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    I've seen some varying ages, youngest had to be pre-teen. But they still RP'ed and Interacted with others well; Like Azvek said, if you play it smart and follow the laws of the City. You'll do just fine, also welcome to the Community!
  2. +1 Sounds like a good idea/suggestion, I wonder how it would be coded in.
  3. The points which Kevin brought up is pretty true, it would be insane. I used to make 45k sometimes up to 60k on a good day for EMS, If you add that up with other activities; it is quite the insane amount of money you get. Even if you weren't EMS, and you did basic criminal things such as "Sell Drugs, etc" you are still making a lot of bang for your time. Personally in my eyes the economy now is fairly balanced and great, along with the new additions to the server in-general. From the 6ish months or so I've been in the community; I've noticed that there really isn't much need for money unti
  4. +1 I agree with what you've suggested, would be nice for some improvement on the job.
  5. +1 All good suggestions, not sure how it would be possible to do the radio "short" but nothing is impossible. Looking forward to see these, hopefully in the city soon.
  6. +1 Even though that is a good reason, I feel as though Black is a more common color for a umbrella so it feels more natural. Sounds like a good fit, the city in my opinion.
  7. +1 Would love for a change like this, opens up more area's of the city like you said that get overlooked and will hope bring more RP to those area's.
  8. Thought about this Idea a decent amount, and decided to make a suggestion; Bail or bond (in this case, bail and bond mean the same thing) is an amount of money in cash, property, or surety bond for the purpose of making sure that a person attends all required court appearances. Bond allows an arrested person (defendant) to be released from jail until his or her case is completed. I think it would open up more RP for the city if you we're able to bail/bond people out, let's say that there is no lawyer around in the city. What do you do? Call someone that can bail you out, ex a friend that c
  9. I've seen a few cities have features we're if you wanted to test drive a car before buying, you can pull it out for 60 seconds. Take it for a spin and see how you like it, then you can make your choice from there. O' Conner & Mark do something similar at Mosley's, where if you want to take a car for a spin and try it out before you buy it you pay a certain amount for a test drive. Either way, I do feel this can be a good idea if implemented correctly.
  10. Matthew King, stated something about how government are going to be doing a vehicle overhaul on LSFD soon. Not sure, if this information is "True" but he stated from what he heard, Is that the vehicles won't be changed, but revamped and I believe re-skinned If I remember correctly from him stating. Looking at the replacement vehicles you suggested, they don't really fit the city style as of now in my opinion. Now if government wanted to re-skin them, they really can't as most addon/replacement makers for vehicles, textures, etc. Don't like people re-uploading, repackaging or re-skinning the ve
  11. +1 All of these sound great, and will make a good addition for the city. Especially the first suggestion, it will add some spice to the Mechanic work.
  12. after re-thinking, I'm changing for it not to be removed. Brain O' Conner, has been using Mosley's everyday now as a car Rental place/Showroom as-well as workshop If I'm correct now as-well. Mosley is being put to good use in my eyes, not by just him but by others too as-well! I personally have never gotten lag like I stated previously around that area, and some others haven't either. -1
  13. Very nice, Thanks for sharing!
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