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  1. Roman

    LSFD Interviews

    Please Join "Waiting Room EMS" on discord to get your interview done.
  2. Bump , I would love to see this become a thing! Love how you incorporated two illegal areas we already have
  3. Seems like an amazing social event
  4. Roman

    Hello there

    Hello Roman welcome to the city!!!
  5. Fortunately only a small amount of dedicated LSPD members have access to the helicopter so its not a thing that is available at all times. The tahoes are extremely good at offroading and i can see how your immersion is ruined by having crown vics and chargers chase you. The thing is man i belive that there no way those chargers climbed up those hills their tires spin soo much on the way up. The crown vics belive it or not are pretty slow , the chargers and bikes are used for speed while the crown vic has great handling. I think what happened here is just good police work. Now th
  6. Would love this , it would add a little bonus if you learn how to back that thing up
  7. Great guy mike thanks for everything!! ?
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