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  1. This kind of event tends to be done via I game twitter and ads, someone posts they are hosting a car show with a prize pool. However if you want to do a planned event around a car show, and have some ideas. Reach out to a member of the event team on discord. They can help you organise something and get it on the calender.
  2. Currently there is only the 3 appartments available as a housing option. I know the devs were working on housing before, but it isn't a priority currently.
  3. There have been topics about this before, if you check the search tab
  4. As luna said, check your balances with M then wallet, or go to an atm/bank. The money in the map menu isn't linked to your characters bank. Your best option is to get a free bike from the subway. Pick and sell some peaches, that will give you enough for a license and a car in no time.
  5. 100% agree with this, it's a change that I personally can only see pros, to. +1
  6. Applications get reviewed when admins have the time, it's usually done in bulk or when they happen to have free time. Just be patient, my tip for you is don't pester them once you put it in. They have lives and other priorities, a staff member will reach out to you when it's time. Hope this helps, good luck, and hopefully you can enjoy your time in badlands
  7. Jordan.S

    Drug Training

    Department Drug Training ALL RANKS WELCOME - ESPECIALLY RECRUITS. Schedule - Known drug areas How to approach calls Coordinating well with other officers Sharing knowledge between your peers Depending on attendance groups will be split, covering as much live action as possible
  8. Jordan.S

    Patch 3.13

    Great to see so many fixes, thank you Dev's for the continued work
  9. Welcome to Badlands, enjoy your stay!
  10. Welcome to Badlands, enjoy your stay
  11. Welcome to Badlands, the only limit is your imagination. The more people you meet, the deeper your immersion will carry.
  12. Welcome to Badlands!
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