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  1. What does this mean? If we spam that mechanic with loads of medkits the person will get fully healed? Or it works just like pills used to work? Also what about the limp they have? We can get rid of that? (hope not) Sorry for the confusion @speed .
  2. That would be an awesome idea BUT until the devs can make it happen I dont think they will go back with that rule or the civs will be okay with staying in that rule for some time. As said before maybe its better discussing this in a comunity meeting, so people can discuss, give ideas and probably even get to an agreement, until then there is no point in stress ourselves over something that can be solved in a few hours of meeting.
  3. Here I meant to play as a different character so people dont know its you so easily. If they do they will only be arround you and asking you for stuff or see you as an admin and avoid any problems and as soon as you leave the area they keep doing wtv they want according to rules or not. That would be a way to avoid this kind of problems, so when people are trying to get these rules so people dont use it against you or try to outsmart those rules you guys can presence what they are doing and not being based only of reports that a person can record only the part that they want and turn everythin
  4. I will just give my honest opinion and agree with what @Ren Yates said as main topic, also I felt a little bit unconfortable after I also get notified about the 64 players in the server and the higher staff notified about having more cops, more ems (no issue with that, that might be fair) BUT there was no comment over the civilian ganks, I mean, I understand there will be more drug calls / shot calls / etc etc for cops and more people going down for EMS but having gang rules limiting hostility only to 4 members and now this and MAYBE in the future having 8 cops for 4 gang members keeping in mi
  5. I will need to disagree with that due to the huge amount of people that I see trying to be part of the Vagos / New MC clubs and even other gangs coming to the city, and that is not even a new thing.
  6. Welcome to the city! Hope you have an awesome experience wich I'm sure you will and most importantly, have fun! Looking forward to interact with you in the city!
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