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  1. Well actually it'd be pretty easy to set up honestly. You'd just set up a discord bot to track how much time a user spends in a given channel. Have it monitor the dispatch channels only and now you got recorded time in dispatch.
  2. Can we do one better and just muzzle people in general
  3. I don't see it quite being i guess "in line" with everything if you could still yell after getting the wind knocked out of you, so to speak. Perhaps after someone has performed the necessary medical attention(CPR) could you talk normally at best. Also i don't see the "well since were going whitelist its gonna keep the trolls etc people out", It won't. Trolls people will still be here, Trolls will still appear. What the whitelist will do tho, Is it'l weed out randoms who see a roleplay server, join and expect DarkRP Levels of RP where its all action based and not RP Based. With that said, Salt will still be here. Perhaps in greater quantities as there is quite a few people out there who have vendetta's and well if one is to encourage RP, You must encourage not only the good, the neutral, the memes, but also the bad. If someones character is hot headed, so be it. That's what they'l be like even in 2.0. But that's just my 2 cent's on the matter. I don't see it as all that beneficial to RP over-all. Your on the ground, incapable of even getting on your feet by yourself, I don't see why you would be capable or should be capable to yell at the top of your lungs to converse with people. Especially in a heated scenario where you just got clapped, i don't see any benefit to people being able to now start raging at the person who just clapped them from a distance on the ground. And then you gotta consider the EMS/LSPD who have to deal with 4, 5, 6, 7, even 8 people all down all conversing while there trying to do there job. It'd be chaos imo.
  4. +1 Would be amazing to have. Tho definitely would need to find a way to role-lock it so people don't impersonate LSPD.
  5. Steps: Optional: Make account on imgur.com -Upload selected image to imgur.com in .png or .jpg file format. I have not found a limit to the size available but it is recommended to pick a vertical photo as only the bottom middle to top middle and whatever can fit in left to right will show. -Once uploaded and available to be shared, Right click the image and click "View Image" -The URL Will change at the end to .png or .jpg. Take the mixed match of numbers and letters with the inclusion of the .png or .jpg at the end, Go to your phone settings and go to wallpaper, Go down to custom wallpaper and input those numbers and letters(Capital sensitive) and the end .png or .jpg and press enter Done! Your phone will now load a custom wallpaper. Not working? Well heres a example on how to do it. Lets take this wonderful mug shot of Andreas Spartan: https://imgur.com/a/w5HZ1BA But putting in w5HZ1BA doesn't work?!? Well were missing the end bit, So to make this photo work, View image, And then go to the URL and you'l notice it changed to KHgsZyN.png Take this and then put that into phone custom URL and it'l load this photo as your new phone background.
  6. Well im under the presumption that this idea would be in a 2.0 basis so i don't *think* you would hear people entering the radio channel with TokoVOIP? Im unsure of how it works honestly. But anyways i would presume you would be able to make it so you could tune into the channel without actually being able to speak in it. But, What you said actually could work better if it only showed certain things like robberies.
  7. I feel it'd be more beneficial to just have access to the radio channel instead, Without being able to talk ofcourse but like some sort of radio scanner to just tune in to com's would be sufficient for a news anchor to keep ahead of things and ontop of it all.
  8. Id personally like to see atleast one more slot. Not that i use it but just for standardization and availability of options for people to have 1 LSFD, 1 LSPD, 1 Lawful Citizen and 1 Criminal Citizen. Or perhaps numerous crime characters who are apart of different organizations etc. Worst case not many people use it, Best case more people feel inclined to make more characters and develop them since they have room for them.
  9. I think this would be more of a 2.0 Etiquette discussion, Using information your character visibly cannot see due to height or just outright buildings blocking LoS would be something people have to stop using, Preferably.
