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  1. If you would like to keep in contact with me, feel free to add me on Discord (be prepared for me to ask who you are though, XD)

  2. Hi Ed!!! -waves enthusiastically-
  3. Welcome Jeremy! I hope you find loads of fortune, fun, and friends!
  4. Welcome to the city! I hope you enjoy your time here!
  5. Chiming in that the upper left corner of the HUD does get really busy at times. Being able to turn off the disconnects log would be nice because we already have the option to /muteooc and /muteads and turn on/off Twitter notifications in Twitter itself. There are other cases that it gets hard to see things like at the customs shop? Sometimes it's hard to see the customization options when you've got stuff running over them in your view. For me, it's just a slight annoyance and it's not game-breaking.
  6. I want to extend my appreciation to all of the PD that I have bothered for a ridealong this last week. Due to timing I was finally able to complete it today, and I appreciate everyone so much for actively trying to make it happen for me. I know you all have so much to do both IC and OOC, and I did want to say thank you so very much.
  7. Your late night is someones' not late night. I look forward to potentially (read most likely) interacting with you in the city! Welcome aboard, and I hope that you find what you're looking for here. Take care and such.
  8. Welcome in Jeff! Hope you have a great time and make loads of friends!
  9. Welcome to the city! I hope you have a great time here!
  10. @XanderBenson and @Anton (I hope I tagged the right name) deserve loads of props for just being awesome. Xander has come to my aid twice now and both times were great RP. He knows his stuff. They both make a great team and have a great dynamic. They made the start of a storm cycle (after a not so great end to a previous storm cycle) a positive one without even realizing they did so, and I appreciate it so much. Thanks guys, keep up the amazing job!
  11. Welcome to the city! Mechanic is a great way to meet people for sure!
  12. Have fun! BL is such a great community, I'm grateful that it's the one I jumped into when I did.
  13. Welcome in Jordan! I'm Ari, I play Emma (Valentino) Vicious. You'll see me at some point if you end up in City 2 (that's the city I hang out in). I hope you enjoy your stay here in the Badlands, and I look forward to potentially seeing you on the EMS team!
  14. You know, as a streamer, this is a good point to be brought up. I don't even think about how the colors/effects might affect my audience. So I wanted to pop up and say thanks for mentioning this for that purpose, because that brings awareness to it and I can try to remember to say "let's smoke a joint" or "oh, we're gonna get drunk" to help with that.
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