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  1. I like this idea. As it would hold officers far more accountable for their suspects. imagine for a sec that hostage animation that was suggested in a previous post combined with not being jailed. the roleplay from a suspect getting the upper hand on a officer to try to escape could be a decent encounter.
  2. So I am not allowed to speak my mind in a public forum about my personal opinions and concerns on subjects because they might be deemed negative? I mean isn't that the point of a public forum to voice concerns and opinions? You should know me better than that speed. I have since day one of joining this community been very vocal about stuff. That will never change.
  3. Personally, I think it should have zero restrictions even the ability to shoot the person... Why cuz 2.0 is hyped up to be the second coming of roleplay with less restrictions... I am sick of pretending to have ahold of someone during RP scenes this actually allows you to mechanically grab and escort people to where you want in a hostile way. And be able to actually have a hostage rather than pretending to have a hostage. Fact is judging on the response above from staff that it has to be managed or restricted in some way just proves to me that 2.0 is still gonna be more of the same mentality wise from staff just with a locked door on the server. That being said if you are gonna force a restriction I would prefer the f1 f2 menu as it's the least intrusive imo. If you're gonna whitelist the community then turn around and not trust your whitelisted members what are you all even doing bothering with the whitelist to begin with.
  4. Personally this is what I was thinking would be a good option.
  5. It's called RP and negotiation rather than just tazing and shooting. 2.0 people shouldn't be shitlords about how and why they take people hostage. There should be a reason behind it that the PD can then RP and figure out. Not just doing it because. Also against giving PD a scope to take out someone holding someone hostage, To me it's pretty win heavy in favor of cops if they have to have a long rifle with a scope as the hard counter to this situation. I will tell you exactly how that ends up with the meta of officers these days. It will be 3 mins of trying to negotiate then shooting the suspect... What roleplay value is that? Want a counter for it PD then just use Roleplay and hostage negotiation tactics rather than using a OP gun.
  6. This needs to be added. I can see it being used in many situations. However doing this should auto count as a crime to keep it even keel so people arn't abusing it.
  7. Issue with this is you will never be able to get PD's full attention as they have to respond to other calls vs events.
  8. That I can def get behind. Great Idea Merr the safe being robbed I like just not the idea of running it like a store.
  9. So people can sit there and say we are preventing use of public content. Yeah no thanks. Would rather it just be removed lol
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