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  1. Take it easy corey, always had good times with you bud
  2. I would just like to point out, there is a big difference in "grinding" and making money. The original point of grinding was that, there is a fair amount of the server's population at times, spending a whole storm cycle or multiple cycles purely running money, either avoiding RP where possible to improve efficiency. Or being underwater which unless EMS is needed, you are segregated from the rest of the city. Making steady money, by doing an hour or 2 each day of "grinding" is fair. But as stated, getting super cars within a week and their use of them is outrageous at times. There is a need for all sections of the community to come together now and improve the overall quality of what this community was and can be. Put down the grinding mentality for a while and just enjoy who is out there. We have a whole range of players from old to new with a wealth of RP experience and personality. Play FiveM for what it's designed for.
  3. Are we racing taco trucks? Is that your point?
  4. There would still need to be some form of negative impact with the clothing options. As everyone would just end up wearing the gear that aids their ammo capacity. But I like the idea
  5. 100% agree, and it's not exactly hard to stop past a station or ammunition to fill up. Would love to see this capped to 4 clips maximum. Or possibly the more you carry the quicker you run out of stamina, running.
  6. well said @r3v0Lt55. You hit the point right on the head. Until the community as a whole start respecting each others RP more and caring less about the "outcome" then we will be stuck in a stalemate. I strive to be fair when dealing with all criminals, as long as they are putting in effort, looking for new ways to expand scenario's, hell making me laugh. For example many times I could have used my shotgun I avoid it, as I want to keep gunfights lasting, rather than 1 shot and done, using 3rd person only to shoot, etc. Once we all begin to appreciate another's character and begin to see what they want from their RP experience, then and only then, Can we all adapt and make the overall community's outlook more dynamic. I agree that the current economy also doesn't help with people grinding scuba diving all day to get that super car. As Kota said, focus on what your character needs, not what you want. I have been a member of the PD for over a year now. Married to the job and have earned a fair amount of cash over my time. However the most expensive car I drive is a sports classic for 400k. As this is something I have "worked a long career" to achieve. I wouldn't be able to own an x-80 on an officers wage, I have bills to pay, food, rent, utilities. Expand your story, don't be the stereotype of robbing a 24/7 in a super car, in what world does that make sense? Yes, it's a game, but there needs to be a level of realism to give that immersion.
  7. You're focusing on money instead of the RP value that most jobs bring to the community. Drugs are one of the most balanced jobs, with alot of criminals finding ways how to not get caught, or greatly reduce the chance. It sounds hards but simply, get better at drug dealing. Learn from your mistakes, change your tactics. Plenty of experienced criminals can tell you the same thing
  8. I agree with Steve, the old system meant you guys never got caught. Since a new system has been implemented, it's allowed store raids to actually happen. I've had multiple raids now, each having a great RP scenario. Time for criminals to change up their tactics, and 360k per storm cycle is mooore than enough. 10k per minute just means more money hoarded. I will agree there should be another way to spend dirty money, giving more criminal RP. There shouldnt be people making a mill a day, its nonsense for the economy. As I always say role play over monopoly.
  9. I use /dispatch all the time, I love it
  10. Jordan.S

    Russel Price

    Welcome to our city, hope to bump into you sometime
  11. Dev team have stated they won't be actively supporting controllers. I just suggest you drive with the keyboard.
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