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  1. So recently I started making neon logos, and with this also many versions of the BLRP logo. I got a few colours so far. If anyone wants a custom colour done, either respond to this topic or send me a dm on Discord (Lion Luke.#9514). Here some of my work I have done already, feel free to download and use anywhere (related to Badlands)
  2. Its not about marked units, it's about UC's not being recognised for being a cop instantly just because civs don't have such cars. It would improve RP and the way criminals handle crime. It wouldn't deter crime, just improve it, which tbh we need cause its just the same shit over and over again rn (most of the time)
  3. This exactly, thanks for explaining what I was too lazy for.
  4. Got any argument as to why you think this shouldn't happen?
  5. So, how about instead of getting rid of the old police cars completely, turn them into civilian cars. Strip all PD stuff, change the handling a bit and make them available for civilians. Keep the nostalgia instead of getting rid of it. May already be too late for this and or be too much work, just kept thinking about it. So he's my suggestion, so that I can finally let my mind rest. :^)
  6. I agree, but this isn't an option for everyone. Some people don't have the budget and have to work with what they have. I agree it's annoying, especially as a cop when someone barks at me over the radio, but sometimes you just have to pretend you don't hear certain stuff.
  7. +100 and yes it should be in Paleto. Get some more traffic that way, gives The Lost some more RP as well.
  8. This depends on the officer you're dealing with, but if I witness a vehicle that's meant for off-roading, doing so, I won't pull it over. And speaking of probable cause, I would only search said vehicle if it's for instance a semi truck in the mountains. If it doesn't make sense, then yes I will pull them over and or search. Probable cause however doesn't mean we have to search you and your vehicle, it just means we can. Again depends on the officer you're dealing with.
  9. Short suggestion, I found this script that could be an addition to the current calling system on the phone, a way to video call and share stuff from your current location, both front and back camera.
  10. https://gta5-mods.com/vehicles/dodge-ram-runner-fh3
  11. https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Rampant_Rocket
  12. That would make sense, yes. Like Whiskey and Vodka and other really strong beverages. Pretty much just Google what the max percentage in blood is before death, and base low, medium and high of of that
  13. Alright so this might be a suggestion that liked or hated based on how people feel. Tho being a cop and also a crim I feel like this change/addition could improve RP and offer more and new RP. So how alcoholic beverages work right now is, you will drink and get the drunk effect on your screen, your thirst increases and hunger decreases (the bars). How I think things should work is the drinking of alcoholic beverages should add alchohol into your blood, the more of it is in your blood, the worse the effects would be (a list of effects will be listed below). Every alcoholic beverage would have a different alchohol pertentage, just like in real life. And the DUI charge would be used more often as officers would be able to test your breath for alcohol with a machine that would tell the officer the percentage. Effects Low (normal percentage in blood) : - Vision (blurry, not yet waving) - Movement (walk style: drunk) - Slower input on actions (think about buttons, car locks, seatbelts, pulling out weapons, etc) - Become hungry slightly faster Effect Medium (higher percentage in blood than normal) : - Vision (blurry and slightly wavy, not yet waving all the way) - Movement (walk style: drunk2) - Slow input on actions (think about buttons, car locks, seatbelts, pulling out weapons, etc) - Become hungry twice as fast - Driving cars will cause the cars to steer randomly sometimes in any given direction Effect Large (really high percentage in blood) : - Vision (really wavy, sitting down and waiting would be the best right now) - Movement (walk style: drunk3) - Slow input on actions and has the chance to fail at time (automated /me message to make it come from being really drunk) (think about buttons, car locks, seatbelts, pulling out weapons, etc) - Become hungry 3x as fast - Driving cars will cause the cars to steer randomly really often in any given direction - Chance to pass out randomly just like with drugs Effect Death (drunk more than humaly possible) : After getting more that a certain amount of alcohol in your blood, your character would drop "dead" on the spot instantly, at this point all previous effects would have already happened to warn the character/player. ---- It's a lot to read, but I hope others will like this idea just as much as I do.
  14. Could be fixed by sending an automated life alert after 15 minutes (max hostage time), even if the cop doesn't have the life alert.
  15. I find that a terrible idea, but that may be just me. I find it if criminals don't want cops to be found in a hostage situation, they should RP take the life alert. Then if the cop presses it its fail RP. On a side note there is one thing on the PD side that really pissed me off and made me realise the criminal life really does suck, but I'll discuss that with PD only.
  16. Criminals having a panic button makes no sense tho. Cause they don't have a dispatch like cops do.
  17. +1 I think it's a good idea, this way we can all together find ways to make RP fun for everyone.
  18. If criminals are smart about it and take/disable the panic button before hand or threaten the cop with "if you press it we kill you" it would only affect inexperienced criminals, giving criminals another skill to work on and improve and offer more RP.
  19. Like I said. Have it play an animation, a sound and it could be a police sop that it can only be used when you feel that using the radio is too risky and when you're certain you will be in trouble. Same goes for the NVL rule, dont press it if you got a gun to your head. As for the 3-8 cops swarming you. We also have a max of 5 officers on scene rule.
  20. +100 I already suggested this to a senior staff member from PD. I def think it should at least play the radio animation tho so that criminals are aware and officers can't just do it with their hands up or when ziptied.
  21. I may or may not have ordered for $8,000 myself before.
  22. Yeah that's an issue, but holy shit that order. $4,250?!
  23. https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Verus
  24. I'm guilty of not being guilty, see what I did there ? I just broke reality, have a nice day!

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