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  1. the phone is a script which is implemented into the server, its not a custom code that the devs did so for them to add new additions to twitter or the phone they would have to redo the entire code, which would take foreverrrr and allot of time.....i think
  2. but wat if the cops dont catch u? would it be like drugs they get notified of shop lifting? but itll take them a while to get to the store to catch u and by that time your gone and away
  3. That would be cool on the shop lifting but risky if its abused and people just get a bunch of stuff for free if the police cant enforce enough to where people dont shoplift. But still would be cool
  4. Just thought it would be cool to walk around the shop and get stuff from the shelf and walk up to the cashier and buy stuff from the shopping cart. https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-esx-99kr-shops/624108 ^got the idea from there.
  5. Agreed, unfortunately i couldn't find a interior online either so RIP
  6. So currently the only known food place to my knowledge is Burger Shot Amazing place, ive rped here as a cook, ive eaten here with friends, its awesome. Just wish there was more stores like it in particular the one on the east coast. There is a shop called Horny's which looks really cool http://orcz.com/GTA_V:_Horny's If this shop could receive and interior design and is similar to Burger Shot, just servers different food, would be cool https://ibb.co/c3MN2J8 Yays? Nays?
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