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  1. After reading all of this, here's what I have concluded: I don't understand when why someone sees a conflict in a car, they go straight to the forums without seeing it from both sides. There is to be reason why the CTSV is "meta" for everyone in the city due to it being a "tank", or "broken", and so on. At the end of the day, cars are tweaked to create fairness between all the people who use it. In this case, the CTSV is the go to car since its one of the only cars that can go up against cop cars / be equally matched with them when involved in crime. I could easily sit here and point the finger at which of the cop cars are "broken", or "unbalanced" but at the end of the day it doesn't help anyone except create conflict amongst the people. I wish there was a more open-minded selections of people in which see the picture from both sides, rather than just theirs's since its for their own sake. In terms of Knuckle's comment, it was to prove a justification between the reality of something being nerfed / why it shouldn't be nerfed due to the majority use of it. Something shouldn't be nerfed just because a lot of people use it. There should be an actual reasoning to it where it proves to be a great unbalance to the game (hence the bullet proof tire fix #Stuff). People use cars such as the CTSV as it allows them to once again have a fair chance against anyone really. It's a proven fact that the cars in this city are almost like toothpicks when it comes to being used in crimes / going up against PD. It shouldn't be implied that Crims/Civs should be subjected to local cars for crimes or anything along those lines because once against, theres no balance between cops and crims. When it comes to drive by shootings, this is a tricky subject. There are many factors that come into play when it comes to drivebys, and usually depends on the situation. When it comes to prisoner transports, there should be no question to it. Like stated above, when it comes to transports cops usually almost always have he upper hand due to numbers, and weaponry. Having there be 10+ cops against crims who are subjected to a certain number depending on how many they may have lost is just not balanced. When you have a bus that is trained to just keep pushing to the prison, regardless of the fact its part of an active warzone is a huge problem, especially when it comes to mobility. in the case the bus is stopped, you now have 10+ cops on foot with ARs that are as equal to Crims Class 3s, then it raises the equation. If Crims are then subjected to be on foot, the equation gets overrun, and there's no fun on ones side. At the end of the day its RP, and the thought of having to win tends to get in the way of peoples actions / thoughts. Sometimes its not so bad to lose, and this is something I think a majority of us need to work on. Personally, i'm not a fan of drive bys and tend to lead to on-foot fights, but once again it depends on the scenario. Once again, I wish everyone as a collective group would look at it from both sides, rather than pointing the finger to nerf something that they deem as unfair since its competition against them. I think that all vehicles need a rework (fully understand that it takes a great amount of time to go thru / fix) including ALL PD vehicles. But again, this is my view on it, sorry if you disagree in any way.
  2. This I agree with, shouldn't force someone to do so as everyone may have a different situation. The push to talk is all ready there + there are echo reduction settings on TeamSpeak which do help. NVIDIA Broadcast requires one to have a minimum graphics card, so people like me with a below 1k series don't have the option for that. Everyone is different, and I just feel its weird to force someone to do something IRL for the benefit of in game as long as its not obnoxious, or anything along those lines.
  3. As someone who is full time crime, here's my input: Being a Criminal is not cheap at all. Every action you do can literally make you suffer, even if its something you think is soo little. The life of crime is tricky since in order to make money or buy the stuff you want, you need to take the risks in order to do so. Those risks come with very heavy consequences if you fail, so sometimes you need that little help from the back doors. Personally, I think the system in place right now is fine, but that's just me from a criminal standpoint.
