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  1. ID TAGS I personally feel like ID tags should be off by default unless you press F7 and it toggles a mode called "metavision" or something like that. Maybe it notifies players or has a tag on the character saying metavision is on or something because I feel like a lot of people have the ID tags on by default and that could ruin some RP scenarios such as hiding from the cops for example. having ID tags can also help a lot. Especially with reporting combat logging or RDM. I just feel like it would be more efficient if we knew who had metavision on or having it off by default so it can cause less metagaming and make your RP more immersive. YELLOW CIRCLE WHILE TALKING This is just a suggestion. It would be nice if there was a feature were you could turn off the yellow circles around the player's foot while they talk. The circles definitely help a lot if things get chaotic but personally I would prefer an option were you could toggle it on or off.
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