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  1. Aviation and Aquatic Pursuit Training. All ranks welcome.
  2. Sure. I'll bite. https://imgur.com/a/pX1nr42
  3. Love this change. Everything else looks great too!
  4. ^This. The amount of times I've had to process multiple suspects with other officers and we're all talking over each other trying to get through charges.
  5. +1 I can't count the amount of times I've gotten into a car crash just checking to see if my seatbelt is on or not.
  6. Agreed that this clearly won't go anywhere, however, not to point fingers but I'm not the one calling someone out on a roleplay scenario that didn't go the way you wanted it to. I've seen the clip of how you were spotted and it was legitimate. I can even show you the clip if you want. Either way, my opinion on this situation won't be budging anytime soon. Maybe if the situation doesn't involve you, you should avoid it in future.
  7. YOU would get yourself involved. VETERANS would get themselves involved. Not every civ that plays within the city holds that same mentality. You cannot use the fact that you were "in the military" as a standpoint for other's roleplay just because it doesn't go the way you want it to go. You can't force a certain situation or roleplay on someone else if they don't want to go along with it. If it was the police's scene as you so stated you shouldn't have gotten involved anyway as it would've changed the whole demographic of the roleplay. I've seen clips of how the whole scenario played out and personally found nothing wrong with what happened. As for seeing your "SS through walls" you were spotted fair and square by the individual who was put in place to guard each entrance. You were told to leave with a gun to your head and instead chose to stick around.
  8. To be honest, this sounds like another case of "The LSPD lost a scenario, the "winners" of the scenario didn't do anything reportable so I'm going to vent about it on the forums" As someone who spends a lot of time on both cop duty and civ life, you need to understand that a good 95% of people will carry weapons and use them if the scene calls for it. From what I can gather, the cops were outnumbered in a situation they thought they could handle WITH a group known for gang violence. To say it's unrealistic that the same group would do nothing when watching one of their gang member's be put in cuffs right in front of them is simply put: Wrong. As for putting yourself in that situation because you felt bad for the cops is un-realistic in itself. In real life if you saw an active scene going on where guns were drawn, would you go ahead and pull a gun and put your own life in danger if you weren't actively involved? Probably not. Scenes like these happen all the time, and personally I think if they didn't, cop duty wouldn't be nearly as fun.
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