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  1. I want a way to be able to add multiple people into a sort of group chat on their phones. This would be great for large groups of people
  2. Is there any way we can add a wire transfer for money so we don't have to meet up and give each other money? Think it'd fit in some good RP sometimes
  3. I've recently been expanding my characters for RP, and I've found myself capped at 3 characters - I have a TON of ideas for character RP, but 3 slots just isn't enough. I'm sure there are other people that also want more character slots too. Is there any way we can have the amount of characters increased to 6-8?
  4. When I try to go into a badlandsrp server, I get the message Combat Logging 3 days (Bob) - what does this mean? I've had this message for more than 3 days, so I don't know what 3 days means.
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