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  1. Very nice, Thanks for sharing!
  2. Whilst yes there might not be RP when you see it, there is ways to bring the RP into fixing windmills and so forth. I've noticed that people state well It's boring to do this and this, but here is what you need to think about: Use what you have in your disposal, and then you can do a lot with creativity and innovation per say. You can't use up creativity, creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, making mistakes and having fun. With creativity, it helps to experiment in breaking out of the same established patterns people do, in order to look at things in a different way. I bet that you can make a lot of RP out of doing the normal things you do, think of Ideas on how you can spice it up. I'm personally always looking for ways to bring roleplay into jobs like, making hacking phones/Body Armor & etc, And I've had a lot of fun in doing so. While yes, the money income somewhat sucks for some "Legal", it's still money that you can use to be creative with.
  3. +1 Great Idea, will be a great addition/change.
  4. Exactly, This shouldn't be changed at all. Ren already put most of the points. Just because you participated in the city role play for a long time, doesn't mean you should get a free pass. If you are serious about the city and are committed to it and put time into it, then you would apply for a whitelist like everyone else. The Application is also there, to show that A. You know the rules/laws of the city, and B. You know how to RP, these are measures to ensure that the residents are capable of having a resident whitelist for the city. -1
  5. +1 As a EMT, this gives us more space to park and so forth, and makes it look more professional.
  6. I Agree with what TiLLeR stated, I do feel as though it brings more RP if you specialize in the making of hemp cloth and so forth, then you can "RP" sell it to other residents in the city. I wouldn't mind making it a purchase-able item but I would prefer it too be more expensive in my opinion, somewhere between the mark of maybe 1000 for maybe a half filled armor bar from 1 vest maybe. Ex: 1 Vest = 1000$ = 1/3 or half a bar of armor filled +1 though, a good suggestion.
  7. The voice Behind Part of the Telaschenko family (Caroline N Lubomyr) and The Ingram Family (Christone N Andrij)
  8. Welcome to the City! Hope you stay safe, and have fun. :D
  9. +1 There has been many times where I've gone to Vespucci, And wanted to take of my jacket and so forth for a swim, but I have to run back to the clothing store. This will make a great addition, which will stop having to waste time by going back and forth.
  10. Fawn


    This is the badlands discord: https://discord.gg/da6wP7 Welcome back as-well! Stay safe, within the city.
  11. o7 Mr Big Hawk, It was a pleasure working for Big hawk Taxi Co. and having some good rp and so forth.
  12. After recently encountering a city before badlands, they had the face mask mod. My first thought of what I was seeing was the fact that, I don't want to remember what is going on in the real world, I join the game to have some quality fun, not to remember about some pandemic that has killed many people and so forth. Like Mr Sarr stated, it's at it's second wave and honestly I feel like this issue/virus we have now will stick with us every year. -1 ^ this sums it up enough, from my point of view
  13. There is no Mini map as far as I know when you are on foot, but if you want to enable mini map/GPS for when you are inside a vehicle then you would press your F5 muscle. Also, welcome to the community!
  14. +1 Can bring some fun RP too the server, especially with making bets and so forth.
  15. I Think the points you bring up are great, the amount of legal work you can do is pretty slim. Unless you are a Lawyer, EMS/LSPD then you get a decent chunk of change. But for people who don't want to have a character within those sort of routes, they don't have much else to work for. Taxi Work, is very slim I've only had I believe 4-6 people ride in my Taxi under Big Hawk Taxi Co and it doesn't get you much. Most work you do is very grinding, Whilst yes after all that time you have grinded it feels great too finally get that vehicle you've always wanted or etc. But I feel with a lot of the Legal work, It takes way to long. You brought Up some really good points in the post, I feel like adding stocks too the server will be a good benefit as-well as introducing the ability to own stores and so forth. But By far the most money people make is from mechanic work legal wise, but then again you are sitting there for sometimes up to a hour with no-one coming in or out, sometimes the pay is good sometimes it is not. Maybe add a feature where you can fix AI Vehicles as-well? A Way I've been making money is, If someone is already doing Mechanic work at Elgin. I would buy a ton of Vehicle repair kits and run all around fixing people broken down vehicles and so forth that are stuck on the highways, a repair kit is 150 so you if you want to make some profit you can charge them 450. You will be surprised, I get a decent amount of calls from people who need a fixing on the side of the road in place like Paleto and Sandy. Another thing to note, is some legal work and Illegal work to get money is very boring, not sure what the government officials could do to spice it up a little bit. +1 these are some changes, that I feel will benefit the server and economy.
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