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  1. Dont know if this was mentioned before.. but is there any plans to add rockstar editor to the server/
  2. So just an idea here, due to the whole drugs thing now. There have been a few times I have seen that some members of ems either don’t have enough cash for the drugs to get or don’t have any cash on them at all. I know there could be a way around that and that is to make sure you have money on you for your shift. However for the times that someone does run out of money, EMS could have a easy access to quickly grab some money to buy the drugs that is needed for a patient that is addicted. Just an idea I wanted to throw out there.
  3. Hello everyone my name is Tyler, from BC, Canada. I am a little new here, but I am picking up things on things work pretty good. I have joined the discord and know a couple on there server already. But either way, I will see you guys out there on the streets.
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