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  1. Its true that balance takes time but that's what feedback is for and with enough people speaking up about it will hopefully push the issue a bit further to the top of the priority list. I agree you shouldn't be able to clean money instantly and I feel like the way people were doing it before would be considered exploiting the system and there should be consequences for that. I do not agree though with the getting rich within an hour though. You have to remember, it took a lot more time than just an hour to get that dirty money. You have to factor in all the rest of the risks of getting the cement, making the coke, and selling the coke to finally end up with a part of that profit. If the "get rich quick" thing is the issue then things like scuba diving need to be looked at because that is by far the most profitable with least amount of risk. Criminal activity is a decent part of doing things on this server and it brings a good amount of interactions depending on what you're doing. I feel though that the risk vs reward on a lot of the criminal activity is not balanced at all. Things like store store robberies make great RP especially when using a 3rd party hostage etc. but the risk vs reward is so unbalanced that people don't really want to do it. I love doing the store robbing stuff but when you get a payout of say 2,000$ (if you're lucky...I've seen getting only 700$ before) vs the 30-60k in fines if you get caught how is that even remotely worth it? Yes its not all about the money but without any money there isn't a lot you can do on this server because of the way the economy is balanced and in order to get that money to do stuff is very much just a grind fest with little to no interaction. So you have to grind to get money with no interaction so you can RP, just to lose it all to the cops if/when you get caught.
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