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  1. I like the idea but I cant find the practicality. Something like this requires a lot of work from staff and the players alike. An alternative I could see is an online newspaper where ads can be placed spontaneously, but not something that would be planned days in advance.
  2. 10/10 Would kill for a lawnmower. +1
  3. I gotta side with Ash on this one. I personally find this kind of item would be used more to troll people and would genuinely be abused easily, People could keep some in a van and drive around and disable a vehicle of someone who went into pillbox or MRPD or just some situation where someone has to leave their car unattended.
  4. I could see this being added. The job allows people to clock in and see who is wanted, but this also comes with a lot of drawbacks. My concerns: 1. Being able to see who is wanted will lead to people clocking in to check and then clocking right off. This would be abused and people would clock in just for their friends. 2. Being a bounty hunter means catching people alive, so they would be given cuffs and a taser, or some alternative. Again, this would be misused and people would be tasing other civ's for fun. I like this idea but I also see how easily it could be abused.
  5. Gone but never forgotten
  6. Maybe everyone in the city could start off with one and depending on if its abused or not could lead to getting a second or third, etc. as a reward for the behavior.
  7. I love this idea. This would allow for characters to have their own personal touches, and would allow for more Civ interactions with eachother and the PD. Even from an EMS standpoint, we could 'craft' our treatments on the spot (i.e. braces, pain killers, etc.)
  8. Matthew Evans


    Why you so loud Juan
  9. I'd hardly call armed robbery with no pants on a petty crime
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