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  1. well nothing about anyof that anywere
  2. Especially when they don't even initiate the hostile rp and they just come guns blazin.
  3. WTF is a replay buffer not everyone streams or records there game let alone has time to do that when there's 8 people and no ems id rather fight and win then die bc 8 people role up its common sense
  4. I hate to say this but when i gang gets ran up on by 8 people in another gang that isn't following rules at all with no way to prove they did it even tho they did we should still have the ability to call in another rival gang to that gang to help out! and realistically speaking a gang is a group of organized criminals yes but they also don't all were the same clothes as long as there wearing that gangs colors doesn't matter and shouldn't matter obviously if your in a gang area and you see people wearing that color chances are there in that areas gang
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