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  1. I see a lot of these points that occur, but at the end of the day; if it's a greenzone their is still ways to continue that current RP scene through words and not gun violence and etc. Comparing MRPD to Pillbox as a GZ, seems nothing alike in my opinion. People have bent some of the rules into roleplay, which is fine. But their is still ample opportunity took take the scene and recoup then move on to continue it else where. As someone whom is moving away from Tasers, Guns, and more; I've picked up using my "Nikki" character as something to use words to combat any situation unless I'm f
  2. Forgot to add this but; putting it as a GZ will help the criminal group recoup and think of a plan to continue the rp after said scene has moved out of pillbox.
  3. From a PD point of few and criminal, it's been a hotspot for doing crims and people don't really understand the issues it's causing. Let alone the criminal aspect and people of the city (not everyone) treat EMS has a revive machine and don't really care about the interactions. For myself I 100% agree with it returning to a greenzone. Here is why: Attitude -people treat pillbox like it's nothing, it's very disruptive to people whom walk in for actual interactions but it gets shutdown by individuals who start shootouts right near the front door and etc. This is a common
  4. I agree partly, but the main issue is their should be a time buffer on doing so; but when you lose them for less then a minute and find them at a clothing store with a different appearance, I believe that is just not realistic nor can you really change that fast. Realistically they "Could" Rob the clothing store, and change into clothes and so forth but still it's a process.
  5. Due to a influx of the city over the past few months, I've noticed individuals whom commit crimes, go to the clothing store and change right after or during a scene whilst we are attempting to catch them. I believe this to be very disruptive and not allowing the RP to continue; If you were involved in a ex: robbery then go to a clothing store right after to disregard your appearance it is not showing RP it is showing a grinders aspect in my opinion. I know many within police, that seen this happen quite a bit; a person does a crime then after getting away or turning a block they go to a
  6. Two things I'm thinking of at the moment: 1. one being what Jerome stated 2. There is a couple places on the map, of which people are glitching and changing outfits at. _________________________________________________________________________________ I realize the pains of having to go back and forth to a hotel and etc, but badlands is moving towards more serious RP; as stated in the community meeting a while back. Personally with me, the issue I have is exactly what Jerome/r3v0Lt stated, if you think about buying clothing IRL then you would bring it home; in this case you are
  7. +1 Only issue is with local cars, they need to despawn to reduce entity lag on the server. Usually PD records or takes photos, I do so when able. If it despawns then I would have a backup for the rp. EX: questioning
  8. If you're saying restrict it more, then no. It's not about the gun fights here, bud. It's about the person using it, you can do a lot with a weapon it's called using what you know, your surroundings, and what you have to your advantage. I'm being brutally honest, but the city has been turning to more guns day by day; over the smallest of things. Cpl's "The Rank Whom May Possess", deserve the right to use said weapon as they've worked hard to get said rank. I can assure you this though, when I first came to the city I was a straight dumb-ass; couldn't hold money for shit so I just us
  9. It's common sense, on whether you should role-play out you're injuries. I try to do it best on where I PHYSICALLY see the bullet hit me on my screen; this might not always be the case for me and etc. Obviously, if you had to respawn due to no EMS and etc; then of course you would lose those memories. Not all of them of-course, but just the interaction within said scene itself. It's not a rule persay, but a good rule of thumb to think about. Other then that, Storrent and Razec has PERFECTLY explained their views and I completely agree.
  10. Would be nice to see custom tattoos. Either way +1
  11. Welcome to the community.
  12. Definitely should be privately owned, it looks great. I'd personally say add it, and see where the RP goes. Eventually "hopefully" a group will take it over and provide a beginning to new people in the city. Maybe if some groups want to go at it for the spot, then so be it If this were 100 percent public, I feel it won't serve proper rp justice. Lei it sit and simmer, and eventually whomever gets the keys, will hopefully make a good avenue for rp. Edit: I will state Elgin is Elgin, it's always been a hotspot for activities. It's used constantly fo
  13. +1 Maybe have it to where, on the ID card you physically carry; it shows the ID of said person instead of hitting F6. Putting it in one of the corners could work, and etc.
  14. +1 I try my best to avoid posting gifs, until I see what they do. Thing is some people might not even know they have it, hince that one banned pokemon episode. Thing is yes, it can be a rule. But it will honestly be one of the most broken and most likely accidental by most parties. This would fall under a common sense/golden rule in my opinion. People on the server should know the right from wrong when posting gifs. A lot of us are adults or close too, and should have the mindset of thinking properly by this point, unless you are a in-mature player.
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