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  1. Everyone does, it's beside the Minimap. Personally I have no issue with how it is currently, I just don't want my screen cluttered with bigger objects when I already need to focus on the ones within PD; EX: Notifications/Calls, etc. Then again, I'm acustomed to the current one as I've been doing PD for 8 months now; so once you are set with something and you can do it by heart then your golden for it to stay.
  2. First off on the bullet casings, it's more put into it then 5 mins. 5 minutes will lead you to failure, if you don't know what you are doing. Second, this is when IA's come in. And other avenues of RP. If you were wearing gloves then how would they know? I get what your saying but it relies on the officer to review the evidence before doing a warrant. If this issue is routinely done file IA's this way, itll be looked into and people correct those mistakes. Back to bullet casings: it's already random on impartial and full prints. Personally with me if I had one bullet but nothing else, I'd scrap it or put a bolo out.
  3. Couple of the responses on JT's thread sorta tie into what I stated. It's all about variety and how you approach a crime. Nothing will never be perfect from both sides, it's a video game after all with this one needing tweaks often.
  4. What else do you expect to reference then? This server is 95% cops n crims. All I'm stating is do things differently and you'll save. And on your topic of it's almost impossible to evade a warrant. I saw a stream a while back (few weeks) where someone identified you being there via a bullet casing. So they put a warrant out. There is multiple other factors that go in before putting a warrant out, I look for things like appearance (also did they wear gloves), voice, accent, activities. Before I submit one to make sure, I can back it up in court. There is ways to evade a warrant, it's just again up to the officers discretion if they have enough to put out one via are SOPs. Anyways. All I'm stating is that if you simply change a couple of factors you can still earn money. Then again you can always fight a warrant in court afterwards. Leo's got a pay cut, so we earn close to a civ unless you are higher in the system thus your doing more work.
  5. Noelle-Amos & Nikki Delores (Characters) From a OOC sense, a change has occurred for money on the pd legal side of things. In no way, am i aiming for toxicity but i would like to point this out. In BCSO and i think PD too; got a huge pay cut. This payout was needed, as PD/BCSO was making bank; I remember doing the math and found that in just a week I could make multiple hundred grand just doing pd work. This has changed, and we earn close to what a civilian earns but with a slight bump of (50 dollars?). It's been a while since I've been on the server. As I'm on LOA due to work atm. Anyways, I've been in the community for a long time now and seen a lot. Especially back in the day when a robbery only got you 7k? at the time. As of now, I recently came back to criminal after switching my cop into a crim. And I've worked with multiple individuals over the past while and agree 100% on a raise. But. The word is but here. Times, fines, and restitution were raised for a sole purpose of crime being committed. For the most part of the past couple months till just recently, crime was being committed so much and so blatantly it needed something to combat that. Hince the reason why your losing so much now. With recent changes to our jurisdictions and numbers we can have on-duty, I feel we can shift back on the numbers and etc to make it easier on you all. But here is the main thing you need to realize, a majority of pd/bcso have the ability to work with you. It is their disrection on if they wish to help and etc. One of the things that was talked about was harshness in PD, and how we were being to soft and etc when all this has been going on with crime untill recently. Upping the time, and the response of trainers to recruits showed us that we needed to be more harsh to combat criminals. Which it did. With that being stated there is a difference between petty crime on a warrant which can fuck with you, or major crime. If you feel like a officer is being too harsh 24/7 no matter the crime and giving you the max for that punishment? File a IA, IA's are meant as not just a punishment report but a means to teach people. Ex: Too harsh and not giving people a break or something along those lines? A FTO will reach out and work with that individual if they see it and guide them and show them they can be more lenient. Again, just matters on the officer handling the individual. ------‐------------ Next thing I want to point out is the way the crimes are committed, I've done my fair share of testing and found that if I just alter the way i did things differently i get to keep more money. Simple things like not having a weapon or using words to combat a situation and instead of using a car, fleeing on foot etc. There is a million ways to do something, and creating/maintaining creativity is one of the factors here. There is always room for stories that involve wordplay to get you out of a situation and get lesser charges too. Like I said simple changes in how you do the robbery will change some of the charges too. Be diverse and the officer might just be more lenient instead of having the same wish wash robbery. And I get what you'll say "oh PD don't think open minded". When people try to do non violent, robbery scenarios like a bug company cleaning vangelicos and ex, the reason we call them out is the effort put in. They forget critical details to help them with the storyline of the scene, which leads officers to be like; oop they lyin. If you just took a couple more minutes OOC to fix that poster and etc and make sure nothing is wrong then you'll be good. Again, depending on the officer, open mindedness can vary. --------- With that being stated, so much happens and I realize the loss from your side as a criminal, I do agree with a bump but with only a small percentage. Maybe like 20-25k more for some of the jobs. Just remember don't be blatant crims, and you'll save your money too if you do a robbery different if you think about the charges, and how what you're doing can affect you.
  6. I've been a open world person since I was a kiddo. I've spent thousands of hours on Garry's Mod and FiveM. With that stated when I'm not doing that. I'm playing overwatch or Arma, and finally guitar hero.
  7. I as a detective have found that when doing pd work, labels are what are needed but not at the same time. It's good to Express a open mind, but not to just cut off RP. Like when I found out about LSD. I spent weeks researching only to be told as I walked into pd after 20 seconds that this is LSD. Realistically when handling a substance without out a tag, for us to figure out what it is and remove labels we should get drug test kits and test the items. Same thing goes for hacking devices sure it's used, but where did they yet the program and stuff from? PD sometimes fails to see the bigger picture that could happen due to labels. Maybe a way where if a item doesn't have a label but is used in a crime or etc, we have the ability to give it a label after researching it.
  8. Do agree, I always disliked being the same as everyone else. I would want myself to be distinguished, incase if a issue or just general rp. With that being stated, this brings the rp immersion and is helpful. Appearance will always be a issue and how said person does a character. At the end of the day it is up to you the person; That decides what will happen with said character, you can still be immersive and storytelling with Blue hair and etc. I think of having different hair colors in pd as supporting certain things, like Bella I think of it as supporting cancer awareness to show the LS citizens to be safer.
  9. Everything you stated is definitely a need, really like the bank statement idea.
  10. Some servers I have been in, have the ability to save the outfit ar your trunk. Seems more realistic if possible
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