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  1. For the clothing part - keep in mind a lot of hunters do wear some bright clothing so that other hunters can see them. I do agree that people should be in appropriate clothing for hunting though. Also in the appropriate vehicles.. no one should be up there in a super car. It's weird.
  2. I would love for mechanics to be whitelisted, so long as they can hire anyone. A lot of the whitelisted or businesses can't/won't hire felon's, so making mechanic able to hire anyone regardless of record would be important.
  3. I'd prefer not to have the panic button. I like the idea of having to try and be resourceful. Last time I got kidnapped, none of them were in the backseat with me and no one was looking back at me, so I pressed my radio button and just spoke normally to them, so that officers could hear a snippet but not give myself away to the kidnappers. They never noticed and the other officers were able to locate me.
  4. I attended the chop shop raid on the docks as a criminal and actually really enjoyed that raid. We found out about the raid via RP - it wasn't announced through Discord like a few previous had been. We were told information by a trusted source and only gave the information to other crews we trusted. We told them to keep it secret so that the cops wouldn't find out that we knew and so information wouldn't be spread via Twitter. We wanted it to be a surprise to the cops that we were there and knew. I do believe the information shouldn't be completely secret with criminal groups finding out last second, that honestly takes the fun out of it. The whole idea is for groups to push back and make it fun for cops and criminals. However, there need to be more rules surrounding how raids work - specifically for criminals. There isn't necessarily anything stopping 40+ criminals from showing up at the moment. I'm unsure how to combat that issue as a whole, however, as it seems difficult to manage. There definitely needs to be a conversation with ideas put forward on how to make this better for both sides so that neither seem to have the "upper hand."
  5. I think a lot of people are missing the point of the change. This is only for RP purposes, not actual player reporting. You can still report police via an IA if you feel you've been done wrong and it can be investigated. People are going back and watching footage they've recorded to catch things they may have missed and using it as in-game knowledge. This is not acceptable. Aside from that, when it comes to court RP and that kind of thing, this definitely paves the way for being able to try and lie your way out of a situation. There is only good things that come from this when it comes to actual RP. Also how many of you are wearing the bodycam prop on your actual character so it's realistic that you're recording? :')
  6. I'm a big fan of horror type games mostly. I play a lot of Phasmophobia, Dead by Daylight, Home Sweet Home Survive... buuuuuut I've also been playing The Isle and a little bit of Genshin Impact.
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