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  1. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/tesla-semi-7511jack
  2. Just realized max level is 8, but I'm not sure so I won't edit the suggestion just yet.
  3. So the way attitude works has been the same for as long as I remember, you start at level 4 which grants you 40Kg weight for your inventory, in order to increase this to the max level of 7 with a weight of 70Kg you're going to have to go to the gym with if I remember correctly takes you 15 minutes. Within these 15 minutes you are completely excluded from RP (unless there is someone else at the gym that you can talk to, but that chance is very small). The fact that you're completely excluded from RP for 15 minutes straight on it's own already is annoying, but the gym itself is quite boring as w
  4. True, there's too many crims, let's hire Walker to kill em all again
  5. Not something big or anything, but it's def nice to have and would value people's driving and attention to the road more. So here are my ideas for new traffic laws: - No mobile phone in hand while driving - Working lights and intact windows (might be weird with onesync and stuff, but still could have a chat with the driver and if they are aware of it, either write a fix it ticket or a regular ticket) - Noise disturbance (revving, honking, burnouts) - No custom horns with the exclusion of truck and cop horn - No red and blue underglow (not sure if that's a law already, but it shoul
  6. The thing is, I just want to look in peace and not even know what I'm looking for yet, and tbf in real life you could Google the price of a vehicle or go to the website of a dealership.
  7. The topic title already describes it, it would be quite handy to have an "app" on the in-game tablet with all vehicles (categories and shit), so that we can browse it for a vehicle we would like to buy from dealership, this way we don't have to just go to a dealership to ask the prices of multiple vehicles and can just look and browse in our own time. It would look the same like in the dealership's garage, but then without the sell, retrieve or buy buttons. Just the name of the vehicle, it's price and weight.
  8. Some vehicles I'd like to see added to the server, of which I was kinda surprised they weren't added yet: Guardian - Offroad Invetero Coquette D10 - Super? Imponte Beater Dukes - Muscle (Beater) BF Club - Compact Bravado Gauntlet Classic Custom - Muscle Dundreary Landstalker XL - SUV Maibatsu Penumbra FF - Sports Canis Seminole Frontier - Offroad? Declasse Yosemite Rancher - Offroad? Bravado Youga Classic 4x4 - Van (These are mostly part of the Summer DLC to GTA 5 that was as far as I know ported to FiveM) Also a vehicle that needs some change in it's durabil
  9. This will also give reason for boat trips and plane trips. + spread people across the world more. Make more RP as the island has a lot of areas for good RP. And a giant house for whoever has enough money to buy it.
  10. I'm just gonna drop this here, would love to be able to fly or sail to Cayo Perico and have some events and parties over there. https://forum.cfx.re/t/the-cayo-perico-island-available-for-fivem/1897446
  11. Idk if its possible, but maybe add a website builder to the tablet. Could maybe be verified for business owners. Tbh idk you you would do this, but you and Serpico are genius.
  12. +1 would love to see more things that increase strength besides the gym, gold, peaches and grapes.
  13. Are you stating you want the crims back on the street? #DirtyCop
  14. +1 don't know how many times I walked by a mailbox and wished I could use it to just grab a news paper or drop an advertisement in it for the next to see it.
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