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  1. No, server one, I know they were testing OneSync (or whatever it's called) It's actually, I log in and play for a bit (sometimes can't last 2 minutes), then my screens go black, then my main monitor flashes purple, then black and then my desktop comes back and I hear the game in the background but it's a crash. It's happening in Apex Legends too. 980Ti is sitting at 43 celsius so it's not overheating but windows is showing hardware failure errors. I honestly don't know what's going on. I don't want to think about it being my GPU dying, but it may be.
  2. Bexxy and I have been considering EMS Juse need to get this crashing issue figured out. Deleted and reinstalled FiveM and I'm still crashing every 45 mins or so (sometimes sooner), but once I get that sorted, maybe we'll apply and get some good RP going.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm Mac. I started playing RP servers in 2013, on ArmA 2 and served the Police Force on a Chernarus server. I worked up to Police Chief, before the servers went barren upon the release of newer, more advanced RP servers on ArmA 3. Once I made the move, I landed on Asylum Server #5, playing on there until I moved over to Asylum Server #3, where I went on to accumulate over 2400hrs on RP playtime. Towards the end of my time there, I joined the police force for recreation and held a Constable position until my friends and I retired from RP, branching out from a gang to a general gaming community of players and content creators. Anyone who played Asylum knows why the OG players kinda migrated away from the servers, no need to go into details, but it was just time. When GTAV released on PC, I played the campaign (for the third time, having owned it on both 360 and PS4) and then began just exploring the map in first person and with higher fidelity. I was so anxious to see RP done in the Rockstar world, it became a bit of an obsession. As soon as the first servers started popping up, I was in there testing it out. Obviously, it was terrible at the time and I went back to playing and streaming other games. About a year later, a buddy of mine told me about the same server I had joined and it made me come back to see where the server potential had progressed. It was much better and I was obsessed all over again. I joined a different community, Revolution RP, and spent quite a bit of time there and met some cool people. As most communities suffer from, rules and playstyles started being changed and manipulated and it just wasn't the right fit anymore. Rather than find a new server, a partner and I started on our own. I developed a server based on the ESX framework, migrating from VRP, resulting in a polished experience and a server with great potential. Unfortunately, FiveM went through a phase where certain server hosts were blacklisted, leaving us to deal with a multitude of issues, right when we were starting to build a community, right when good RP started to form. With constant downtime, higher hosting costs and real life responsibilities looming, we just didn't have it in us to keep it going and as I'm sure devs here know, prolonged downtime is detrimental to the life of a community. The commitment communities like this show is admirable, most players don't understand the dedication it takes from staff to keep it going. 6 months of development burnt me out and I just went back to streaming (couldn't stream development content...cuz boring) and playing games. I've returned to RP, again, with a recreational mindset and to play with my chick and have a good time. While we were building our server, she would help devs on Badlands with testing so when I showed interest in RP'ing again, she directed me to Tillers stream and in turn, these servers. Since it has some Asylum blood in it, I felt it may be a good opportunity to have a server to frequent and meet some cool people. Although I can't stream GTARP, due to FiveM crashes resulting in broadcast crashes as well, I primarily stream sponsored content, art and now Apex Legends. Hopefully I can get the crashing issue fixed so I can add GTARP back to the list on content, but for now I am just playing to enjoy myself. Hope to see you guys in there! Mac
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