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  1. A bank should be able to be owned by a player and the owner will be able to put fund out of they're own money into the bank. A big way banks make revenue is by giving out loans to customers, In badlands 2.0 I would like to see the banking system have a teller job. A bank teller will be able to give out loans to customers. There will be 2 types of loans (House and Car) there can maybe be more these are just basics. House Mortgage - A house mortgage is used to help pay for a house and then the customer pays the bank back monthly over a period of time with interest. Let's say a lower tier house is 650,000 and the customer is unable to pay for the house. To get qualified for a loan they need to apply by proving that they have a good track record with paying off debt or showing a healthy income to the owner of the bank. If you get qualified for a 600,000$ loan it comes out of the banks funds. Now the players can agree on a interest rate usually around 2.25%-4.00% and also how often mortgage payments will be made and how large. If a customer successfully pays off all payments to the bank they will own the house but the only loss is how much they paid in interest. If a customer misses a certain amount of mortgage payments the bank will reach out to a company that repossesses properties and they will take the house back. In this scenario the bank profits off how much the customer paid in their mortgage and they have legally foreclosed the house now. Car Loan - A car loan works very similar to a house mortgage accept they usually have slightly higher interest rates and are generally easier to pay off. A person that wants a car for 100,000$ would go to an open bank to try to petition for a loan. After meeting with a bank teller or the bank manager (owner). They can agree on weather the customer can be trusted with a loan and if so how the loan will work. This is just an example and I want to make sure this is as unscripted as possible so tellers will be able to change all the information like loan size, age, and interest rate. If you agree to pay for a 100,000$ loan over 2 weeks with 3 loans a week. That means there will be 6 loans of 16,666. Now if you factor interest you would actually make 6 payments of 17,666 with a 6% interest rate leaving the bank with 6,000$ profit after 2 weeks. If the payee fails to pay the car can be repossessed and they would no longer have ownership of the car and have no way of receiving their money back. _______________________________________________ Saving Accounts common accounts include (Regular savings and certificated of deposit) Certificate of deposit - A certificate of deposit allow a person to make money of ARY (Annual Rate Yield) which is the amount a bank gives it's customer in interest. A CD can be set up by a bank teller for a rate that is controlled by the government. What a CD does is it freezes the money in an account and allows it to accumulate interest over a longer period of time. The money will be unaccessable until the CD is over. If a owner decides to terminate a CD earlier they will be charged a 10% fee that goes to the bank funds. If the CD customer can hold the urge of accessing the money they will make a percentage back over a period of time. A bank teller will need to be present to set up a CD and the customer will need to have sufficient funds. Regular Saving - The purpose of having a saving account is to put money in there so it can accumulate interest. A saving account is like the title used to save money. You can deposit money into your saving account but in order to withdrawal it you will need to transfer it to your checking account. You will only be allowed to transfer money from your saving to your checking 6 times every statement period (2 weeks) If you transfer money more than 6 times you will be charged a fee that will go to the bank that opened your savings funds. Money in a savings account will accumulate less interest than a CD but it will still be good for people attempting to save money. These are very basic ideas would like some feedback.
  2. Beautifully crafted ideas I love the creativity! I like how many factors go into robbing a bank it sounds like a actual heist instead of just using a safe cracking kit and waiting for a timer. This is my favorite part and little details like this are really what make a difference in the long run!
  3. Isaiah Rashad


    You can submit a ban appeal here https://badlandsrp.com/support/create make sure you select ban appeal
  4. Welcome TNGAM1013 hope you enjoy your stay.
  5. Welcome to the city hope you enjoy your time!
  6. Welcome hope you enjoy the community!
  7. All fair points thanks for the clarification @George Cahill @Saja Kain @Kiloriffic
  8. I don't understand why ads cost so much now, I feel like people properly using the advertisement system should promoted and shouldn't be punished 1000$. The only thing this does is discourages the use of the /ad command and I feel like it restricts people quite a bit who aren't trying to spend money. My only complain is I feel like it will make people much less likely to put out ads. Maybe I'm wrong and it's a good thing I'm curious what other people think of this.
  9. I think this is a great idea @Oscar Wilde +1
  10. I've actually though about this before, would definitely be cool.
  11. Lawyers will be getting paid a lot of money, from what I understand a max of 30k. So I think in the long run there will probably be a lot of quality lawyers.
  12. This patch is actually amazing shout out to the developers.
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