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  1. It was a bit hard for me to understand your sentence / question / statement, but yes I agree it should, but when you are 6 hours underwater, it doesn’t create any RP scenario for anyone to enjoy...
  2. I would rather no one clock on and fix my car for $500 myself, than people clocking on and still demand payment. It's kinda douchey and forcing people to come to a mechanic if a lot of people are clocked on. It's not about RP, but about saving money on repairs.
  3. I think a lot of people have the same "issue" when it comes to this, and I do believe you were the first person to pop this mindset out here. I am almost like this myself, but I started figuring out myself after a few days of buying a business. That's where my character started evolving the direction I wanted it to go, and before that, I was just running around trying all different types of jobs and figuring out what I wanted to do in the future. Love this idea and would love to see how it actually plays out. I would hate for a bank heist to be abused or be an annoyance. It should be well planned out with the QA team and tested before fully implemented. Maybe even a cooldown for each successful attempt, and not just a single person starting one then cancelling instantly, like some do with store robberies. I actually haven't met a single person that only "grinds" and not plays the game. But that's kinda where the irony comes in, since if a person did grind all day, I probably wouldn't meet them. But I do grind for an hour or two, then continue to RP. I, myself, don't own a single super car, but it's my end goal to get one. I don't try to grind my ass off for 12 hours a day to get one, but my bank slowly goes up for each day, and within a month or two, I can probably afford one. You shouldn't brush everyone under the same comb, because I doubt everyone has the mindset of grinding for 12 hours a day to get their 11th super car. I find a lot of people willing to RP almost at any time, and the people that don't want to just leaves the area. I wouldn't say its something to worry about, but yes, the best legal job we have is scuba diving and it's discouraging RP, which is BAD. Wine is the second best legal job (?) and it's encouraging RP, since it's basically impossible to do it solo. Kinda same with trucking, it's pretty okay paid hourly, but it's no RP in it... But ALL illegal jobs include some sort of RP. Whetever it's meeting at cocaine lab, or meeting the police while selling...
  4. I agree with what you’re saying, a super car should be long term goal and not obtainable within a week of sweating, but you also said it should be rare. What about the rare amount of players that obtain one? They can’t obtain one RPing every minute of being online, they HAVE to grind for weeks to get one. So yes, rp and grinding should be balanced, but not only focus on rp and not only focus on grinding.
  5. I’ll keep it short. Some people try to force every single player to only focus on RP and never to focus on making money. Why? This is a PUBLIC server where almost ANYONE can join. It’s impossible to fix a community that’s constantly changing and evolving, new people coming along and new “metas” being formed. Everyone keeps saying “stop focusing on making money, start focusing on RPing, it’s an RP server” How in the world are people supposed to afford businesses, wedding rings, apartments, super cars if we sit at 2/6 all day RPing or whatever your guy’s definition of RP is. I personally try to balance RP and grinding money. I accept most lawyer cases knowing I’ll “waste” my time for no money gain, but I do it for fun and for the RP experience. Same with cop meetings and anything, really. When things cost millions of dollars, don’t expect people to relay on paychecks to make a living. People will complain about the money making methods. So stop crying about it being an RP server. People still want to make money to survive fines + actually making a profit in the end of the day. I agree and disagree with a lot of stuff said here on the thread, and the main thing I hear is “nerf scuba diving” and “people need to stop focusing on money” But yes, scuba diving needs a nerf; and no, people shouldn’t stop focusing on making money. But people should balance RP and grinding, not just choose one.
  6. I understand where you’re coming from and I slightly agree. The 2/6 mechanic is sometimes a place where it’s trolling, toxicity and cancer. But that’s probably just because of it has grown to be a meeting place over time. If the place is removed, people are either still gonna meet there or move to another location. It’s natural for people to find a place to meet others, and to start adapting to a new area. I think the 2/6 got so popular because it’s close to almost anything you need. Shops, garages, atms, clothing store, firearm store, and usually you pass it when exiting the city. So how would we fix this? I have a feeling that removing it will fix it for a few days, but not permanently, which makes the whole change useless to begin with. But it is stressful for both police and EMS to get 90% of their calls at that location... Im open-minded to discuss this further.
  7. Chan Wong

    Patch 3.12

    Epic update. 10/10 would play again
  8. Trucks should have their own license. Makes no sense that tow trucks are different license, and normals trucks aren’t. With trucks having their own license, that should cost more and have a longer seize cool down, it will most likely fix people going crazy with trucks in a police chase. Maybe a 6 hour cooldown by buying license again after it’s seized for excessive police chase? but when it comes to how “OP” the truck is; it isn’t. Sure you can tank a little extra but who is actually going to escape the police in that thing? Usually it’s 0 cops on when I play or 4-6, and a truck can’t escape 4-6 no matter what you do.
  9. If you are trying to make money then: 1. Don't do activities wich involves that police HAS to come. Like robberies. They're great for RP but not for "winning". 2. Don't focus your career on doing meth. It's not that great pay and it's the same risk as cocaine, if not more. (Police can pay an informant to get a meth lab's location 3. Try something that's legal. Try a gold run, try scuba diving, try making Wine. Police don't have a reason to catch you at all if you do those things. 4. If you are going to do something that's illegal, be smart. Don't do cocaine runs solo, don't sell 100 meth at once, try to make a plan, or make it so IF you get caught, it's not a big loss.
  10. I like the idea and I wouldn't mind seeing something like this implemented, but the only issue I see is that an EMS clocks on AFTER the police puts them in blankets and mutes them. Then even if he had 10 minutes left to live, the police basically kills them off with no chance of respawn, unless they can still request medic after it. I would like the cops to be able to drive a dead person to the hospital so the nurses can help them though... (Only if no EMS is on)
  11. This thread is a year old and the only thing I can say is that Cocaine is the only drug worth doing and selling!
  12. I would love to have a thunderstorm the last 30 minutes of reboot to visually show it and it's just such a cool and good vibe. There has been a few storms when reboot is happening and I love it so much. It gives such a cool immersion and I wish it was that each reboot! I am not 100% sure about the blackouts but I like the storm idea. 10/10 good suggestion
  13. No one is going to report you for rping as a drug user unless you did something against the rules. If you started killing people without reason or killing people with your car, I could see why you were being reported. You basically gave no information in the thread so it’s hard to say what you did and didn’t do, but you are allowed to rp as a drug user who lost their mind if you follow the rules of the server.
  14. bump, such an easy change too. Would like to see this!
  15. Having different characters wouldn't fix any of the issues you mentioned anyway...
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