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  1. I will read that post of yours at some point. In the meantime I'll leave it at a warm welcome! Always glad to see you round
  2. There's more of that stuff up there now. Gotta pass the time on the train somehow!
  3. I just met you earlier in the city! Welcome and have fun!
  4. I'd add that there were already rules in place to prevent people from signing up for ems/pd just for the pqueue. Why not increase the mandatory on duty times for instance? If staff wants to make sure there are ems/police on all three servers, removing pqueue will also take away players' flexibility to switch to a different server. With the waiting times today its impossible to coordinate or react on the ems/pd presence in the cities.
  5. I'm guessing police could always ask people down to MRPD to question them if there is a clear intention of doing illegal stuff?
  6. From my experience it varies a lot. At times the twitter feed is busy with ads and talk, at times it's very quiet. It depends to some extent on the players online and their activities. If half the city is doing drugs and diving, well then that explains it. You should be running into plenty of lets say interesting people, be patient.(or try jobs that will guarantee you player interaction)
  7. A little suggestion: AFAIK you dont need to pull out the 5 grand to get the driver's license, it will just take it from you bank account
  8. I think it might be worth thinking about. it happened to me once to get downed behind a van, some1 else got downed nearby in the open. Guess what happened: EMS arrived, revived the one guy but didn't see me. I mean if anything, it would be plausible to be able to scream from the top of your lungs if you're badly injured. So patients should imo also be able to "shout". Why would it be restricted in the first place?
  9. Thanks for the feedback guys! I added three more entries (or 4 depending on when you read the first ones). See you out there in the city.
  10. As a workaround (at least for getting out) you could try using the ramp at the back of the parking lot, then get back onto the road.
  11. I'll make sure to bring that up at MRPD if Father Jacobson ever gets caught lockpicking a hearse You're right, I didn't see it, Although it seems to me that post you referred talks about a whole lotta other cars/vehicles. So the question then is: Is there another way of implementing these cars then if they can be appreciated for their RP potential. Being able to rent them for RP purposes? Whitelist them to certain players? Or why not add them to the store anyway under the condition they be used for RP only?
  12. Hey, Ice cream truck, hearses, tractors: there are probably quite a few vehicles that if available to players would incite for more RP. So is it doable to implement these? What would speak against it, if anything?
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