  4. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2019-toyota-supra-gr-add-on-jp-spec https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2010-lexus-lfa must
  5. With the new jail time and fine upgrade, I believe there should be a upgrade on gang size. With BCSO being allowed everywhere and a lot of new recruits in LSPD, there needs to be some positive side to Crims, especially all of this is just against crims. Yes, LSPD/BCSO aren't a gang, almost every big fight that happens, Cops always have more numbers because they are allowed to. Cops already have the unfair advantage when it comes to "grind" in the city. They can buy armor for pretty much nothing, insane paychecks, and have nothing to lose. Guns are cheap and insane, especially since their class 3s are legal, armor pretty much just as good as Heavy armor which they buy for nothing, heavy pistol is the equivalent of the Mk2 and Deagle having a baby, cars like the Raptor are insane, etc. Money just stacks for them and the only thing they grind is ranks..... Gangs are 89% of the time outnumbered, and if they pull out class 3s that take a lot of time to get, thats just more loss on them. If we could have a response team a little bit higher than 5 depending on the situation, like if gang members go down during a fight, this would be a way more enjoyable time for crims. Even adding a new class 3 to the city which wasn't illegal for crims to use would be more enjoyable in shoot outs. There needs to be a balance in the two parties, otherwise one side malds about something every time. Unless cops have crims characters which they have a lot of time on and actually realize the life of a crim, there's no way one can relate to this. But that concludes my ranting, hopefully one doesn't take offense to my thoughts. I love you all lul
  6. I think this idea is mostly surrounding crims, especially when they get caught by PD and have to explain certain things they have. In all honestly, I'd wish people would be more open minded when they catch crims with certain items like hack phones and hack laptops. You wouldn't know what type of item it is nor is it used for IRL if you didn't investigate it. Right now, PD can and has said they "are trained to know what to look for" but in reality they are just reading the labels. Same thing with lockpicks. I'm not saying it should be forced to not read labels / get rid of them, but I'd say it be more interesting in the server for Cops to be open minded as people who play Crim almost all the time know there's already so much to lose. Also, certain items like switch blades or bullets, and even drugs wouldn't fall under this category as its quite obvious what those things are. Im sure there are other situations where labels may be ruin the scenario because the person already knows what it is.
  7. Recently been thinking about this thread, the other day I was watching some NoPixel and realized people were able to rob the yacht in the ocean. I think this along side many other new robbery ideas would be cool to have. Robbing the yacht would be able to allow PD Boat Patrol + be stationed specifically around this area. There could be boat chases, boarding parties, etc for PD, + give Crims new ideas to evaluate certain situations.
  8. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/nissan-skyline-gt-r-bnr34-yca-y97y (Import = Should be limited) https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/dk-s-veilside-nissan-350z-add-on-replace https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/annis-requiemzr-add-on-tuning-livery
  9. I mean the only thing I see with all of these suggestions is the steering with the phone out / hands up part. In real life, its bad to use your phone while driving, but I think its safe to say all the drivers out there including myself have been a victim to using their phone while driving. This would include using it while in the middle of traffic. It doesn't make sense from a realistic RP standpoint for you not to be able to steer while having your phone out, otherwise us in real life would just crash. It's not what happens unless you're a faulty driver and make a big mistake. For the hands up part, I think that's a better idea for not being able to steer, as the steering wheel is how you turn a car in most cases, unless you're Vin Diesel. All the other suggestions I like, especially EMS being able to toggle off clothing articles on ones body.
  10. There were Ikeas put into the game at certain times but I believe there may be issues with furniture in terms of actually obtaining it in your home. This is still an on-going project the Devs continue to work on, but don't quote me on that one.
  11. +1, needs a nerf to allow more interaction for mechanics + tow truck drivers.
  12. I do like the idea of this, but there are certain problems I can already see. As of right now, there is a race scene behind the doors as you just got to get to know the right people. The reason many people don't know about it is because as you said, they don't want cops to show up. People think of creative ways when there are races about to start to gather many people they can trust to show up. It's all about building trust in the city. The idea of an app to gather all non-cop racers seems like a dope thing to have, but there are "snitches" / CIs in the city, defeating the whole purpose of the app to be secretive. Maybe if there was a group chat app where you can text many people / add people to it that you can trust to gather them all together in one spot would be a better option for this scenario. Who knows, but for now I can assure you there is a racing scene, you just got to get to know people a little bit better and build those bonds.
  13. Hey everyone, Just wanted to bring the attention to the limited car imports we have. I love the idea of having certain cars be in stock at a limited number, bringing overall value to it. Also, the fact of having a limited car stock allows taste to come to your car, instead of have 1 million+ Itali GTOs on the street. I feel like we should continue to do this more often, and overall expand with it. Will like to have everyone's thoughts below.
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