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  1. The vdm rules is crazy harsh. People get banned for “vdm” when there is no loss or death in the picture. Accidents happen, people get banned for it. I fully understand people get banned for being toxic and intentionally cause harm, but for bumping into someone lightly and getting banned for it is ridiculous. My opinion is biased since I’ve been punished for the outrageously harsh rule.
  2. I really doubt you’d have to grind for money to afford clothes... If the example of a shirt costing $600, you’d have to buy almost 200 shirts to ever hit over 100k. And if you did spend 100k on clothes, you can change between them for free as suggested. So what’s the issue here? I personally don’t know if I would want clothes to cost money, but if it did I wouldn’t mind. Money needs a worth other than just cars and police tickets. Good idea @Smojo
  3. I fucking love this idea and would love to see it implemented. Especially with skills that take time to train and not just buy a tool and you win. Hard work and planning should grant you great rewards. It would hopefully also expand the RP possibilities more!
  4. I don’t see a good use of the blindfold if they still have vision. I would link blindfold and kidnapping together, but if blindfolds get added, I would like to see some sort of link restrains too. Like in DayZ there are several items you can use to restrain someone’s hands. With rope, duct tape and hand cuffs. I believe you can struggle out of all 3 things so you’re not permanently in them. Imo would be a great implementation along with blindfolds.
  5. Sounds like a backwards solution... That's like saying "remove pistols from the game since you can kill eachother in the tazer arena with them"
  6. If that ever happens I would suggest either talking to them or let a higher ranked EMS member know about the situation. Because I would be emberassed if I got an EMS that tried to get me up with that excuse. I hope you exaggerated it, since that makes the EMS team look bad. Me personally, I always try to fix the wound to the best of my abilities; like cleaning it with some sort of alcohol, taking the bullet out if it's stuck in them, stitching them up and putting a bandage on the wound. I am not a nurse or doctor IRL, but I try my best to make it realistic, and if they still tell me they're in pain and need a hospital after that, then sure, I'll bring them there and talk to a fake nurse on dispatch about the situation and that we're heading to Pillbox hospital now and they got to be ready. Every situation is different but I personally dislike EMS members that don't at least try to put effort into the situation. Other than that, I kinda agree with your original thread here, but if EMS had to bring you to a hospital every gunfight, we would just be taxi instead of roleplayers.
  7. Chan Wong

    Patch 3.13

    Great update, would love to see what the future holds. Gun running features being implemented little by little?
  8. +1 great idea. I would love to be able to store more in a remote area, maybe the locations of the warehouses depends on the price aswell. Not just warehouses in town, but spread around the map.
  9. I think this is already in place. I have experimented with cleaning money, and I almost found out a perfect method without being caught. But as soon as I hit around 45k cleaned in total, that's when the police starts showing up. This has happened to me several times, and it's always around that marker. Which probably means it's before that number I get caught, and they take some time to get there. The system is still unknown to the public on how it works, so it's hard to judge it based on hardly any facts. I never have trouble with police unless I sell diamonds for 100k+ and just mass-clean. If I do smaller quantities I hardly get caught, and if and when I do, I already have most my stuff cleaned. Be smart, be patient and take your time. Correct me if I'm wrong: Even how smart we are about cleaning, a police officer can still manually check a store to see if there's illegal transactions, right?
  10. +1 I am always glad to see more jobs come along and I liked the idea a lot. Would also be great if this job could be connected to another job you could do. (Like you mentioned) Helping the oil rig out could possibly be a more or a high end job, and more people can do it at the same time. Maybe it would help make the pay higher for trucking or even a separate job for transporting oil, so it’s a win win for both the oil rig workers and the transporters. Maybe the transporters would either have to pick up the oil made (kinda like how items refill, like gold ore, cement, ephedrine, etc) and it’s the oil rig workers that fill it up by working. So the transporter either chooses to pick up a low amount of oil to transport, or sit and wait a little extra for their oil tank to be full before transport. The more it’s filled the better pay obviously. maybe even allow business to rent out the oil rig for X amount of time so only business workers can work there, or a business can rent out a gas station and whenever people fill their gas there, the business gets a % paid. Just some additional ideas to the original idea. 10/10 would love to see implemented and tested out
  11. It's kind of a team thing tho. We are all a part of it, and in my business I allow anyone to order leaves at any time, as long as they pay back in dirty money. But the issue is that when the account is empty and I haven't gotten the oppertunity to clean, it's a bit shitty no one can deposit their own money to order leaves.
  12. Allow all members of the business to deposit money in the business bank, but not withdraw. I don't see the negative side to this. Or, add ranks to business members, so the owner can choose who can deposit or even possibly withdraw.
  13. I 100% agree with this statement. We currently can't rob banks, but a helicopter escape can't happen with 1 person only. If I am parked on the roof of the Cocaine Labs with a helicopter, there is no way in hell I can escape police when they raid the labs. They either A) Secure the helicopter and/or wait next to it, or B) Catch me in the labs. Or if I have overwatch, then I could successfully escape. (Which requires 2 people in that plan alone)
  14. I wasn't blaming you at all, the sentence was just pretty funny considering admins don't listen to player's feedback of scuba diving. It has 0 RP. But I wish that the helicopter rules weren't as strict as it is, that's my main output and that's why this thread caught my eye. It should be dicussed amongst the admins and the community, because maybe it's strict for a good reason, or it's just strict because admins are scared people will grief, troll and cause harm. But the same rules would apply. Even if you allow illegal activities, you HAVE TO follow the rules of the server. Like be 300m above the city I believe and don't use the helicopter to cause trouble or harm to others. Use the air vehicle with respect.
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