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  1. At the end of the day, my suggestion states they "request" a pass. That means it would still be up to the staff to approve or deny their request based on the staff's inclination. Let's not forget the main focus of the whitelist is to filter out trouble makers. Just because you would rather grind and stay to yourself, for the most part, doesn't mean you don't know how to RP.
  2. When you put it that way... I can't argue.
  3. I understand your point, I do, but you are reaching my friend. Who joins an RP community for months and don't RP? I don't want a "pass for participation." (I made an application like everyone else) I'm saying if someone could roleplay for months without any problems and they are still apart of the community, what else do they need to prove? I believe actions speak louder than words. If I been cutting your hair for months already, why make me take a test for a barber license? What difference does it make if you already let me cut your hair for months on in?
  4. I feel like people who have been in the city for a while should be able to request a "whitelist pass." It isn't delightful going through the whitelist process after being in the city for a while. Having to prove yourself through that application after you already have invested time in the city is unnecessary. I understand new people being required to apply, do not get me wrong.
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