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  1. Sound Mod File Link https://drive.google.com/file/d/123V1Pq_ylpHmxoKPvZAxm2nxxSTjlSXp/view
  2. Sucks to see you go man. Definitely have felt your absence lately. Hope you come back around soon. You’ll be missed.
  3. Now I know this would require very in depth RP, however I feel like it would be a great opportunity, and addition to the server. By court cases, I do not just mean the criminal defense we currently have attorneys do at PD but also add in civil cases. It would add more opportunities for attorneys, and also add judges, and potentially have jury hearings as well. I just think it would make things a little more interesting. It would probably take a lot but it's a suggestion. (I'm sorry if this has already been suggested.)
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