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  1. Issue with this is you will never be able to get PD's full attention as they have to respond to other calls vs events.
  2. That I can def get behind. Great Idea Merr the safe being robbed I like just not the idea of running it like a store.
  3. So people can sit there and say we are preventing use of public content. Yeah no thanks. Would rather it just be removed lol
  4. +1 for the forum name.
  5. I have pleaded this many times but I feel the LOST MC shouldn't be a storefront for RP reasons. No way a outlaw biker club would allow their clubhouse to be used in that manor. If you had to use the LOST MC for anything a mod shop or repair shop would make most sense. Even a illegal chop shop but at the very least just removing the store as a legal storefront ran out of a biker bar that sells pizza and cola doesn't make much RP sense to me.
  6. Oz says it best. @Serena I haven't attended any of your events, However personally I more than most know how much time and effort goes into those events and I am happy you put those on for the community. So let me say thank you for all the effort you put in. People shouldn't be targeting you for doing something good and fun for everyone. My post was more just to keep 2.0 more RP based and consistent.
  7. I would like to suggest that in 2.0 admin events are ran on a separate server. I feel they actually disrupt RP in favor for an hour or two of OOC mini games. It kills the immersion when people are trying to have some serious RP and the day cycle drastically shifts or the weather suddenly changes. People are suddenly being teleported away... And the city becomes a ghost town. I just feel like the player hosted events don't kill the immersion as hard as the Admin events do and would like to see them hosted on their own server. Don't get me wrong I love the events the Admin staff put on I am just making this suggestion for Roleplay sake and the servers immersion overall.
  8. While I we are on this topic. SKINNY JEANS!!!!!!!!!! Also the shorter long beard has been removed replaced by a generic white Tshirt
  9. I love this idea. But for this to work the economy would have to change to be pretty harsh. Like money would have to be fucking hard to get. Jobs across the board would have to pay waayyy less.
  10. Agree with this and the drunk effect too. Just the option to disable it. Would be nice.
  11. I would like to see the gang attire change to no limit at all while not engaged in hostile situations. But limit it to maybe 6 for hostile situations and 6 for any player populated area. Reason for this is it limits RP to have to keep having people change out of clothes when people are just hanging out not being shitlords Also would like gang registries.
  12. Kota Taylor

    Patch 3.14

    Lol Tents making Los Santos look even more like LA. Nice patch.
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