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  1. I think the delivery should be revisited too. The amount received for what you delivery increase slightly and the availability of a company vehicle to be purchased for a reasonable price ($100-$250) the same as with PD/EMS would make it an attainable job and legitimate way to earn.
  2. Yeah, the downer for me is that while I am trying to earn money there isn't much (if any) RP. Only thing I run into fixing windmills and satellite dishes are murder kitties.
  3. It seems very difficult to earn money while keeping a clean record. I will be putting in an application for PD so I want to keep everything on the up and up. I have been going the engineering and delivery routes but not bringing in much. Can anyone recommend a way to earn without going illegal?
  4. @Mia unfortunately that doesn't work, just drops the rest of my hud and puts it back. With the GPS enabled from inventory I can hold F5 to display it but cannot get it to stay.
  5. I am having issues with the GPS HUD. I minimized the HUD with F5 and now am unable to get it to return to the screen. I have purchased a GPS and enabled trying to toggle back on with F5 but no dice. Anyone else experiencing this issue?
  6. I am also have an issue where entering a vehicle the "Y" button causes the phone to open. It would be great if we could designate phone and items like that to the DPAD.
  7. Thank you all for the greetings.
  8. Good morning everyone. New to RP and Badlands. Spent some time playing LSPDFR and looking to take things to the next level. See ya'll in the city.
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