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  1. Has been discussed and is very possible. Devs have been hard at work on other projects but it is definitely in the roadmap.
  2. Azvek


    Not technically. If you can follow the rules and not be an idiot- you're welcome in the server.
  3. Welcome to BL my friend!!
  4. Devs are currently smoothing out add-on clothing instead of replacing other clothing so I see this being possible in the future!
  5. We have plans for this but I'd expect to pay more than 5k for one
  6. Azvek

    John HadFord

    Welcome my friend!
  7. Weed has plans to be reworked. Lots of other things on the go currently
  8. Will bring up burner phones @ next staff meeting @Kevin Ross
  9. First off I'd like to say that I'm happy to see community discussion on rules. Although we often hear concerns - things like this help us see where the community stands on topics, and helps us get better insight on various things. The gang/prison bus rule is currently under review - there is no for sure on if it is changing or when, but it is being discussed. @Kevin Ross I like this idea personally, however I do see some concerns. Do you feel as if this is balanced? If a gang doesn't ever leave their territory - how does 1-4 people ever really have a shot at competing with 10+ people? Do
  10. In the future with further DoC development - we plan to have various activities to do in jail that could possibly reduce time in prison. I like the parole idea as well! We will keep it in mind.
  11. Vehicle ownership transfer is currently in testing. Expect it soon!
  12. It's true! EMS Vehicles are currently being re-skinned. We can take a look at the ones you posted - but I can't make any promises about them. Here is a small teaser of a concept skin. This is likely a revolving concept and is subject to change before release.
  13. I like the idea! If you throw some more ideas together on how it would work, what advantages / disadvantages it may have - I'm sure it could be looked into
  14. We have recently reviewed this topic in staff. We would like to see this changed in the future, but as it stands right now - aircraft usage in criminal activity has little to no counters. With some brainstorming and development as to how we can counter aircraft usage in a realistic and enjoyable way for both parties - I'm sure it has the chance to be changed. Landing on top of buildings can be spotty in the city. Is it a realistic location for a helicopter to land? Is it safe? It doesn't make sense for us to allow some people to land on designated buildings, but not the other player who
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