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  1. Roman

    LSFD Interviews

    Please Join "Waiting Room EMS" on discord to get your interview done.
  2. Bump , I would love to see this become a thing! Love how you incorporated two illegal areas we already have
  3. Seems like an amazing social event
  4. Roman

    Hello there

    Hello Roman welcome to the city!!!
  5. Fortunately only a small amount of dedicated LSPD members have access to the helicopter so its not a thing that is available at all times. The tahoes are extremely good at offroading and i can see how your immersion is ruined by having crown vics and chargers chase you. The thing is man i belive that there no way those chargers climbed up those hills their tires spin soo much on the way up. The crown vics belive it or not are pretty slow , the chargers and bikes are used for speed while the crown vic has great handling. I think what happened here is just good police work. Now this is how it is IRL man it is very rare to hear about cases were police were out geared by civilians( it usually happens in the most extreme cases). As far as not being able to do anything about it , there is something criminals can do against it and that is simply out manouver them. I have gotten away multiple times in 300$ sedans, you have to be extremely unpredictable.
  6. Would love this , it would add a little bonus if you learn how to back that thing up
  7. Great guy mike thanks for everything!! ?
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