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  1. Regarding prison time I think I have *some* weight to comment here. I think the plan is to make it so that there's a set amount of time you can serve offline but also a minimum amount of time to spend in character in prison. With the increase of jail times I'm going to certainly be spending more time with DoC stuff. From testing here and there DoC seems to be working to a degree so there's that. Another plan is to have DoC be able to reduce time while in prison but that is still in the works. When no DoC are available I think there would be some small jobs which would cut down time by a small amount and maybe issue a small amount of money; these jobs would be disabled if DoC are clocked in. I have no idea when apps and so on will open so right now it is just me and I cant do it 24/7 - Ideally this'll negate the concerns to an extent. Im no official tho, just the muscle
  2. When BL opened back up a few months ago, the PD have a vote on whether they wanted to change to a new department, being sheriffs office or LSPD, it was a very close vote with a difference of 1 for LSPD. Its a possibility in the future but right now I think there are some more important things in production.
  3. is this supposed to be a good thing? if so I dont think thats the best mindset for an RP server Interactions should always come first, I spend most my time as a crim getting caught because its so much more enjoyable than getting away
  4. That spot's is actually the Spartan's meeting spot, we've been using it for a couple months. Would love to have an interior
  5. Badlands Department Of Corrections The purpose of the DOC is similar to the LSPD, to help facilitate RP throughout the prison process. A large issue I had noticed when it came to prisons was that it was almost always a “RP killer”. Using a robbery for an example, the criminals would rp through all the planning and set-up of the robbery, that being getting a hostage, getting the necessary equipment, utility and forming a plan; then would rp throughout the execution of the plan during the actual robbery and if caught they would rp with the police during their arrest and processing with a lawyer but the moment they hit the prison the rp died as there was nothing to do other than wait. DOC would allow that RP to continue if the prisoner wishes. Upon arrival in Bolingbrook, the criminal would follow a guard who would talk them through the process at the prison and could converse with them about such things as what they did, what led them to committing said crime, their characters backstory and so on. The DOC guards would guide the prisoners around the prison and can reward good behaviour/RP with time reductions. Role The Department of Corrections role in Los Santos is to monitor and oversee the day to day life of those coming in and out of prison. The guards main objective is to converse with prisoners and oversee that order is kept as prisoners go on about their jobs. The DOC would be mostly separate from LSPD/BCSD/SASD/etc as they would be able to function independently. They would have the ability to revive prisoners, guards and themselves (SOPs would stop excessive/unnecessary usage). During any criminal trials, DOC would be present to oversee the prisoner/defendant if they are being held. Depending on the outcome, the Corrections officers may be ready to transport the prisoner in the prison bus to Bolingbrook. This would open up the possibility for an attempted save which would have the regular law enforcement coordination with DOC to try defer till they can get to the prison. (Prison bus would be slow but very difficult to stop) General Mechanic Changes If the DOC were to grace Los Santos there would be certain changes that should come with it, for example; the prison timer should not be shown on screen, you should either have to go to a DOC to get out of jail and check time (if there is one clocked in) otherwise there would be an area to do so if there aren't any clocked in. Another change would be that you could now harm people in prison/take damage. Cell System This mechanic would allow prison rp to stay mainly in prison. When you log into the server, you would have a cell assigned to you. Each cell would have 3 separate storages (5-10kgs each) where a prisoner could store any items. Also in the cell you may have a toilet where you could make some kind of drug using smuggled items. DoC would only be able to search cells during a cell sweep. In a cell sweep the guards would only be able to search 2 storage spots per cell. Prior to a cell being searched the prisoner may be questioned about what they may have and where they may be. If any contraband is found, then they all items, including luxuries, will be confiscated. Cell sweeps are not meant to be common and will only be done after a riot has been quelled or after an escape attempt. Jobs A new addition to the prison would be the jobs, you would be able to complete jobs around the prison that can reward you with a small amount of commissary money (Badlands Bucks?) to spend within the prison and also reduce your time by a small amount. Certain jobs may drop items which could be used to trade for other items like luxories, things used to make drugs or even weapons. Equipment A standard Corrections Guard would have access to normal Patrol Officer gear but they would also be able to use the Beanbag Shotgun and the Riot Shotgun. The beanbag shotgun would be a non lethal shotgun that incapacitates any target hit for a set time. Big intimidation factor. The riot shotgun would only be used once prisoners have access to lethal weapons themselves. Little mock-up of custom uniforms (Lighting is funky in model viewer) Life Sentences With the implementation of DOC, it may be possible to have a character that can go into prison for life. This character could have connections with the outside world but is trapped in the prison and will always be on the run if they ever manage to escape. A lifer character would be given special treatment and almost be on the same side as the DOC as they would work together to RP with those that are just being sent to jail for a set amount of time. This is a brief description of what I think would be a good addition for 2.0 Looking for opinions, criticisms and suggestions for all the dirty criminals
