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  1. Gonna miss you Big Hawk! Never forget the fight we had at MRPD. Hope the future treats you well!
  2. Welcome to the city! Hope to see you around!
  3. im not appart of PD but I feel like sting operations would be hella fun. maybe if we can have a car that is stolen but say that the car is perfectly fine someone is gonna want to get it and then a bunch of cops go on to bust them. idk this seems cool to me but i understand if it isn't.
  4. I think there should be news paper stands where people can buy newspapers that have information like LSPD news or job openings. Let’s say that an AD is placed fora car show at the casino parking lot. You can publish that a few days early and say the date for when it’s happening, people can read the paper and know when it’s happening. Or LSPD can publish arrests or recent crimes that have happened or even post people who are wanted. There could be a lot more to this but this is all i can think of. Let’s try to get this in 2.0!!!
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