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    Hey Everyone!

    Welcome to Badlands!
  2. Start a new topic here https://badlandsrp.com/forum/74-eligibility-applications/ @lsx_marcos
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    Welcome to badlands!
  4. Welcome to Badlands
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    Welcome to badlands!
  7. Welcome to Badlands, see you around!
  8. If you are assisted by EMS I don't believe that should lead to the loss of memory. For example if one was shot down by police and they are being assisted by EMS then technically they wouldn't be able to explain the cause of their injury because they should have forgotten. Or let's say you go down because of a very minor accident were it wouldn't make sense to loss your memory, like falling off a bicycle at a slow speed and hurting your knees. I personally can see that sort of rule being problematic during a lot of scenarios. One other possible issue would be people abusing this rule by not allowing someone to get EMS help so they forget a scenario which can get pretty iffy. I lean towards giving the role player the choice on if they want to forget or not. I personally have been involved in some RP where my character was forced to take drugs by a group he would consider his 'friends' I made the choice to say I overdosed and had no clue who did it. And that lead to a couple weeks of great RP until I eventually found out. I think that there doesn't need to be a rule that's enforced but rather an expectation for more RP focus.
  9. The definition of combat logging according to the badlands rules is "do not attempt to avoid a scenario in game by disconnecting to lobby or leaving the game completely. This also applies to storing any vehicles that may be involved in a potential RP scenario." Examples: - You were kidnapped and didn't want to interact with the kidnappers so you leave the game, that would be considered combat logging. - If you're in police custody and disconnect from the game to avoid charges/RP. - If you're in a police chase and decide to store your vehicle in a garage to avoid a potential RP scenario involving your vehicle. Here is a link to the badlands server rules for more info:
  10. Has been discussed before, the biggest concern being we want the judgement to be done by an Impartial arbiter AKA the judge who will have no conflict of interest. Our fear with introducing a jury is that people will already decide the verdict before even listening to the arguments and testimonies. Just don't want it to turn into a salt fest where your verdict is decided based on whether you have friends or enemies on the Jury. But I will make sure it's discussed again during the next Department of Justice meeting.
  11. Welcome to the city, hope you enjoy your time!
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