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  1. Rims were disabled for a good reason it was a thing and I am sure it will be added back later on once the issues FiveM is causing with them are fixed. A developer can correct me if I am wrong but that is the impression I got as to why they were removed.
  2. Remove the teleport at La Fuente Blanca/ Madrazo Ranch https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/open-madrazo-ranch-doors#comments_tab Remove the invisible wall at the Lifeinvader board room. https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/open-conference-room-in-lifeinvader-office Ice Cream Shop on the pier similar to burger shot for another RP hangout spot. https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/the-palace-ice-cream-custards-menyoo
  3. The only rule with violence at player populated areas is for gangs to limit gang violence as it was out of control at one point. I myself am not in favor on putting hard restrictions or safe zones in the city it would open up meta and people stirring shit only to hide from their actions in said safe zones. This reason along with many others would in the end in my honest opinion would hinder roleplay and move the server backwards from its medium roleplay direction and the small steps its taking from not putting training wheels on everything to counter the shitlords which is typically what light roleplay servers have to do. My advice if you're sick of seeing the drama and random bullshit going on at 2/6 while clocked on mechanic maybe move to any of the 5 other mechanic shops and open up business.
  4. Maybe crazy idea here, But what if the business had an option to purchase a juggernaut suit that gave full armor limited mobility was pricey and obviously illegal... Also had a cooldown on the purchase.
  5. Away from your definition of roleplay you mean. Just because it's not the type of roleplay you like doesn't mean it isn't roleplay. Just saying. I don't exactly enjoy the stand around roleplay myself but I wouldn't classify it as not roleplay.
  6. I have and always will be in favor of zip ties. However not on public servers. It breeds OOC Salt and toxic behavior.
  7. You can advertise on badlands discord and in game and can contact a staff member if you want something posted on the public calendar.
  8. +1 I would love to see this added. I personally like the idea of it not making you completely blind but enough to make it hard to make out where you may be at or where you're going. This plus a f1 f2 menu for people dragging or carrying you would add so much to the roleplay of kidnappings.
  9. What if everyone could only spec 1 skill at a time. It would force people to reach out to other people most likely form a crew of the best people with said skills.
  10. Bank robberies more similar to italian job or oceans 11 where it requires skill and planning vs brute force is something I would love to see. Not that I wouldn't be happy with a super over the top hard mode for going loud and proud.
  11. You know how long it takes to disable someone's car with a melee weapon? A very annoying amount of time... And in most cases it won't even disable it. I have spent 20 mins hitting a car with a bat and gave up as it wasn't breaking the car. Right now it's shoot it and blow it up which is a dick move or speed bomb... It would be an item that takes time to use... My vision for it would be an item when used would throw the person in a similar animation like the repair vehicle but takes a bit longer to do. Maybe take it a step further and put a few commands on it so if you fail you get shocked or something (queue getting tazed animation).... I can tell you 3 previous scenarios I have been in where I have shot tires blown up a car or what not and just didn't want someone following me or wanted them to be a bit inconvenienced there was a ton of roleplay to disabling the car. And this would open up a legit way to disable non vigilant police officers cars while still giving them a chance to catch them in the act. A ton better than the old way of just sitting in the driver's seat.... Sometimes in RP you don't want someone to just get up and jump in their car and follow and fact is currently there is nothing to aid with this. Minus just shooting the person down which is poor roleplay if roleplay at all in most cases. Side note, I don't like the people will abuse it defense. There will always be someone that abuses something and flat out denying the idea due to risk or fear of abuse is why our community doesn't get a ton of things.
  12. It's simple just like we have a weapons disablement kit I would like to see a vehicle disablement kit.
  13. Just a thought considering the location. When you try to rob stores in hostile or bad areas. Example the Lost MC club or Little Seoul it should trigger the MC or the triad members around the area. And should pay out a bit more due to the NPC agro.
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