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  1. I think this idea is amazing! My story involves too many people to name but Sheev, Kaelynne, Jesus, Serena, Spectre, Jesse. All of you were apart of this gang war. It started as something so small and turned out to be the best RP i was ever apart of. From the small meetings in the sewing shop, to ambushes on rival gang members, all of the RP was great. Nobody cared about grinding for money or getting a new supercar. That RP was some of the greatest stuff i have ever been apart of. Especially when Sheev shot Serena in the face. We had spent weeks, months trying to get her, and finally the time came. Albeit not in the best way but we got her none the less. Thank you Speed, Serpico, Sneaky, Ozadu for making Badlands such an amazing place that we could all come and have fun. None of this would have been possible without you guys!
  2. Simon "Ghost" Riley - Modern Warfare Series
  3. Hey Salim, it is a pleasure to have you around! If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask! I hope you enjoy your stay!
  4. Hey welcome to the community! I hope you enjoy your stay!
  5. I just want to say thank you to @RansomNGaming for being such a great suspect. Took me on a great chase and was overall such a pleasure to deal with. Seized his van and took over 180 units of drugs from him then got his number and hung out for a few hours after i clocked off. Need more civs like him!
  6. Huge shout out to @H. Blake and @Ivy Jones They always seem to be dealing with a crazy amount of unfriendly RP and just overall bullshit. These 2 officers deserve so much credit. I know it is hard to deal with this stuff on a regular basis and they always seem to deal with it with extreme professionalism. Made props to you both! - Tristan
  7. So as someone who was involved in that scene I want to shed some light on what happened. We held up a very controversial group at the Bank in Vinewood. These individuals showed absolute no Value of Life but this isn't the spot for it. My crew and I, after multiple warning, shot the individuals inside the store. We left the bank and got into our vehicle and drove off. We can back within 5 mins to see how the cops were doing. The cops asked us to leave the bank which we did, after being told a couple of times. As we were standing out front of the bank the female in our group pulled out a pool cue but did not threaten anyone in any way. The officer on the scene asked her to put the "weapon" away several times and she was giving him a little hassle. A man in a black tuxedo pulled out a gun to try to help the officers, and to nobody's surprise, the officer asked him to put away the weapon. The officer asked the female to put her hands up and as we just downed 3 players inside the store this was not ideal. So she started to run. The cops chased her. Myself and another member chased the cops with guns. We ordered that cops to stop and they did their job and tried to stop us. They failed and we downed them. In the process of all of this, the man in the black tuxedo stepped in to help the officers in an RP scenario he had no business being in and got shot. All of us were wearing the exact same outfit, with the exact same colors. Nothing we did or anything the officers did was out of the ordinary and did not upset or annoy any of us. I am sorry you feel so negatively about this situation as this was not our intention, but when you initiate on a gang/business, be prepared to get shot. - Tristan
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