Don't tell them the real reason.
  5. I think having the chop shop open to public like that would be the best bet and allow so many of our groups to have our own sorta niche.
  6. +1 on the base idea of this since I asked for something similar on my Lost MC business app awhile ago. I feel like almost every group is fighting over that chop shop and crafting lol
  7. Good find that I would imagine could work well with the current menu and be more fluid
  8. So currently Roleplaying as a LOST MC member I find it sorta inconvenient that Stab city literally the James Town or Grove for the Lost MC is treated as an illegal area and is search on sight by cops considering its it's own little town full of bikers. I thought of a way to maybe change that seeing how digi den works in the city. How about removing the collection node for Ephedrine in stab and moving it to robbing pharmacy stores could even add an MLO pharmacy location in the city I have seen floating around. And could rob the hospital pharmacy up north in Paleto Bay too at night maybe similar to how you hit the phone store. I feel this is far more immersive than just the old method of stand and wait for bikers to hand you some. However make it far less alert heavy for cops basically way lower then a normal store robbery or the phone store since in all fairness they stand a better chance of catching them selling and making the meth it's needed for. You could even balance it out by removing the informant for PD effectively moving the heavy risk of meth to the pharmacy break ins and selling. Have alerts on the break ins but just let people cook and get caught the old fashioned way of actually spotting the smoke like back in the old days.
  9. This and can we get eye color added to the barber shop.
  10. I agree but I am just thinking of if it needs balanced for any sorta reason like people using it to run from cops and what not. I do agree it shouldn't be harmful to allow it flat out.
  11. Maybe having a way to do /shirt 0 /Jacket 0 and /vest 0 long story short just the ability to take off more clothes like that on the fly. And if done like that it would auto apply the right hands for no shirt or jacket. Could balance that by forcing you to go to a clothing store or having to have a bag or something to reapply said items.
  12. That is why you allow 14.08 or 88.23 and lock all beyond 100 as options to prevent the listening in.
  13. Cops and Criminals need each other for content, Without one the other is super bored. But only one of them have to spend 45 mins in most cases alone roleplaying with thin air for losing is all I am saying.
  14. 100% agree with this until there is more to do in prison. Personally, Criminals need to commit crime to give police roleplay but then when they get caught they shouldn't be forced to IRL spend 45 mins doing nothing. It's almost like punishing people for roleplaying. However I know there are things in the works for prison down the road but allowing someone to switch characters isn't a bad idea at all. If abused it should be punished on a person by person basis. I mean we could introduce cops who get shot in the line of duty and need to be taken to the hospital to sit at mission row for 45 just for roleplaying their role? I mean that would be pretty much the same thing honesty. You see how odd that is?
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