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  1. Gun running is coming in a future update with class 2 weapons.
  2. syn

    Patch 3.13

    Great update!
  3. I tried looking for topics that were similar but I missed that one unfortunately.
  4. I'd like to see jobs that you can do prison to decrease your sentence added. For example: cleaning (clean the windows in the visitor's area, clean cells), eating (go to the cafeteria and eat and drink something), repairing (repair things around the prison, maybe a broken vent on top of one of the cell blocks) and more things like that. I feel like this would make prison a lot more interesting, instead of going AFK you'd have something to do and be rewarded for doing it.
  5. Be patient, the admins will get around to it when they are available.
  6. Not a big fan of this idea, in my opinion streaming shouldn't be directly involved with the roleplay by having the "live" title over their head.
  7. syn

    new here

    Welcome to Los Santos, hope to see you around some time.
  8. Have you tried restarting FiveM, your computer, steam or all of the above? That 99% of the time is the solution.
  9. Home robberies are in the works too.
  10. Was wondering the same thing myself, totally agree with this!
  11. I think that bar is pretty ugly. I'm very happy with the current bar.
  12. Seems like a server issue, try to create a support request for the admins to look at.
  13. According to Serpico in one of his recent streams a roll command will be added. I don't remember what the ETA was though.
  14. I agree with this 100%, I should have brought that up in my post.
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