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  1. i've seen lots of gambling on the streets between people, even leading to groups coming together over it. Ive also personally used it to decide the severity of my injuries in the hospital or if its time to perm.
  2. Actually gonna miss your 2-pack havin ass ?
  4. You look how you sound lmao
  5. I agree with this. Whats the point of adding it when you have to consent? "You are about to be taken hostage: F1 to accept, F2 to decline" Suddenly when the cops see someone become a hostage, they become an accessory to that crime and so on. I feel this is too limiting for the scenarios imaginable. What if I kidnap a rival gang member and I want them to see I have him? What if I rob a bank? Currently we have no mechanics in place for banks but the scenarios can be played out. I think the hostage could have a way of fighting back and the one taking the hostage could possibly have potential cues they will have to pay attention to. Kind of using the weed system: 1. Hostage taker would have cues to pay attention to after a few seconds to maintain control of the hostage. 2. Hostage would get similar cues after a few more seconds after. 3. If the hostage taker continues to maintain control, the hostage cannot break out. 4. Should the hostage pass X amount of skill checks or the taker fails X amount, the hostage will be able to free themselves. Obviously we don't want people holding hostages for too long of a time but we also don't want the hostage being able to free themselves within moments of being taken because that defeats the purpose. This system would need testing to find the perfect balance but I think this would be a good solution.
  6. I hope its possible to do this. It's annoying when I go with the 'no-HUD' approach and Im constantly bombarded with disconnects.
  7. here you go guys: https://imgur.com/gallery/VBQNqXp
  8. Wait so your hair ISN'T blue? Mind = blown.
  9. Big Flexin from the boys
  10. I like the concept and all that comes along with it. However, I don't like how much it will most likely be abused.
  11. I like the concept but i see this getting used too much, especially at a $2500 price point. I could see it getting balanced out in the 5000-7500 range, so that they arent constantly used for robberies. An idea that could be compounded with this is the actual theft of someone else's plate somehow. While I realize the technical difficulty of implementing something like this as vehicles are tied to a persons specific reg, I think it would lead to some interesting outcomes in 2.0.
  12. Easy solution - know the time you clocked in at.
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