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  1. Welcome to Badlands, enjoy your stay and hope to see your ideas around town.
  2. Welcome to Badlands, always an interesting interaction when you're around.
  3. I agree with Sully, while more modifications, cars and customs cars are being asked for. Its not a priority, an overhauled system to bring racing more mainstream first is a good start. +1
  4. The old menu system used to be in the style of a phone. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I'll pass it onto the dev team.
  5. I can see the server going public again, but with the current amount of working the dev/staff team are putting in, they don't have the man power to, nor time, to actively deal with hackers and scripters. I agree though, and hope to see it go public again soon. Badlands always had a good reputation for being an open door to help newer players, dive into and learn RP.
  6. Developers announced there is no current plan to wipe after beta.
  7. The economy is going to be a work in progress, the dev/staff team in sure will be monitoring it, making changes where necessary. Just keep in mind that the aim is to promote more player on player Interactions, saving money using player ran mechanics, using on duty medics, etc. With re launch only just happening, don't stress about money, it will be some time to get word out again, process whitelisted apps, and monitor the data to make necessary tweaks.
  8. +1 nearly any emote added is a win in my books.
  9. Moving towards the future, I'd like to see the removal of the jailing mechanic. Currently when you're jailed by an officer the ability to leave that cell/room is completely removed, moving forward I'd like to see more focus being put on locking doors being observant, etc. It would create some more security protocols as such, and always have that option for more unpredictable RP to flow. I understand the need for it up to now, although if we were to keep it I can't help feel it's a bit of a "power play" loosely, as it's still an in game feature that is there to be used. Please discuss and share your opinions.
  10. I'm all for being able to equipment off officers, however not a fan of the radio being stolen, then being used to tune into their comms. It just opens it up to far to much abuse and would force a lot of scripted scenarios, allowing criminals to know the officers moves.
  11. I regret everyday it isn't
  12. https://imgur.com/a/bemhL6M
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