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  1. Isaiah Rashad


    You can submit a ban appeal here https://badlandsrp.com/support/create make sure you select ban appeal
  2. Welcome TNGAM1013 hope you enjoy your stay.
  3. Welcome to the city hope you enjoy your time!
  4. Welcome hope you enjoy the community!
  5. All fair points thanks for the clarification @George Cahill @Saja Kain @Kiloriffic
  6. I don't understand why ads cost so much now, I feel like people properly using the advertisement system should promoted and shouldn't be punished 1000$. The only thing this does is discourages the use of the /ad command and I feel like it restricts people quite a bit who aren't trying to spend money. My only complain is I feel like it will make people much less likely to put out ads. Maybe I'm wrong and it's a good thing I'm curious what other people think of this.
  7. I think this is a great idea @Oscar Wilde +1
  8. I've actually though about this before, would definitely be cool.
  9. Lawyers will be getting paid a lot of money, from what I understand a max of 30k. So I think in the long run there will probably be a lot of quality lawyers.
  10. This patch is actually amazing shout out to the developers.
  11. I could not agree with this more by giving them full fines and not being lenient with gangs you're just discouraging them from making your job exciting. At least that's my mindset some officers prefer drug calls, speed tickets, etc.
  12. Welcome to the city! Hope you enjoy your time.
  13. Welcome man! Glad that you're enjoying the city.
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