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  1. I would love to see this a thing. But maybe something to make it a bit more personal peer to peer. So its a bit interactive vs just send money to x person. Maybe you make a request to send money to x person. And X person gets a code texted to them by the bank that they then have to give to the sender for it to go through. It at least adds a bit of an interaction to the exchange that walking up face to face does currently.
  2. LOL there is a reason my crim has gone 4 months without a charge. Be a smarter criminal and PICK UP YOUR CASINGS!!!! And my personal experience and conversations I have heard. Is people need to stop treating lawyers as a joke and a get out of jail free card. Even when they flat out gun people down in front of said lawyer or shoot said lawyer in the crossfire of their dumb shit. Then have the balls to be like I am gonna need you in a min. Is an example of why some lawyers I am sure are tired of clocking on. They're treated as a bot or a mechanic to strong arm the sentence in crims favor vs actually fighting legit instances of misconduct by officers or false sentencing.
  3. 2 I know does log. I meant ordering, Depositing and removing money from business account. Aswell.
  4. Just posting this up since I buried it in a previous QOL improvement post. 1. There should be a way to see who is whitelisted for what under role management. Currently there is no way to know who is or isn't whitelisted for what role. Unless you manually write it down and pray you don't lose that info. 2. Being able to see what ID ordered what and when from the store menu. 3. Levels for doors. Being able to assign a level to certain doors so you can grant access to parts of business without giving it to all.
  5. All it takes to get off the ground is a few determined tow truck drivers and dealerships willing to work with them in RP.
  6. I was actually editing my post I forgot about contracts.
  7. You don't really need mechanics for this. Just an imagination. The lost was doing this for Mosleys for months awhile back, After putting the effort and time into attempting to reach out to a few dealerships about this face to face in game. One of them actually took a chance on the idea. It was pretty engaging having to legit find and hunt these people and the cars down all in RP without a mechanic aiding it. Just going by descriptions of the people and the car. We stopped doing it mostly due to the move to Paleto, But honestly the times when someone actually defaulted on their payments and we was needed to repo was very rare. That said. If mechanics were to be put into a repo system. A one major thing I would say that would help at the very least is the ability for a dealership to reclaim ownership of a vehicle if brought back. As long as a contract is wrote up and receipts of payments are all documented for legality sake. Cuz to be honest that aspect will open up more DOJ RP. But I am not a fan of a mechanic that takes away the roleplay of walking into a dealership and having a conversation and getting information on people and vehicles and then actually hunting the car down in favor of something that just makes it a notification on your phone to go to this spot and get this car and bring it back.
  8. Here is a few more QOL adjustments. Being able to select a ped model at character creation. Instead of running to a barber. Businesses showing who is whitelisted for what roles under role management. Along with having a transaction log of who took what out money wise. For said business. I like the idea above of storage bags. That can be dropped with a limited amount of space in them. That you can toss on the ground or in a trunk. Vs just drop. You can pick it all up at once or just go through said bag and leave it on the ground.
  9. can we have car event such as car racing,rally,offroad also meets/shows would be awesome


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