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  1. I heard some gods have been generous as of late - perhaps you'll get lucky and have some given to you.
  2. This year for Halloween - you all will be our voters! Please vote on which costume you think looks the best for our members of EMS! We ask that only whitelisted members of EMS participate in this contest, and everyone else will vote by liking the screenshot! All rules for applicants are posted in our discord channel, and no senior members of EMS may participate in the contest. Happy Halloween everyone!
  3. Please post car suggestions in this thread.
  4. Please post in this thread rather than creating a new one.
  5. Discussion of this topic will be permitted so long as the conversation can stay civil and names are not thrown around.
  6. Coming soon. Watch Serpico's stream for development updates.
  7. The EMS position is voluntary. Become a part of the solution to your problem and apply.
  8. Please copy this format and post it in the appropriate location. https://badlandsrp.com/forum/74-eligibility-applications/
  9. I thought you were referencing a tuner chip. Some device that could alter suspension stiffness, gears, etc.
  10. If I remember correctly, Serp would like to introduce car tuning for 2.0 - he's just not exactly sure how. Vehicles have an abundance of different variables in the code, some of which may be harder to decipher than others. If you know how, I'm sure he would love to know.
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