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John Ackerman

Wanda Shoales

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Wanda Moved to the city after her father died in the service of the country. Wanda her self served in the Army. Wanda's Dad was a Major serving in the US ARMY at the time she enlisted Officer Candidates School. Upon graduation Wanda joined her dad in the motor pool learning mechanics and Diesel Engines. Wanda quickly rose through the ranks with no help from her father. Wanda was promoted to Colonel  just 1 week before her father died. Wanda was just getting use to her command when new reached her that her father had been killed. General Shoales was killed as the result of an enemy attack on the plane he was traveling on to over see a war effort. Wanda's father was a well decorated 3 star general at the time of his death. When news reached Wanda she had to take off for a bit to clear her head. At the funeral Colonel Shoales was given all the symphony of the unit as well as several high ranking generals. SHe was honorably discharde a few months later unable to cope with the lose of her father. Hedr mother had past shortly after giving birth to Wanda. Having no remaining family Wanda decided to travel to LS. She chose LS cuase she knew she could retain her job as a mechanic and hoped to make a living. SO far Wanda has no reason to doubt her dreams will come true. MOstr of the Terms of her discharge arent public knowledge. the term known is that upon her death that her CO will be in LS for the service.  Wanda is hoping for great adventures and friends along the way.

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