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  1. Yea @Bames Jond-I agree. That's why I said the rule could cause some issues. It's not very clear so maybe there could be some clarification on why this rule was added and exactly what it's trying to prevent.
  2. This line from the new rules is subtle, but seems like it could cause a lot of issues and it takes away options for criminals, which are already limited. Correct me if I'm wrong but this is effectively saying using a SCUBA kit or parachute is no longer allowed for criminals being chased, which they always have been. I think that if these things are causing major issues for police officers than there are other ways to regulate it then just prohibiting them all together. I'm thinking of other options that would help make these items less overpowered. More inventory weight could be added to the scuba kit to make it more of a burden to actually carry around with you. The price of the scuba kit could be increased. A cost could be added to the parachute so it's not just a free item. There could be a timer added for how long it takes to actually apply a scuba kit. You could require that if someone has a parachute on them they should be visibly wearing one as a clothing item (I've tried this with a scuba kit to make it easier for police to identify but there's no clothing option, maybe one could be added). Parachutes could also be made in to an inventory item with significant weight. I think I could probably come up with a few more ideas around these things too. I just think that with the philosophy of "roleplay over ruleplay" that taking options away from criminals and adding in more specific rules like this, doesn't seem right. It also feels like this rule is only geared towards making police officers happy and allowing them to catch people easier. As a cop that is most times prepared with both a scuba kit and a parachute I don't think there is any issues with this items as is, since both sides can use them equally. I hope that this addition to the rules can be reviewed and the way these items are regulated can be reconsidered. Some of the most fun robberies I've ran as a criminal involved extensive plans with parachutes, boats, scuba kits, and I've gotten many compliments from officers on the other side of how impressed they were at the plan or the effort put in to creating it.
  3. Welcome, hope you have fun here!
  4. Hey man welcome to Badlands and GTA RP. It can be a lot to learn to get started so let us know if you have more questions.
  5. Thanks man, that's really nice of you to say. I'm glad you think that I make a difference. You do a great job yourself and put in a lot of effort in to PD and your RP so keep up the good work.
  6. I have a couple of simple suggestions. First one is to add the ability for mechanics to wash cars. Maybe tie it to the Wash Windows animation and they could have another avenue for RP as a mechanic with people coming to them instead of going to the car washes where there is no RP. I don't think they have this ability currently so I apologize if it's already a thing. Also I thought the gas pump in front of the mechanic shop near Sandy Shores airport was operational but it doesn't seem like it is. I think making the pump there work would add to the full service station feel since there is already pumps there. As PD I drive by there all the time and typically need a car wash, repairs, or fuel so it would be a good place to stop and RP with the mechanics that have been using that area. A gas pump at Mission Row PD and Pillbox garage area would be pretty cool too similar to how we have the ATM added nearby to help those factions be easily supplied/resupplied for their shifts.
  7. Me and the boys getting ready to fly our fighter jets when we need to start fighting crime in the sky
  8. Just took a look at the whitelist template and the beginning which I posted below might be confusing to new players. My suggestion is just updating it to reflect that the 2.0 is in fact released and live, unless this is intentional. "Welcome! BadlandsRP is in the process of transitioning to a private roleplay community, known as Badlands 2.0. We are currently in the pre-approval stage. Applying (and being approved) for whitelisting at this stage will ensure you have access to Badlands 2.0 as soon as it is released. If you are interested in joining us, begin by filling out the application below, and submitting it here. This application will test your understanding of the Badlands 2.0 Server Rules, as well as give us a demonstration of your roleplay ability. Please put as much effort into your application as possible, and respond as your character would, where appropriate, to the best of your ability. Doing so will give you the best chances of being approved. If you do not know your BadlandsRP User ID, connect to fivem.blrp.net in FiveM to find it."
  9. It seems like the admins have been buzzing through the applications so I think it's unlikely that he wouldn't have gotten a response by now if it was submitted properly
  10. I'm torn. I really want a full server but I've been having a lot of good RP and it's nice not having to worry about the Sierra Limas
  11. Yea different punch in spots for each job would be more interesting
  12. Depends on the mic you got! What is it? Pop filters help with lessening the amount of air you breathe in to your mic when using plosives like P and B sounds. They also stops you from spitting in to the mic which will keep it alive longer. I recommend looking up some youtube videos specific to your mic and you'll be a pro in no time. That's how I learned how to use my Blue Yeti
  13. It would be kind of cool to have like an "illegal scanner" or something that they could listen to 1 of the pd channels or something. It wouldn't be something that I'd want to see be really easy for them to have or for everyone to have but could be interesting
  14. Happy to have you in the city @Juggsrp
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