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  1. Hey yall, so I've been on the server for about a month and I have talked with many different people in the city and a lot of people agree that the way to clean dirty money is very cop favored. Is there any way to that could be looked at to make it more equal? From what I understand is that its 1000 dirty money per minute, and the only way to continue to clean it is to continually kill police because they continue to come? Can someone add more to this for me.
  2. Hello, I was banned 4 days ago and didn't know I had to get my ban appealed. I just submitted the form to get my ban appealed but does anyone know how long it takes them to finalize the appeal and along me to log back in and play?
  3. Im just trying to ask a question, Where do I go to get my car if it is not in the impound lot or the garage? When I try and retrieve it from the garage it says that it was taken out and is out and about. How do I go about finding it?
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