  6. A cop should OFCOURSE be able to clock off and go do crime. Them getting caught is something different all together though, getting caught youd get charged, suspended, fired etc Theres a lot of potential RP that could come from a corrupt cop. Now we're moving into a more trusting and free flowing RP community then I think we should be able to do this if we want but understand the consequences. Roleplay over Ruleplay
  7. This is primarily for anyone that is looking at suggesting any particular custom cars. Custom cars can be super easy to implement or tougher than US civil war beef jerky rations so to make things a bit easier for which ever poor soul has to deal with them please take a read When it comes to custom cars, the main thing you want to look for when it comes to implementation is LODs (Levels of Detail). Each file has a .rpf file which contains a collection of textures, frames and .meta files; FiveM for some reason unknown to me, or the universe, cant seem to handle any custom vehicles with a .ytd file (the vehicle textures) greater than 16mb(give or take a mb), they get very weird. There are fixes to this but on a larger scale can take a long time and may not end up being worth the time. Sometimes if youre lucky, the .ytd will have a texture file that is just black, but it may be some stupid size like 1024x1024 and you can just extract it, resize and place it back in at a smaller size. This may however reduce quality but I would say its not noticable. Another issue I have seen is that when the vehicles get dirty, the dirt is not to scale with the car, so going through a small dirt patch will plaster your car with a MASSIVE splash of mud. They should also have a part in the Vehicles.meta saying something like LODDISTANCES CONTENT="FLOAT_ARRAY" Distances LOD models. Default parameters: 15.000000 30.000000 70.000000 140.000000 500.000000 500.000000 Thats the LOD from different distances, not all will have this in built and may just stay fully loaded at max detail from any distance which will be tough for the server to when you have 64 people. Just keep this in mind before posting a long list of HIGH DETAIL car mods. (A lot of really nice looking cars on GTA5-mods.com are designed for single player and dont worry about optimisation. Some of the nicer ones are made by some guys with a [YCA] tag, having tried to port them over myself, I can say they are beautiful but not worth the time and/or effort, that is my opinion though) Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk
  8. 100% agree with this. In current state it would be awful, think of how many people already hop into a cop car just to mess with people. Perhaps in 2.0 when things are a bit more serious and there's an overall higher level of RP it would be a good addition. (still should only be done on rare occasion)
  9. I was just spit-balling with the price range. Was hoping I could get some other opinions for balancing I think it could lead to deeper engagements on traffic stops, drug calls, vehicle chases etc.
  10. I have been thinking on this for a little while but doesnt seem to have been mentioned before: I think it would be pretty good idea if fake plates were added in at the black market. They could be $2500 and be a single use item. Fake plates would be used the same way you would use a taco truck kit or a mobile meth lab kit. Sit in the vehicle and use and it scrambles the licence plate so it no longer comes back to you. I think this would add some depth and add in a sense of risk/reward. Risks: They would be illegal equipment Carry a (new?) fine for usage on a vehicle? If caught in vehicle with fake plates, could be charged with GTA Rewards: If you escape there is no plate tracing back to you A cop could "find" the Fake Plates on the car by searching the vehicle. Discovery could mean being charged with "Tampering with vehicle" or something along the lines. The point is to add a gamble for criminals willing to take a risk of getting more charges when caught and possible license seizure for avoiding having their plate noted after evasion. Edit: Couple contradicting thoughts but just wanted to get a few ideas out there
  11. I feel that could get confusing for the cops if they just hear people joining or leaving. Perhaps if reporters get notifications of certain crimes like robberies or raids (but only if there are Police online?)
  12. Want to mention my boy @Jason Diaz , one of the best EMTs there is. Makes every interaction fun and enjoyable while keeping professional! Bound for big things!
  13. This car is probably my favourite thats been added in GTA, very much hope we get it sometime soon. Also i saw one IRL the other day
  14. We could all rp that we're going to Disney Land and wear Mickie Mouse ponchos. It does rain a lot so a decent idea
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