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  1. This, among other things, is the exact reason that I've decided to leave the server. You realize you're bitching about MY RP that I chose to include the server on, correct? It was my RP to do with what I please, not yours. If you don't like my RP, don't be a part of it. It's not for you to critique or decide if I'm doing correctly. The rules that were associated with the role that I created on my own free will with my own ideas and my team that supported me were under the condition that the perks associated with the job that were proposed to the staff were also applied. Those were not applied, so the rules that I created, when I created the idea of this role and implemented it, were malleable. Maybe if you focused on creating your own roleplays instead of trying to interject your opinions onto other people's, you wouldn't be worried about what rules of the RP that I created were being followed in my RP that I created. I'm glad that my RP efforts are so far reaching that they affect you more than a month after they were implemented, but really, you should try focusing on developing your own characters instead of mine. To the OP, it's going to be up to you and whoever you roleplay with to make the courthouses work. Most community suggestions regarding RP regulations are not going to be implemented by the staff due to this being a light RP server. The courtroom is a shiny prop in the chatroom of Badlands for you to use how you want, but, again, most RP related requests are either going to be ignored completely or immediately disregarded based on the fact that it's not a gameplay mechanic.
  2. Me, Johnny, and Kota were all talking last night about how, since Glocks are used by a majority of police forces in the US, it'd be cool to have them as our official weapon.
  3. https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/glock-17 pls
  4. First of all, players can't lockpick other player's cars. Secondly, Storrent is right. Areas of the map despawn if there is no player activity in them, and your car will be "recovered." You can get it at the impound if you look under the "Vehicle Recovery" option. It costs significantly more than the normal impound fees. If your vehicle is out at the time of a restart, it will be automatically placed back in your garage.
  5. Shorthand, easy version: Add heist bags, backpacks, and parachutes to clothing store. Bonus: Make heist bags and backpacks purchasable. Have them expand storage capacity by 50kg if worn.
  6. What a great event. Thank you to everyone for coming!
  7. We will be meeting at Garage #7 and taking a bus around the route to make sure nobody is confused on the route.
  8. https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/hostage-human-shield Something similar to this mod where you can take a hostage for a robbery and use them as a human shield.
  9. 4/30/2018 8:30pm EST. Gumball Rally. Second City. Meet at the hangar at Los Santos International. Two laps around the city. Enter at your own risk, cops will be out in force to try to stop you. All traffic laws apply, punishments as well. Don't get caught. Cars will be provided. First come first serve on the signups, check-in will be with Mayor Sanchez at the Hangar, 20 slots open. Good luck, racers. Winner will recieve $50k in cash and be allowed to keep the car they choose until the next storm. YOU MUST SIGN UP TO ENTER THIS EVENT: https://goo.gl/forms/SeIDNHbj8clnJNf92
  10. Would be great for breaking out of handcuffs, too, with a 2% success rate.
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