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  1. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2008-ford-f550-flatbed-tow-truck https://www.lcpdfr.com/downloads/gta5mods/vehiclemodels/23098-non-els-kenworth-t440-flatbed-with-arrow-board-fivem-ready/ https://libertycity.net/files/gta-5/129083-2016-cat-ct660-tow-truck-non.html https://gta5mod.net/gta-5-mods/vehicles/trucks/kenworth-t440-heavy-wrecker-add-on-fivem-non-els-1-0-3/ https://redneckmods.com/product?id=b5edeb4c-7d1f-4fea-86ab-2357574f96a0 <- Ill pay out of pocket for this truck if its liked yes non ELS
  2. I've already reached out about this and got the reply i was not hoping for. Now im hoping to get enough support to maybe get this fixed. Myself i use a controller to drive because i cant drive with keyboard at all, been playing GTA for years with controller (Game built for controllers) At first we had a spotlight issue when we pressed our gas trigger (R2) the spotlight would come on each time then eventually would stop and go away. I reached out to get that fixed and boom no problem it was fixed. Now since last update (Which is awesome great work dev) But now we have the issue hitting our gas trigger to where it comes up and says Radar lock disabled/enabled. Reaching out to maybe get some support from other players who use controllers to get this function moved from our triggers. All i ask for controllers is that we can have gas brakes and steering that it all we need. Don't care about all the other buttons except them 3. And yes ive tried to re map the controls myself with no success, really frustrating esp being a streamer having to look at this radar text for hours like last night 5hr PD shift on stream. Not trying to wither feathers here just looking for support to get the change. Cheers all see yas in the city!
  3. Ahhh makes sense. Thanks guys
  4. Think it would ever be possible to add the sport games that gta already has? Golf, tennis, basketball etc
  5. I just bought a nice stream Mic. I'm wondering if there any do and don't to setting these things up? I assume its straight forward but also wondering I got a mic screen they better to use or not to use?
  6. I see it's fixed since last update. Thanks guys awesome!!
  7. Is it possible to remove these since they dont work? Us people who use controllers to drive every time we hit gas now says spotlight not available.
  8. I believe Mechanics should be able to buy parts trough there bank not have cash. Makes it hard to run for cash. I also believe maybe parts should be free for us as theres not much profit at $200 a fix if your taking 10 parts to fix a truck. And i see adds are still 1K to post so really hard to make any profit as mechanic atm
  9. Oh my bad. I could have swore we at least saw plate. But yes I feel we need this with plates being so long.
  10. Is it possible to have the new radar show up to the patrol passenger so they can get plates like our last radar?
  11. http://www.twitch.tv/cpl_rickness/v/466934465?sr=a&t=0s
  12. https://clips.twitch.tv/HungryObedientPeanutSpicyBoy
  13. Think it be a kool add if we could have a system where you can make a minimul down payment on a car then pay payments on it over time. If you dont pay the car gets tagged for repo and tow trucks can hunt the car down and take it. Adds another job to a maybe bank RP system also adds another part for Tow truck drivers to get. Another idea separate Tow truck and Mechanic, make them there own.
  14. I race today in Real Life. I'm gonna try togo live on twich for some of it with my phone in car. Stay tuned this afternoon and check out the only racecar im sure with Badlands stickers on it lol its 11am here now my practice starts at 2:30 stay tuned!
  15. Would like to welcome my girlfriend Brittany. She'll be Britt Ness wife of Rick Ness. Pretty pumped to have my girlfriend in here to play along with us. Shes been on a couple days now and loving it. If you see her say hi! Hopefully a future officer also will see. Cheers https://imgur.com/gallery/OisyRgr Sorry wont let me add pic to post for some reason
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