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  1. Thanks guys! If you want to join the cab business or just want to give some ideas or feedback you can send me a message in-game or ask the crimsoncab drivers so we can have an RP talk about it. Larry. tel nr.: 168-4717
  2. Hello everyone, First post on this site, hope i am in the correct section. Might of heard about TAXI Larry ( CrimsonCab). I am trying to build up a good taxi service wich is also safe for the people working there. Alot of people use the cab drivers as bait for a robbery or just rob them in an alleyway. Most people dislike that and stop the cab driving all together. I would like to ask for a small favor from this community. When there are multiple taxi's riding around from TAXI Larry ( CrimsonCab in the near future ), could you maybe use the service a little bit more? It's a really fun RP expierence for the new drivers and we can get to know eachother better. Maybe when you are hanging out at the 2/6 mechanic and need some food and drink, instead of taking your car.. Use the taxi, when available ofcourse. This way the cab community will be engaged with eachother alot more, with conversations, sneaky deals, new contacts or whatever thru the cab. Thank you and see you in the city o/ TAXI Larry ( CrimsonCab )
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