  10. My points: (Its gonna be ranty ngl) -While i understand the dislike for referencing "in head" i do feel we need some form of code word/activity for AFK in city. Like a /emote afk where your character just ragdolls and makes snoring noises or something. This way if police find someone asleep, When people "come to" They can be fined with sleeping in a public space or something. Aswell as it helps people trying to RP understand "oh they aren't here". And before someone goes just leave city, Sometimes you just need to go put water in a bowl for a cat/dog real quick, Not enough of a reason to go to a garage, take a flight out, spend the 3 mins filling it, fly back in, pay the money for a vehicle and go back to what your doing. But then its like you need to inform people around you that you are not there somehow because if something happens or they got questions, you just look like a mute ***. -Disallow abuse of mechanics. Example: Tackle hand cuffing someone who has you gun point x2 = punishment for abusing gameplay mechanics. Abusing mechanics doesn't actually go punished here, So your free to rapid repair your car in mechanic shops mid chase or if you evade the cops for a second and get there. Your free to do it until your caught. I feel this should be changed. -Powergaming entrance teleports to kidnap, taze, neutralize, or evade people. This one makes me so angryyyy. Chasing someone through these is so cheap. You take someone to them, You go inside and pull a gun and clap the person following you before they can even see what they are loading into. -Police still being able to radio/handcuff/tackle in when having an item disablement kit used on them. It makes no sense to me honestly. I just took your radio, gps tracker, weapons, phone etc but you still have it and use it... Whats the point of investing in this kit if it only works partially? -VLR. I would REALLY like to see some VLR around here. Not saying like responding to threats with "Do you realize who the hell your threatening?" isn't caring but more of a no balls statement to them, But like people going "Just shoot me and get it over with" are like... Seriously? Your REALLY just not giving a damn at this point huh? -NLR, New Life Rule, Currently only stands for no hostile activities between either involved parties for 15 minutes. Meaning you remember who just clapped you. I dislike this honestly and i feel it should be changed to 15 minutes of no hostile activity to either party aswell as you forget the past 15(Or so) minutes depending on the situation. Hostile situation = major memory loss, no idea who did it/who you were with, Just little bits n pieces of information like you got shot at some building or in some building. Fell down a cliff = minor memory loss, i got this major sensation from falling in the air for a bit and then when i felt the rock hit me, its just blank, i can't remember my fall but i know it happened. You shouldn't word for word know what happened to you during your injury. Ngl, My first fight back in 5th grade, i remember fighting, I threw a bike at him(Perks of being the tallest in class), Blacked out and then when i came too we were both surrounded by police being restrained. To this day i have no idea how that tire bent half way in that fight but it did its job, i think. Last but not least tho, I do sometimes @Serena find it difficult to RP what happened to my character as there has been times where so much just happened in the past 5 seconds i dont know where i got shot or if it was a pistol whip that got me or what. So its just a shot in the dark sometimes based on the blood on my clothing. Like earlier today i got shot at and pistol whipped at the same time, So i don't really know which got me but i was able to get up right away so i guess it was the latter? It was just a mess ngl. It would be very helpful if there was some indicator on what was wrong that one could base how to react to a situation off of like "You are bleeding out" etc.
  11. Would it be possible to have it check titles for BLRP? That way it'l only show BLRP content in that bar, Could even change it to just check twitch for BLRP in GTA 5 section so it shows people who haven't set it up to show up in the bar too.
  12. i would love a insurance policy system where i dont have to pay for vehicle recovery. I wouldnt mind weekly payments or bi weekly payments either since there isnt many money sinks around here.
  13. I would like certain weapons to have pistol whipping atleast disabled. Cough cough nudge nudge taser's. NGL, Id love to play taser tag more often(Perhaps in a bigger arena too) but more often then not, Someones gonna get downed. Edit: Maybe even have it as a toggle-able ability? Like flex V key to toggle pistol whipping? Or even use the pistol whip action?
  14. Well if an LSPD passed training and everything and was found sitting collecting pay checks, i would expect reprimand would be in order regardless of whether there was meta information in play or not. Even in the current system a month ago i could have pointed at 2 to 3 cops that do this in the current system where they sit at a supposed traffic stop on elgin in front of pillbox but don't actually pull anyone over. And i say a month ago because i haven't seen anyone doing it as of late so i suspect you guys noticed it. Really the community is here for RP and if someone is hardcore powergaming it and not rping, Im more than positive if you gave the community a chance to try and keep it clean on some of the do's and don'ts of it all, im sure people would point more fingers.
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